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The Council on Foreign Relations and the CDC continue their attack on us dirty Non-Vaccinators with more nonsense statistics

The Council on Foreign Relations and the CDC continue their attack on us dirty Non-Vaccinators with more nonsense statistics

Those of us in the know, are keen to all the junk-science and nonsensical reporting of disease that centers around government backed vaccination programs.  Here is the latest piece of propaganda that was just sent to me by a friend, put out by no other than the ever so trustworthy CDC and Council on Foreign Relations!  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………., you may as well just hire the wolves to administer medications to the chickens in the henhouse!  “So sorry Boss, but we ate all the chickens because they just weren’t healthy enough for laying eggs.”  The CDC and the CFR are littered with conflicts of interest, being comprised of board members from Pharmaceutical companies that make vaccines. You will NEVER see a statement, or study like this, come out from an private research company that has no ties to Big Pharma……NEVER !

……and here is why………

The map you will see from this latest sham can be challenged by some very simple questions.  First, take a look at it here:


1.  Confirm that the data compiled to make this research shows that the increase in disease rates mentioned actually occurred in NON-VACCINATED CHILDREN AND ADULTS.  I’ll bet my 35 plus years of research into this topic that the increased disease rates are amongst PEOPLE WHO HAVE ALREADY BEEN VACCINATED FOR THE DISEASE, OR AT LEAST PEOPLE WHO ARE PARTIALLY VACCINATED.  

2.  If non-vaccinated people did get ill with the mentioned diseases, I’ll bet everything that they are at most, a fraction of the % involved and that 80% or more were already vaccinated for the disease.

3.  Confirm the threat that a non-vaccinated person with NO symptoms has on a vaccinated one, and that if the assumption is that a non-vaccinated person with NO symptoms could cause a vaccinated person to get the disease they have been vaccinated for, then what good are the vaccines?

Fear is a slippery slope, and disease propaganda is aimed at scaring you into submission so that you’ll do exactly what you are told.  TAKE THE SHOT OR GET SICK!  Its plain and simple, and they’ll tell you this every time.  You are the chicken, and they are the wolves.  Don’t be dismayed by this fear-mongering.  Its an old, tried and true method of scaring the masses into submission.  Don’t be just another sheep!  Think for yourself and be logical with all this.

The CFR and the CDC have an agenda alright, created by this “think tank” of criminals they note in the article.  The “think tank” conjures up more charts and outright misinformation such as this, to get you back into the cage, and they will continue to ramp it up as more and more people wake up to their fraud.  They want a registry of all non-vaccinated people; they want to mark us with an X because we are all too healthy by refusing their junk-chemicals being injected into our bodies.  We walk around and actually think for ourselves, telling people the truth:  ” I have never taken a flu shot, and I never get the flu.  My kids have never been vaccinated for anything, and they’re super healthy.  They rarely get sick.”  Oh yeah, they want to know who we are alright……..we screw up their profits and by virtue of the fact that we walk around with our kids as healthy as we are, we are living evidence to their fraud.  They want a list of non-vaccinators so that they can one day manipulate that list, as well as finding ways to make that specific list sick and then blame it on not vaccinating.  Get real people.  Big Pharma has all the $$$, and they buy and sell politicians over lunch meetings.  The CDC and the CFR are their police dogs.

Sure, those disease rates may surely be rising, but its not from people avoiding their toxic vaccines.  Its because the people who’ve already taken the vaccines are more ill than ever before, with totally compromised immune systems that can no longer handle even the simplest of air borne bug.  Don’t fall for it.

This article also takes a stab at Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s 1998 research relating autism to MMR vaccines, stating that it was PROVEN to be fraudulent.  Dr. Wakefield’s research stands valid.  Every pro-vaccination zombie you meet today at the PTO meeting or the grocery store, is now using this false news report as ammunition to ridicule people who won’t drink the cool-aid.  Brain-washed school administrators have been insisting that parents now “listen to the sense” of the TV Newsman, and “do the right thing.”  Inject your kids to save the world!  After all, they have just proven Dr. Wakefield is a liar on national TV!

Understand this well.  This is just more propaganda set out to confuse you, and anything you see in the mainstream media, heavily controlled by $$$ from Big Pharma, is more than a fortnight from reliable.  Dr. Wakefield’s data and research still stand undisputed, and the allegations against him fudging his reports are false.  Do your research on the topic and listen to Dr. Wakefield’s responses to these allegations.  They went after Dr. Wakefield because his study has been a thorn in their side for over a decade, and they have grossly distorted the facts around his research to the point where they now say, “see, it was all bull-shit and that guy Wakefield is a liar.  Autism really has nothing to do with vaccines.”   Propaganda like this is just fuel for their zombies to intimidate the public, and you can expect to see more Mickey Mouse accusations such as this in the future.  They believe you to be stupid, without the ability to pull the facts together for yourself to make an educated decision beyond the emotional rampage they try to conjure up.  Prove them wrong.

New 7th Edition Good-Bye Germ Theory to be released Thanksgiving, 2013: Welcome to your new life in the USSA

New 7th Edition Good-Bye Germ Theory to be released Thanksgiving, 2013: Welcome to your new life in the USSA

This new version will eclipse the 6th rather than replace it.  Ostensibly, the principles laid out regarding your rights to True Health Care Freedom still apply.  But these rights, like all your rights in this age of O-BomberCare, are certainly eclipsed under the shadow of a fascist occupation which now torments all of us who live in this once great nation.  We used to call ourselves “the colonies.”  Then, the land of the free and the home of the brave “United States of America.”  We have since my last update in 2006, become occupied by fascist-socialist special interest groups, primarily in the form of powerful foreign central banking institutions.  So now in 2013, we are more appropriately called the USSA, practically identical to the USSR of old.  WELCOME TO YOUR NEW LIFE IN THE UNITED SOCIALIST STATES OF AMERICA.

We see war, we see pestilence, we see corruption and we see a ton of evil running amok.  We also see a ton of good people banding together in resistance and spreading the truth, largely due to the freedoms of speech we still have remaining from the first amendment to our constitution, and the internet.  Due to the light of awakening, which has flooded our planet with a beautiful crystalline-blue beam of empowerment and awakening  since December 21, 2012, people have woken up en masse and now realize the frauds they, and their descendants, have been living under all of their lives.  Yes, this is certainly a time of great awakening, and humanity has an opportunity to move itself onto the next higher rung of consciousness.  But did you believe for a moment, that this would be without effort?

THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS:  When its finished the name of the author will appear on the bottom.  Thanks for reading and have a great day !

CT STATE says: You can’t know what drugs influenced Adam Lanza

CT STATE says: You can’t know what drugs influenced Adam Lanza

Of course the government always has your best interest in mind, right ?  LOL !

Well after an array of curious and suspicious details began a continuous line of questions by well researched youtube documentaries, we continue to see government officials in Connecticut evading those very questions with every measure of deceit possible.  It is a well documented fact that Lanza was on psychotropic medications for an extended period of time, however the exact details of how much time and which medications are being withheld.  Why you may ask?  To be certain that others will keep taking their medications, according to CT asst. attorney general Patrick Kwanashie  He really used this excuse !

I guess its not important that EVERY SINGLE mass murdering shooter in the past 3 decades has been on some form of psychiatric drug.  You can verify these facts by viewing;

How is it a bad thing for the community if people stop taking psychiatric drugs that are tied in with enormous issues concerning public safety?  This is so much more important of a solution than gun control, because anyone who wants to commit a mass shooting, especially under the influence of these drugs, will find a way to do it regardless of laws.  Stricter and more oppressive gun laws for law abiding citizens simply means the victims have no way of protecting themselves from drugged up, psychiatric misfits that are allowed to walk amongst us.

Corporate media revenues collected from Pharma advertising exceeds 2.4 billion $$ annually, which is precisely why they choose to focus on gun control rather than anything connected with Pharmaceutical companies.

Read up on the issue here:

Dr. Wil Trebing

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie sucking up to Pharma-Zombies?

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie sucking up to Pharma-Zombies?


Yaoooozzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaa man !  I love a good Zombie-flick just as good as any other dude.  Michael Jackson was hardly a poster-boy for masculinity, but even he was “thrillered” with that ear to ear beaming smile, open-mouthedly munching down the popcorn with his pretty “girlfriend”  (uhhh-huhhh) screaming at his side as his versions of Zombies honed in on their prey……..and now we have quality actors such as Brad Pitt hopping on the Zombie slayer wagon, becoming the newest of save-the-world heroes in his recent film, WORLD WAR Z, a movie rated Z for……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………

Honestly this movie was so ridiculously dull I asked my son to pinch my arm every 5 minutes, because I really did want to stay awake to see how far they were going to go with the ulterior motive of this film……


or shall we call it, Pharmaganda?  

Seems like the Pitt residence received a visit from the Pharma-medical-surgical advertising corps, and were most likely offered a sweet deal of extra $$$, now that their brilliant acting careers are winding down.  “Okay here’s all you guys have to do.  Angie, you remove ( or pretend to remove ) those near perfect breasts of yours to support our cancer-genetic fear-mongering campaign, and Braddie boy, we need you for this new movie about Zombies that only like fresh, healthy human meat…………”

Stay with me just a moment and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

The movie was completely plot-less.  From the minute it begins right through the rolling credits, its a CGI dance of the super-dead consuming the otherwise healthy, vibrant humans, and unlike a really good Zombie saga such as the Resident Evil series, it gives no basis what-so-ever as to why these undead villains have the where for all to leap tall buildings in a single bound in their hunger for yummy alive and yes, healthy, people meat.  You are introduced to a sweet little family for the first 5 minutes or so.  Then they get caught in the normal Philadelphia traffic on their way to school.  Then an explosion occurs in the distance.  Then A CGI massacre of leaping Zombies from Krypton ( they too can fly like Kal-El ) eat everyone in sight until the movie ends.  Now wasn’t that fun?  Everyone is certainly interested in running away to whatever safe place they may find, and offshore on safe-haven air-craft carriers, the military and surviving government officials are trying to figure out a cure…………well of course they are!

Brad’s character and his family have some elite contacts which feel he is quite important for some unexplained reason other than him once working for the UN.  So they figure out a way to fly through the Chaos and save Brad, his wife and kids while everyone else is Zombie lunch meat.  Well I suppose that would be par for the course in any real public tragedy, correct?  Those with connections to big gov’t and money will be airlifted to safety while the rest of us figure out how to survive on our own, if we can.  Of course those elite whom get immediately rescued are acting to devise a plan to save the rest of us, right?  Right?  Riiiiiiiiiigggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhttttttttttt…………..  No, I don’t think so either.  The save yourself and to hell with everyone else mentality is replete within our present day, fascist government and corporate structure.

But in this movie, fantasy abounds.  The airlifted elite from the UN, government and military are all there to figure out what’s happening and devise a method to save us all.  Now here come the germ myths, especially the new fangled germ and disease myths now being tied to genetics and twisted pseudo-science re-creating Darwinian concepts on evolution.

There is a brilliant young UN scientist on board who is lecturing the military on how all this is happening.  He focuses on how mother nature is essentially out to kill us all by manufacturing pathogens, naturally through her loving grace of course, that cause her beautiful human creations to somehow loose their God given, all powerful life-force, which she initially decided to grant them, and fully skip her cycle of decay by re-animating dead tissue into the antithesis of life-force, which is somehow naturally stronger than her life-force with super-human powers and an extreme case of the munchies.  The logic?  Well, just like the folklore perpetuated about any other “viral” infection, this one wants to consume all and continue to spread, perpetuating itself.  Given the current level of germ-theory propaganda pushed by the pharmaceutical cartel over the past 100 years or so, this makes sense.  But now we have a new twist on the story.  Before, viruses could only destroy your bodily tissues, rob you of your vital life-force and kill you.  Now they can do all that and more!  After they kill you they can re-animate you in an instant to a leaping, devoid of life force killing machine that can run faster than a speeding bullet!  Seriously now, I need to go watchShawn of the Dead” one more time to regain my sanity!  Shawn suggests in that film we turn the Zombies into track stars.

So lets just buy this ridiculousness for another moment to continue.  The very smart UN scientist is saying mother nature is trying to decrease the ever increasing Human “infestation” of the Earth by providing this disease, which by Darwin’s rules of evolution, he believes, makes perfect sense.  This is the general UN party-line being taught to kids nowadays; Humans are a menacing scourge to mother Earth and should be eliminated, and apparently mother-nature agrees, which is why she invented the super-Zombie bug in the first place.  So they have to fly to Geneva where there is a UN lab housing a plethora of super-germs and vaccines.  Once there, they can rummage through other vials of mother-nature’s destructive forces to Humans, and come up with some method of destroying this particular Zombie version.  The Brad Pitt team find this out as they make a Pitt-Stop ( ha ha ) in Israel, because everyone knows Jews are very smart people, and because they are so smart they have built up a larger wall around the borders of their country with a foresight to the Zombie plague that no one else seemed to have.  Zombies now control all of the middle east, grumbling around the perimeters of the Israel wall, trying to figure out a way to consume yet even more Human-falafell.

Now this is where Braddie-boy’s character has his light-bulb-on-top-of-head realization…..BING!

Unfortunately, his presence in the holy land coincides with the demise of Israel.  Why?  Well mind you not by any fault of his goisha cup, but because Israel’s prime minister is very interested in saving as many uninfected people as possible.  So he show’s Brad how he lets people in for safe haven through a protected entrance.  The prime minister’s rationale for helping his neighbors is, “the more people we can save, the less Zombies we have to fight.”

The Muslim people the prime minister of Israel is allowing in are so happy to be out of danger, they start to sing praises to God.  Now, who among us doesn’t know that like Frankenstein, Zombies love singing?  Its just common knowledge.  Brad kind of knows this because he begins asking them to stop singing, but lo and behold, the singing is so good on the crappy and screechy microphones (apparently this is what the Zombies truly enjoy), that it gets their Zombie panties all in a dither , perking up their Zombie not alive spirits to succeed, strengthening their Zombie long-gone rigor mortis decrepit muscles to leap tall Israeli walls in a single bound, and to everyone’s horror, safe-haven Israel is soon to become the next Zombie buffet……..and its a yummy one!

Its a chaotic scene around Brad’s realization here, that in order for this sickness to spread, people have to be totally healthy………………..that’s right, I said totally healthy…………..    Just another “Inconvenient pseudo-truth?”  Wouldn’t be surprised if Al Gore himself came up with the idea.

Anyway, hundreds to thousands of Zombies are constantly running through this film, biting, eating and thus infecting otherwise quite healthy people, which Brad figures out is the main requirement.  If you’re sick in some way, be it common cold to cancer, they do a B-line around you like you don’t exist because apparently you wouldn’t taste good.  Nice that they have the courtesy not to knock you down though.  Even though you disgust their palates, no reason not to be polite.  Brad discovers at the end of the film that if he infects himself with some gross laboratory raised beasties, that he actually becomes invisible to the otherwise marauding Zombies, so the fact that they don’t just trample you under Zombie-foot, on their way to eat pure and healthy Miss America, is certainly a quandary in and of itself.  Brad goes on to cut off the hand of an Israeli soldier to prevent the infection, and she eventually becomes his travel partner to Geneva after they manage to fight their way to the airfield and get out of town as Israel sinks into Zombiehood.  He then intentionally crashes the plane he is on in the Swiss alps, because it too becomes infected with Zombies whom are working their way up from coach to eat the first class passengers.  There’s a witty joke in there that eludes me at present.  He survives the crash with a serious wound spiked through his left flank, and his Israeli companion, who now comes to his aid, is oddly enough the only other survivor.  They make their way to the Geneva lab on foot from the alps, Pitt bleeding all the way, and discover there the secret of becoming sick to avoid Zombie attacks.  He then rejoins his wife and daughters in safe-haven Nova Scotia, while scores of injectable pathogens are drop-lifted by helicopters all over the globe to protect people from Zombies and save the Human race.  End of story.


1.  The most basic of party-lines in Pharmaganda preys upon you, daily.

This is the notion that you are weak to the overwhelming forces of a dark microbial world which somehow doesn’t fit into the natural order of “things,” and is simply out there to, like the Zombies, EAT YOUR HEALTHY FLESH!  Pharmaganda will also insist that THIS is the natural order of things; that life is inherently a malicious predator, and civilization living within this structure will never be able to work around it.  There is always some Zombie like microbe, be it a bacteria, virus or whatever else can be concocted, that is lurking around the corner patiently waiting for its’ next healthy, poor unsuspecting and innocent victim.

This is the key piece of pharmaganda.  It is the cornerstone to ALL their fraud.  It must be swallowed by the world if they are to continue pulling mega-billions from a corrupted economic structure which holds them as one of its major structural pillars.  Of course they have to make you believe you are weak when in reality, you are healthy, vibrant and STRONG.  How else could they survive, selling your their lotions, pills and potions which protect you from all the Zombies out there, waiting to eat your healthy flesh? 

Let me assure you, this has never been, and never will be, the natural order of things.  Its’ all a load of crap, sold to the planet because it is the baseline propaganda which must be swallowed by the masses in order for them to buy every other piece of pharmagnda which is thrown at them, every moment of their lives, from every piece of media possible.

Einstein said this is most important question anyone could ever ask; “is this a friendly universe?”  Brilliant question.  Your answer depicts your beliefs and therefore, what you will attract to yourself all the days of your life.  A slave force of humans can never know their true magnificence and power, because if they ever find out who they truly are, then “weakling” becomes far less interesting for a life’s manifestation.  You are only the ignorant disempowered fool if you buy into the slave design pharmaganda continuously throws at you.


This is a highly cooperative, friendly universe.  Everything has its place in the natural, peaceful order of “things,” and you are a part of that natural, peaceful order.

Microbes…………………..true microbes, as opposed to manufactured microscopic monsters created by the military-pharma complex…………………..true microbes are as well, a peaceful natural part of an orderly universe.  Their primary job is to decompose dead, NON-LIVING organic matter into its basic components, and return it to the Earth.  From your physical bodies to every plant, worm and insect; when the vital life-force has exited from the organic matter which is originally from the Earth, microbes break down the now dead materials back into the varying carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen et al compounds, recycling these atoms back into the void of creation to be used…………….yet again.

Natural microbes have this function, and ONLY this function.  Manufactured microbes, with their scrambled genetics and toxic carrying agents, are not really microbes at all.  They are manufactured toxins, and yes, like any other poison known to organic material, these toxins have been designed to kill you, and they have become quite good at it.  These, and only these, are the true healthy flesh eating Zombies.

Unlike WW Z’s pharmaganda, naturally existing microbes will never attack a vital, healthy living being’s cellular structure.  If you are living in sub-standard conditions, both internally and emotionally, your inner hygiene decreases and thus your life force, and vitality decreases as well.  From this you get cellular and tissue death, with or without initial symptoms.  The more dead organic materials you have within, the more natural microbes will invade you to break it down.   It’s that simple.  Keeping yourself vital by living a healthy lifestyle; living in vital, healthy conditions, has always been the best medicine for keeping the doctor away.  Its a no-brainer.    So it would be far more accurate for these track-star Zombies to pounce down the sick and afflicted, just as other natural predators do in the jungle, and leave the rest of us vital and healthy beings alone.  Then we could dance with the Zombies, and they’d become our friends.

3. How do they release the toxic Zombies?

CHEMTRAILS:  Simply take a look up, will you?  Those cream colored puffy white streaks are not clouds.  They are filled with heavy metals, and God only knows what other crap they have designed to rein ( or rain ) havoc on our otherwise healthy bodies.

                           The result?

You and your kids get sore throats, fevers, stuffy noses, allergies, asthma, dermatitis, colds, flus, neuropathies, and cancers.  You run off to the doctors and of course, the hospitals and drug stores en masse.  But one thing you never do?  You never look up to see what has happened to your once beautiful blue sky.

TAP WATER:  You drink it, don’t you?  Even if its just the occasional sip from the gym’s water fountain, the cooking of your pasta, or the making of your tea.  You drink it.  This means you get whatever they see fit to place into it from the massive sodium fluoride tanks which are a integral part of every drinkable water supply in the USA.

JUNK FOODS AND DRINKS:  Low quality food and drink are loaded with an array of chemicals that create havoc with your immune system.  The list is so dense at times you need a chemistry degree ( no joke ), and a strong magnifying glass to understand it.  These “food additives,” which is the PC term for food toxins, are essentially salt, fat and sugar derivatives which create havoc with the bodies cells.  The salts tear apart cell membranes, the fats clog lymph and circulatory channels destroying the connective tissues, and the chemical sugars bind to neurological membranes in a way that creates addiction, cravings, weakness and fatigue.  Many of these substances don’t even have to be categorized in today’s junk food processing centers; they are simply included under the heading of “natural and artificial flavors and colors.”  Now that’s what I call poisoning!  The average person walking the street has an immune system that is perpetually exhausted, simply from dealing with this ingested crap on a daily basis.

AIR POLLUTION:  See CHEMTRAILS above.  Add to this category industrial pollutants in the average city.

I can go on here, but I’m sure the point is well taken.  Unfortunately I can probably think up another 12 categories, and perhaps you can cite another 22.  Lets simply move to this in conclusion;



Get involved with Chemtrail research in your local area and make some noise.


Stop eating and drinking all unnatural crap put out onto the market.  Insist on natural, wholesome food sources.  Drink only purified water and natural drinks from organic sources.


Stop aggressing on people.  Stop distrusting people.  Realize that we are all in the same boat and we need to cooperate with one another.  Realize that everyone needs love, support and appreciation.  If someone is too far gone into the worship of Big-Brother, forget them and move on.  Don’t try to convert the brain-washed.  There are plenty of us normal, good folks still around, and we need to band together to stand up to the fraud.

This is how good prevails.  This is how love prevails.  Because we take the time in our lives to remember what is truly important, and we discover that it always points back to love, and freedom.  Sometimes, we reach a critical point in human history whereas we discover the TRUE MEANING OF LOVE AND FREEDOM, by being forced to put down tyrants and other demons who are attempting to take love and freedom away from us all.

We are at this critical juncture in human history this very moment.

Dr. William Trebing:  12 September 2013: Greenwich Connecticut.

So, 12-21-2012 has come and gone: Dr. William Trebing’s analysis on the end of the Mayan Calendar and beyond


So, 12-21-2012 has come and gone: Dr. William Trebing’s analysis on the end of the Mayan Calendar and beyond


As many of you know, my family and I spent a portion of the winter solstice this year atop one of the highest points in the Pacific, mount Haleakala on Maui.  No, the “mother ship” never arrived, at least not in the physical sense anyway.  The chilly mountaintop was well inhabited however, with other curious enthusiasts of astrology and spirituality, and certainly a general sense a peace and feeling of good humor was readily palpable.

Isn’t it just marvelous, that people have been speaking of this date for decades, if not centuries, wondering what will happen, and now it has come and past?  Many people just roll their eyes and say nothing happened.  I think not.  What happened on 12-21-12 is certainly a matter of perspective.

So, now that one of the major “doomsday” prediction flames has been extinguished, what’s to do?  What’s next?  The answer to that question is, its entirely up to you.  This winter solstice introducted a raise in light vibration to our planet which, due to certain astrological markers, can be viewed as gear 3 of humanity’s 5-speed sports car journey back “to the light.”

Too esoteric for you?  Well remember, today’s spiritualism is tomorrow’s science.  If you presistently need to run things by your rational mind, which is controlled by your ego-sense of who you believe yourself to be in this limited physical existence, you’ll always come up with limited answers.  Albeit they may feel good to you at the moment, but this does not mean they are true.  Truth does not need any validation.  It doesn’t care about what you believe, and it doesn’t wait for you to catch up with it or try to figure it out with your conscious mind, which you can never do anyway.  Truth just is, and on some level beyond your ego-sense you know who you really are, and you understand everything.  When we first begin to get in touch with this truth we call it intuition; i.e., that nagging sense of knowing that you are more than you present to be, if only you could more fully connect.


That is precisely where this new light, recently introduced to our physical world, comes into play.  Its there.  Its everpresent.  Its all encompassing.  But what does this mean for you?  Can you feel it?  Whatever your answer to that question is, bear with me a moment and lets continue on a bit.

No matter what your conscious mind preceives God, universal force, or light energy to be; no matter what form of “middle-man” ( sage, avatar, son-of God, priest, church, religion ) you feel is necessary to connect with such light energy, the fact remains that it exists and is all around you, constantly, regardless of whether or not your actions in this physical world allow you to preceive it.  Where are you on the “God-experience” gradient scale?  If you are feeling fear, hopelessness, depression, anxiety, anger, resentment, egotistical based elitism, greed, jealousy, hatred of any kind……..well then you’re toward the bottom of the barrel.  In contrast, if you are feeling love for all beings and things around you, seeing them as extensions of your own “love-self,” if you can find the joy in every moment and effectively shut out the “misery-media-play” perpetrated upon this physical world, if you feel like you are thriving in life and protected by a sense of goodness within your heart, like the life-force within your body can handle anything and keep you pure and loving all the days of your life; if you feel like you are offering a life-service that is uplifting the planet and bringing people closer to experiencing the light within, and most importantly, if you are surrounded by people, animals and circumstances of living that you absolutely adore………I’d say you’re doing pretty great and that connection is not an issue for you!

As of December 21, 2012, it is easier than ever to connect with this light that will transform your life.  This is not religion, and moving this statement even beyond spirituality, there is a scientific basis for understanding why this is so. Your more “rational” conscious mind will appreciate that, so let’s begin.

Our Universe is a conscious, living, vital and thriving organism that, like us as human beings, is involved in a process of evolution and expansion.  Scientifically this make sense.  Our planet Earth rotates around our sun on a regular schedule with a number of other planets that comprise our solar system.  Our solar system in turn, is part of a collective of solar systems which further rotate on a schedule around the center point of our galaxy.  Going even further, our galaxy is part of a group of galaxy’s which rotate around another center point in the Universe.  Going much, much smaller now, every atom we have within us, with their central electromagnetic nuclei and orbiting electrons, is yet a microcosym of how this energetic rotation occurs in the macrocosym solar systems and galaxys.  We are all children of these energetic forces, whether or not we are aware of this fact, whether or not we choose to accept it.  The position of our beautiful planet is effected by the gravitational / varying energetic forces which occur from these complex rotations, and we as living beings on this planet are effected as well.

The important thing to remember about 12-21-12, and beyond, is that our present position in the cosmos offers new and greater opportunities to “tune in.”  Tune into what, you might ask?

Well………….. the love of course which is now more clearly streaming toward our planet, and more readily available to tune into.  Does this mean a bunch of extra-terrestrial hippies have found a more direct way to give us their flower-power?  Perhaps, but what we also need to remember is this.  What we call “love” is, on the grandeur scale, identical to the cosmic force which rotates electrons within atoms, brings two cells together to create a human body, and forms a giant Redwood from a tiny seed, simply by placing it in the dirt.  Things have opened up, and those of us who are initially sensative to energy have most likely felt this shift already.   If you have yet to feel any difference, I would suggest letting go of a few more emotional “luggage cases.”  Take more walks in nature.  Spend more time with a cat.  Spend more time playing with a happy child.  Swim in a waterfall.  Dance naked in your backyard at midnight.  Begin a regimine of yoga classes.  Sit quietly in your car undisturbed, put on your favorite relaxing music and chant Om .  Chant loud enough so you feel the vibration in your throat and chest.  Start with a 10 minute “clearing of your mind” meditation each day.  During this time, do your best to just focus on your in / out breath, and stop thinking.  If thoughts come up, watch them like you would a TV you were flipping through with a remote control.  See the thoughts that pop up on the screen of your mind as non-important, at least for this 10 minutes, and notice the sweet feelings that arise in your heart as a result.  Just sit, and simply don’t care what your mind does.  Re-direct your focus to your breathing.  A good focal point, called a dharana in yoga, is to place your attention on the point where your in breath meets your out breath, then breath comfortably out, and focus on the point where your out breath meets your in breath.  If you have even the slightest interest in discovering whether or not this is true, just give it a try.  Even if your conscious mind thinks its totally ridiculous, give it a try anyway.  You have absolutely nothing to loose, and everything to gain.

Especially new at this point in our cosmic journey here on Earth, is a warm blue-crystal and sparkling light, which is an energetic stream of pure love now available to heal and transform any condition or situation that may be challenging to you.

Lets talk a bit more now, about how all this fits into “life” as we may presently preceive things to be.  We have our stresses, we have our responsibilities, bills to pay, jobs to go to, children to raise, studying to do, and challenges to heal from.  Meditation, time for myself and all this talk about loving energy is great, but how is that going to make my life any better?  Can I trade in my new spiritual understanding for a beach house on Maui, a corvette, and paid college educations for all my kids with a few million $$ ?  Why bother with all this crazy stuff when I have so much to do!?  To answer these questions, let’s dive a bit deeper into how your energetic / emotional life is truly set up on this planet we call home.

The following diagram is a basic model of your “mind,” and was composed by Robert Monroe in 1962.  Remembering that this is a model of the mind, with Universal force running fully through the entire process ( because in essence we are all pure source-energy ), lets try to understand our Earthly lives a bit more with this discussion:

Rings via Robert Monroe

Consider yourself to be like the atom, with your “core nucleus” being what Monroe called the “core self.”  This can be thought of as the original Human mind, comprising the sum of all our Human experiences throughout several lifetimes ( or just this lifetime if your are not privy to past lives ).  These experiences are mixed, so to say, with the pure innate knowledge that you are an energetic being with the full power of Universal creation at your fingertips; in other words, at this core level of “mind,” you know you are in essence, God-power.  This level can be called your “spirit,” and your sense of who you truly are.

The next level up is the Animal Sub-Self.  The Human-animal self is our identification with this particular physical incarnation, and the struggles / pleasures which are associated with our physical-animal body, which requires constant maintenance.  We need to bathe, brush our teeth, exercise, eat properly, and deal with feelings, drives and emotions which are a mixture of our Earthly animal hormones, and our attachments to an ever evolving Human-family social order.  We are persistently acting to control this level of basic, animal nature, and are evolving past our sense of reliance on it.  This level is controlled by the more basic levels of our central nervous system function, located in our mammalian brain and limbic system.  The big problem with this layer is that we believe we need it to survive.  This is because the Animal Sub-Self is controlled by an array of hormones which are reactive to “the moment.” When left unchecked by the conscious mind, these hormones can easily be manipulated via an outside source to keep a being, or a species, in persistent “fight-or-flight” animal response mode.  In an effort to control the masses for their own benefit, varying elitist Human clans purposely show humanity images through many different forms of media, which keep the hormones REACTING to stress and fearful situations.  Thus the individual nervous system being manipulated, and the nervous system of humanity as a collective, is persistently locked into fight-or-flight.  When we learn as individuals to control the highly reactive Animal Sub-Self with true knowledge from the Core Self, hormones are redirected towards higher vibrations of love, peace, harmony and faith with all things around you, and this spawns power and evolution in ways that humanity is just beginning to wake up to, once again.

The next level up is the Conscious mind.  This is the level of mind where you are conscious of what you believe yourself to be, or what you think you are; all your identifications with this world, i.e., man, woman, mother, father, teacher, preacher, scoundrel or saint.  This level of what you THINK you are however, is completely different from the Core Self’s KNOWING of who you are.  This level of Conscious mind is distorted with its contact with the Core self, because it needs to pass through the Animal Sub-Self to gain its knowledge.  This level of Conscious mind is complicated by accumulated belief systems in which a soul may spend life-times attempting to break out of in order to get to the Core Self.

Moving up is the Human Mind External.  This is our façade; what we think and WANT others to think of us.  This lawyer is constantly changing with new experience and perception, but it is still controlled by erroneous belief systems that have more to do with cultural mores and nothing to do with the Core self.  From this level we create artificial motivations and drives which are for the most part, futile, and make a being act more like a hamster on an exercise wheel.  This leads to mental / physical dysfunction and exhaustion due to these distortions, separating us more from the healing energy of the Core Self.  Instead of being who you truly are, you begin from this level to lead a totally reactive existence and forces outside yourself are constantly “pushing your buttons.”  If you allow this level of mind and lifestyle to take over your life, it can be a living hell.

Next level out is the Human Mind Role.  This is the outer-most superficial, SKIN DEEP LEVEL ONLY, of what you want others to think of you.  It is the façade over the façade, and completely devoid of intuition or feeling.  This level is composed of your ACCEPTANCE of the energies of the media and world around you.  Life says I’m a computer-operator, so that’s what I am.  Life says I’m jerk, so that’s what I remain.  This level is very much set by allowing and accepting the energies of other people / organizations, but hopes and dreams also exist on this level if the Core Self is allowed to filer through the cracks.  But in many people, this level is devoid of any trace of the Core Self.  It is very cautious to speak, and in many cases covered by an array of complex deceptions (lying to ones’ self) that the person may not even be aware of.

Finally, the outermost layer, much more important than one may expect, are the psychic energy forces created via what “others” may think of you.  We are a human collective mind, whether or not you believe this or are aware of it.  The energies of how “others” perceive you on both a specific and general level, are very important.  This is where your previous and present actions in the world make a big difference in your human presentation over space / time.  Some people call this Karma; your actions, good or bad, eventually catch up with you at some point in your life from this level.  As well, erroneous thoughts and manipulations from the media are thwarted at us as a human collective at this level, and we must be conscious enough, and evolved enough, to filter these messages away into our junk folder.

Think of yourself as existing on an energetic level as a hologram every time someone thinks of you.  If several people are thinking about you at any given time, you are existing, in a psychic holographic sense, in several places at once, and the energies resonating out from each of these holographic creations directly effects you in the moment.  On some level, the psychic hologram that another human being is projecting out of you is a mixture of who you actually are, and who they believe you to be.  This affects both you and them on very intimate levels, and as well, affects who we believe we are as a human collective regarding our limitations, or limitlessness.  In many ways we can be individuals with creative, specific desires.  At the same time however, ignoring our human-collective mind is foolish.  We live in both these worlds simultaneously.

So 12-21-12 is all about evolution really.  The stage has been set, and depending on how we choose to acknowledge, ignore or deny the new energies now ever-present, we will either learn something new about ourselves or continue on as we always have, bouncing off one experience in life to the next in an attempt to keep our head above water.  One thing is certain though.  Which ever of these choices you choose, if not a mixture of the two, there will be this nagging feeling of truth in your heart beckoning you to more forward and take part in the evolution of human kind.  You have so much more control over your life than you may presently be aware.  Regardless of how much certain people may not want you to discover your true power to manifest in your life, the fact is that this control, and the beautiful things inherent within it, are more readily available to you now than ever before.  It is right at your fingertips.

Tenets for the Church of Christ Consciousness

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  It is not advisable, nor legally necessary, to enter into a discussion or debate over your religious beliefs in an attempt to defend or acknowledge them in any way in public forum.  Religious beliefs are between you and God, and it is your legal right granted by the constitution of the united states to have whatever religious belief you desire, so long as it does not hinder the life, liberty, happiness, health, or in any other fashion cause harm to any other person.  You may, to avoid conflict, copy tenet # 7 here and submit it with your document, however it is already quoted on the document.  Remember that unless it can be proven that you are the next “Typhoid Mary,” choosing not to vaccinate yourself or your children can not possibly bring harm to a populous which is fully vaccinated with their “wonder” drugs.  Unless of course, they themselves do not believe that these toxic vaccines really work.  If they argue that it is not your right to place your child out of their “assumed danger” charade, you need to read the legal research chapter of  “Good-Bye Germ Theory,” and begin to hand “officials” forms assuming their liability for toxic reactions since they are forcing medication which can have bad side effects on your child.  As well, IT IS PARAMOUNT TO RECIND YOUR MARRIAGE LICENSE WITH ANY STATE, thus ending the state’s legal third party claim to be the ward of your child.  All you need for proof of marriage is your names written clearly in a bible someplace.  Your marriage is between you and God, not you and the state.  Please call or write us anytime if you run into trouble and we will do the best we can to help.

Tenets for the Church of Christ Consciousness

Presented by

Rev. Dr. William P. Trebing

Original Manuscript: January 2002



The Church of Christ Consciousness is non-sectarian.  We hold as a core conviction that each human being is a wholly divine, spiritual entity that has direct access to God without the necessity for an intermediary.  Paramount to our creed is the faith that the almighty God exists within all things, animate and inanimate, and that the belief in intercession to have contact with, or feel the experience of God’s love is not only unnecessary, but highly distracting and a tremendous stumbling block on the road towards this spiritual goal.

God exists within you, as you.  You may cease looking to the varying alters and robes of human intercession in order to receive God’s favors and blessings.  God’s love is an actual experience of true love, purity, wholeness, well-being and health.  The experience of God is an actual kinesthetic force which is experienced as a presence in the body.  You do not require permission to experience this presence.  You do not even have to give this experience an adjective such as “God.”  You may choose to call this experience “universal force,” or “primordial energy,” or “the Goddess,” or “the Self,” or just “Bob.”  The adjective you ascribe to this powerful kinesthetic experience is immaterial.  What matters most, is that you have the experience.

At your innermost innate core, this presence of God is what you truly are.  The only differences between you and God are the ones you create for yourself through distorted information and beliefs.  If one refuses to let go of these beliefs, one gets locked into a paradigm of spiritual dysfunction.

What we are calling intercession here obviously does not include the specific spiritual techniques employed to access God within you, and thus deactivate your old programming of separation from God.  The experience of God is as near to you as your own breath; it is quite literally with you always, and in all ways.  You merely need to learn first how to turn your vital and precious attention toward this experience of God on a moment to moment basis in your life, while simultaneously deactivating the old beliefs and negative feelings that have been holding you down and keeping you away from God.  This at first can seem a grand task, but it is the only task necessary to truly know God.  At first, you have glimmers of inspiration that fade in and out of your “average” daily feelings of doubt, resistance, fear and negativity.  With practice, these glimmering and fragmented pieces of inspiration eventually come together as a persistent presence, when you feel that the experience of God is with you always and infiltrates all aspects of your daily life.  Then the situations of your life begin to shift and change toward wholeness, peace, prosperity and tranquility.  For the first time in your life, everything comes together and begins to make sense.  The more you focus on this presence, and the good things about life that are your birthright, the more your life shifts towards the life of your dreams.

The Tenets of the Church of Christ Consciousness written herewith are designed not only to explain the goals and mission of this spiritual path.  They are also designed to be an introduction to our practices which lead to the experience of God within you.  You may choose to write them down step wise in a manner and order that is tailored to your particular life and then practice them each day.  On the spiritual path, it is only persistence that promulgates results, and this process becomes easier and easier as time moves on.  With time, you actually become your results.

The Tenets


  1. The Church of Christ Consciousness accepts all people from all races and creeds as God’s children.  There are no requirements other than a solid desire to know God.
  2. The word “Christ,” means “the anointed one,” or “spiritual priest / king or prince.”  The state of “the Christ” is the state of human awareness that is forever bound to the creative, loving force we know as the presence of God within.  The Christ potential of becoming a high spiritual priest King or priestess Queen within your own boundaries is directly within your      grasp.  To know the Christ power of your own true nature; to realize your own divine Christ potential, which is not different from anyone else’s divine Christ potential, is the ultimate goal of our Church.
  3. Your indwelling Christ is your hope of glory and your power of creation for every aspect of physical reality.  Being aware of this divine Christ presence within your sphere of attention on a moment to moment basis is what bears the fruit of a peaceful, harmonious and prosperous life.  It is the creative force of the universe which you are able to access to create the life of your dreams.
  4. It is your ability to remain aware of this Christ space, and your ability to let go of all the negativities that bind you, which brings about the desired and ultimate state of happiness for human existence.
  5. The primary means by which a person reaches the true Christ potential is through quiet contemplation, using your voice to chant the varying syllables that resonate with the Christ power, specific methods of sensory focus and regular meditation.
  6. To begin your journey into the world of your divine Christ power, you must first engage in a program of releasing negativities and dense emotional energy that has kept you bound in chains,      most likely for years.  This usually involves completing a level of healing body work that you are most comfortable with, coupled with serious and comprehensive study into the workings of the human mind, as well as your power of creation through thought and emotion. You must work on both the body and the mind to release these old and negative patterns.
  7. Paramount to The Religion of the Church of Christ Consciousness is a firm belief in the sanctity of the human body in its original form as it was created, and the God inspired intelligence which has created it and tirelessly acts to maintain it throughout the endless pressures, and toxicities of human existence.  We believe and firmly espouse as a RELIGIOUS BELIEF, that the human immune system and internal workings of human biochemistry are God manifesting within the human biological framework, and we trust fully in this power and do not support the idea of conventional medicine, created by man, and therefore by limited intelligence, can improve upon that which God almighty has created.  There are countless examples in the bible and in many other spiritual texts around the world that God almighty has secured the health of His creation, the Human Body, without flaws, to exist in a harmonious balance with all the other creatures of the Earth, and thus of God’s divine creation.  The Religion of the Church of Christ Consciousness listens fully to God’s word, understands and recognizes the sanctity of God’s creation, the Holy Spirit of Life made into this Human Body as the physical temple of God’s spirit.  Therefore, The Religion of The Church of Christ Consciousness strictly prohibits the interference of God’s creation by man, in his interpretations of or supposed dialogues with natural laws, in the form of diagnosing, treatment or prevention of what is mistakenly known as “disease.”  It is our firm belief that only God can heal, and as an example, the use of drugs, vaccines and other injections, and all forms of radiation and/or drug therapy, which interfere with God’s natural and very powerful immunity and protection from all disease, are strictly against the doctrines and moral beliefs of the Religion of the Church of Christ Consciousness.
  8. The point of focus for chanting is the Sanskrit syllable “Om.”  For eons of time and in many cultures past, Om is considered to hold the resonance of the indwelling Christ; your pathway to God within.  By chanting Om, one gets taken deeper and deeper within, and the indwelling Christ eventually overpowers, aids in the release of and replaces all negative forces which keep you bound and away from God.  The more you chant Om to yourself; the more you actively work to replace all negative thoughts and emotions with more positive ones, the faster will be your progress.
  9. Once you have succeeded in contacting and experiencing the presence of God within, you indeed will begin to experience the keys to what the 91st psalm calls “the secret place of the most high,” and you shall indeed begin to “abide under the shadow of the almighty.”  Maintenance of the presence of God within protects you from all calamities, removes the troubles that block your life from experiencing fulfillment, and provides life with all the prosperity necessary to fulfill your innermost desires and goals.  You are in a very real sense, reborn into a new consciousness of God potential where anything is possible.
  10. Although anything is possible within the realm of God consciousness, and thus your life, some things are more probable when you begin this journey.  It all depends on what you have done with your life up to this point, and which direction you decide to now place your energy.  It does take time to release the old patterns of your life and to remove the situations which have been built up around them.  In the East, this is called the release of karma(s).  Karma is stored energy within the subtle energy centers, in and around the spinal column as concentrated balls of energy called, “samskaras.”  These samskaras begin to unwind and release their energy as we undergo a spiritual, and therefore healing metamorphosis at the right and perfect time in our lives.
  11. Samskaras are created from your past actions, not only from this life, but from previous lives as well.  They are actually the driving energetic force which propels you back into another round of physical existence, usually beyond any control you may have remain in a spirit world.  When samskaras are dense, they control us; when we consciously act to break them, we begin to regain control of our destiny, which includes the choice of birth/re-birth.  Samskaras follow the energy body, astral body, or “soul” (we like to call this the “subtle body”) from incarnation to incarnation.       Samskaras are jammed up around the subtle body’s “spinal column,” which is called the sushumna nadi.  Until they have had enough experiences to be fully dissipated, these samskaras emit a negative attractive energetic force which is unconscious, yet extremely powerful.  This energetic force of the samskaras is what runs your life and creates your life’s experiences until you decide      to consciously do this for yourself, allowing the samskaras to “burn-out,” as it were, by consciously choosing thoughts, emotions and actions which contradict them.  These are thought, emotions and actions centered on the TRUTH of who you really are, and that is light, love, and total well-being.
  12. As samskaras burn out, you become more and more free; however the process of burning can at times be intense ( called tapasya”  in Hindi ), and may take a while.  It is important to have a clear understanding of what samskaras are while you are in the midst of their release, so that you can just allow them to burn out and be certain that you are no longer feeding them. This release process involved with the Samskara energy needs to be understood exactly for what it is; a process of release.  Things and people may be leaving your life, or transforming within your life, in ways that will make you more free and able to flow with universal force.  You are releasing what has held you back from becoming the person you have always dreamed you could become.
  13. Emotional energy you have moved in a certain direction for years needs to slow down, stop, and expire.  Karma is simply the life situation which is created as the net result of your energy up to this point in time.  Karma rests within the subtle body as samskaras, and this translates to the physical body as organ dysfunction, dis-ease and postural faults.
  14. When we look up at the stars at night and see their beauty, we often do not realize that we are seeing their past.  It takes hundreds, sometimes thousands of years for the light from many of those stars to reach us on Earth, viewing them from our perspective.  However, much of what we are seeing does not exist, as many of those stars have already exploded into supernova.  Similarly, the emotional and thought energy we have processed in the past and up to this point manifests itself as our present reality.  But we can change what we experience tomorrow by changing our emotional and thought energy today.  It really is that simple, and the better we get at controlling what we think and feel, the faster our lives improve.  Our future is created by what we attract to ourselves by the power of our thoughts and emotions, right now.  The only thing that stands between the way your life is now, and creating something totally new for yourself, is your own ability and willingness to shift your thought coupled with your feeling.  You must change your visualizations of what you believe life is all about if you want to experience something different tomorrow.  The power to focus thought and emotion, like a laser beam that cuts through physical reality, ensures mastery over life.
  15. The Church of Christ Consciousness does not advocate using your divine power of creation to produce material wealth or substance merely out of selfishness, greed or coveting the “things” of this world, merely to hoard and amass more “stuff.”  The consciousness of greed and hoarding are major destructive forces to the human consciousness today.
  16. Replacing greed and hoarding with the consciousness of prosperity and abundance for all is what will save the human race from extinction.
  17. We advocate using your divine power of creation to discover the innermost desires of your heart, which in turn and with time will lead to great success in life, and all the material things of this world that are necessary to support your life as your heart intended it to be.
  18. True prosperity and abundance involves a natural balance in life between money, beautiful and exciting material possessions, successful personal relationships and connection to universal source ( God ).  It is true that you may have all the money and material possessions you desire in life with the right amount of time, intent and focus.  However, you will only achieve everlasting happiness in this life if your money and material possessions are in balance with truth, and your personal relationships.
  19. You simply cannot desire anything which is not already a part of your life’s treasure map.  When you truly discover your hearts desires; when you truly can listen to the voice of God in your heart which gives you the instructions as to what you are supposed to be doing with your life, then all the material wealth you can imagine, and more, will follow as a part of the process.
  20. It is the position of the Church of Christ Consciousness that the living soul called Jesus Christ of the New Testament, was a Jewish priest/prince known to the Jews of his day as Yashua.  He was married to the Jewish princess Mary of Bethany, and this marriage was to form a dynastic alliance which would unite the Jewish people as one strong force against the Roman      occupation of the “holy land.”
  21. It was the political hope of the Jewish powers of the day that this alliance would unite all of the Jewish people under one powerful King and Queen, thus producing a solid army amongst the common people to permanently thwart the hated Romans from the holy land once and for all.
  22. Although this plan had many merits and enabled the Jewish zealots to build a tremendous, long and costly rebellion against the Romans, it was in the end unsuccessful.  After the great rebellion of A.D. 60, all Jews were either killed or exiled from the Holy land.
  23. Yashua as a prince may well have been raised with Old Testament folklore forced upon him by the Zealots, as well as other Jewish forces of his day non-collaborative with Roman rule, such as the Essenes and Pharisees.  All these forces insisted that it was the prince’s destiny to fulfill the Old Testament prophesies, and thus bring about a great holy war against Jewish oppression as the “Messiah.”  For a time, it appears that Yashua complied, as least ostensibly.
  24. Suddenly then, Yashua disappears for a great portion of his formative years into manhood, from around the ages of 15 through 31.  Our view, is that both Yashua and his princess bride-to-be, Mary of Bethany, were smuggled out of the “holy land” by family and sympathetic forces in order to free the young royal couple of the burden that was to be cast upon them.  As well, both these youngsters had displayed remarkable healing abilities from an early age, and there was one place they could be sent in order to nurture their innate healing talents, as well as keep them out of harms reach ( not from the Romans, but from the Zealots ).  This place was the far mountains of Greece, where amongst ancient ruins a mystical tribe of healer monks, a spin off of the Essenes consisting of both men and women, called themselves “The Theraputi.”  We maintain that it was here, in this place, amongst seasoned and powerful spiritual healers, that not only Yashua but as well his princess Mary, learned the esoteric and “mystery school” arts.  Yashua and Mary remained here in peace for nearly 15 years, and at some time during their stay in Greece, they were married.
  25. “Essene” is a word derived from both Greek and Egyptian languages, and translates literally to “sacred,” and “secret knowledge.”  “Theraputi” is solely a Greek word however that translates to “brotherhood of healers and physicians.”
  26. The Essenes were a diverse group of Jewish monks with their own set of ideas on Jewish law and scripture.  Many of their ideas and practices were so strange to the orthodox Jew of the day that the Essenes were considered by some to be on the very fringe of Jewish culture, if indeed at all Jewish.  However separate, they still very much considered themselves Jews, and many Essenes fell into the ranks of the Zealots to patriotically fight for Jewish autonomy, and freedom from the Romans.  It may well have been the Essene element sympathetic to the Zealot cause that eventually revealed the secret hiding place of Yashua and Mary amongst the Theraputi tribe.
  27. The Theraputi, a Greco-Jewish spin-off of the Essenes as well as being the super-healers of this Essene off-shoot, focused much of their time and energy on a “laying on of hands” type of healing art.  It had been written that they could restore people from many chronic illnesses, and restore sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf.  Yashua and his wife Mary traveled through many villages, healing the sick and afflicted for a decade or so before they were discovered to be hiding amongst the Theraputi.
  28. At around the time of Yashua’s first astrological “Saturn return,” somewhere between the ages of 28 and 31, he returned to the Holy land with his wife Mary.  It is not clear from our research whether or not this return was voluntary, or brought about with more force by the Zealots who finally discovered where the royals had been hiding all these years.
  29. By this time however, Yashua was more a pacifist and healer than he was a good soldier for the dogmatic doctrine of the Old Testament, and we believe he lost interest in his responsibility to become the Zealot’s “Messiah.”  He began speaking more of peace, cooperation and love, and this agenda was certainly more palatable to the Romans than it was to the Zealots.
  30. Yashua most likely was cast into the middle of this ongoing conflict, and was unsuccessful at mediation.
  31. The Zealots wanted their Messiah to be a prince of war, not peace. Thusly, they acted to contrive the next best thing to produce their holy war against the Romans, since Yashua was most likely becoming increasingly uncooperative.  They would simply make him into a powerful martyr by orchestrating his death and blaming it on the Romans.
  32. Conspiracy then churned within the Zealot camp, and select Romans were either bribed or promised fame and advancement if they arrested Yashua and killed him as a terrorist for the crimes of the Zealots.  The Zealots, most likely masquerading as common citizens, explained to these Romans that Yashua was the mastermind behind the terrorist movement, and that by killing him they would send a powerful message of despair and hopelessness throughout the Jewish communities.  If the Romans could kill their Messiah; their “chosen one of God,”  perhaps then indeed they were invincible.  But behind the scenes the Zealots realized they would now have their martyr and press onward promoting the rebellion.
  33. Yashua, his wife and children actually survived persecution through a brilliantly contrived ruse consisting of a fake crucifixion.  This was orchestrated by a collection of powerful Jewish friends to Yashua’s royal family, as well as sympathetic Romans in high positions within the Empire.
  34. These Jews and Romans formed the first secret club, as it were, or society, which had as it’s mission full allegiance with Yashua’s dictates, however idealistic, for peace, love, cooperation and an ultimate connection to a primary God of Universal Love.
  35. Most other Roman authorities and bureaucrats, loyal to their political careers and thus, survival, had escalating concerns with an ensuing Jewish rebellion, believing that it could actually collapse the empire.  They recognized Yashua as a Jewish force they could manipulate in order to coerce collaboration with the much hated Roman occupation and tax.
  36. It is as well, quite conceivable that Yashua’s wealthy family ties were able to bribe other Roman authorities in power to help them “look the other way,” as Yashua was either placed on the cross for a brief period of time and then quickly pronounced “dead.”  It is also possible that a replacement was sent to the cross in Yashua’s place, who may have well also survived.
  37. Research of the Dead Sea Scrolls indicates that the crucifixion occurred on private Jewish property, and was witnessed only from afar by the common Jewish mourners.  Death from crucifixion, which usually takes days, miraculously took only a few hours.  Further, completely against Roman law for executions of this kind, Yashua’s supposed dead body was then given to the family and placed in a private tomb on the same grounds of Yashua’s relatives.  This was a very strange, and historically a “one-of-a-kind,” type of crucifixion within the Roman Empire.
  38. The key players in this ruse are not certain, however it seems likely that a deal was cut between Yashua’s royal family, the Romans who supported him, and as well powerful Zealot forces able to manipulate Roman bureaucracy.  It is likely that these deals were arranged with many of the Zealots and Romans having quite different agendas, perhaps secretly, for the eventual outcome.
  39. Whether or not Yashua survived may not have been all that important to the Zealots, if through his survival there was a promise of exile and silence, made in exchange for the creation of a powerful martyr that could now be used to wage their beloved holy war.  Yashua too may have agreed with this plan of exile and silence to protect his wife and children, as well as offering a more realistic opportunity for continuing his work, spreading the mission of peace, brotherhood amongst men and the worship of a Universal God of Love and cooperation throughout less complicated areas of Europe and the middle East.
  40. The idea of Yashua remaining alive would also appeal to high ranking Roman authority.  If they did nothing with Yashua his voice of peace and collaboration would be lost for certain as the Zealots would surely have eliminated him eventually through assassination; and the Romans were certain that no matter how the Zealots managed to kill Yashua, Mary and perhaps even their children, they would be very skillful at placing the blame on the Empire.
  41. Since the Zealots were going to get their martyr one way or another, why not at least take control of the situation and pretend to kill him yourself for “crimes against the state?”  Then at least in his exile that continuing voice of peace would be a thorn in the side of the rebellion.  Eventually word would get out that Yashua never actually died, and was alive and well in Egypt.  Why would the supposed martyr “King of the Jews” have allowed this to happen?  If indeed he was alive, why was he living elsewhere and not supporting the Zealot cause if he were truly the “Messiah?”
  42. Questions such as these the Romans believed would eventually rifle through Jewish communities, causing dissent and disorganization amongst the ranks.  The Romans were masterminds at many plots using the ancient principles of “divide and conquer” to help destroy the enemy.   A Messiah for your enemy, who abandons your enemy’s cause, is a powerful tool in your favor.
  43. In the end, it was the lust for war that eventually destroyed the Zealots.  Their cause vanished with inevitable defeat by the Roman army after 30 years of war from AD 60 to AD 90.  However, this “win” was not without considerable cost and loss of life to the Empire.  They were left nearly paralyzed at the conclusion, taking several years to rebuild and regroup forces.
  44. It became common knowledge to many after only a few years that Yashua survived the crucifixion, and was alive continuing his ministry in Egypt and Greece.  Although this knowledge was not enough to thwart the Jewish rebellion and long bloody war, it may well have created enough of a split within the Jewish movement to ensue anarchy, and the eventual demise of their morale and organization.
  45. Yashua lived on through his 80’s in Egypt, and traveled extensively through Greece and northern Africa spreading the peaceful words of his ministry; the worship of one Universal God of Love, equality for men and women, love your neighbor as you love your own family, connect to God source within and experience this as divine love throughout your being, heal yourself so you may heal others, prosperity and happiness are everyone’s birthright; all great messages still needing to be employed with an urgency on our planet.
  46. Descendents of Yashua and Mary survived throughout the centuries and are alive today.
  47. It is from many conflicting accounts of this story that the varying sects of Christianity arose from the time of the Council of Nicea, convened by Emperor Constantine around A.D. 326, as a means to consume the teachings of Yahsua into a controllable “religion,” used to manipulate the people into compliance and submission.
  48. Some 325 years after this great movement of Jewish spirituality had spread throughout their world, nearly turning it upside down, Constantine and his cohorts recognized that something needed to be done, and fast, to keep “a lid on” the ever growing Yashuian Christian movement, which felt like it was closing in all around them.
  49. The popularity AND RESULTS that Yahsua’s dictates of personal empowerment were now having amongst the common people, were perceived as nothing shy of an extreme threat to the stability of the Roman Empire.  The Romans realized they better come up with something soon to squash the development and evolution of the people they needed keep in fear, submission, slavery and servitude.  These stories and teachings of personal empowerment, endless prosperity, and an ultimate God of Love who supports all once you connect in with HIM, had to come to an end.  Thus was spawn the Council of Nicea.  A political gathering of Roman authorities in a last ditch effort to squash the empowerment and human evolution offered through Yashua’s initial ministry centuries past.  How to accomplish this?  Through a brilliant, albeit nefarious, scheme of disingenuous cooperation and faith, with a master plan of absorption and eventual complete control over the group you initially act to cooperate with.
  50. Such was the case when Constantine had his “people” write their varying dictates which, over time, enmeshed traditional Roman Pagan Gods, stories and ceremonies with the present Christian movement of the time, loyal to Yashua’s word.  Thus was spawn the “Holy Roman Catholic Church.”  Instead of an Emperor, we now have a Pope.  Instead of Governors to different provinces we now have High Priests.  Instead of Saturnalia we now have Christmas.  Instead of the celebration of spring we now have the celebration of the resurrection, called Easter Sunday.  Instead of an accurate historical accounting for the lives of Yashua and Mary, we now have a recreation of the Egyptian fable of Isis and Horus, including but not limited to The Virgin Birth, the story of the 3 wise men, an extremely limited and abbreviated story of Yashua’s healing ministry, and the story of a Crucifixion and Resurrection that never happened.  Oh yes, and by the way, we’ll just turn Yashua’s spiritually powerful and loving wife into a powerless and submissive harlot.  That works better to keep women “in their place.”
  51. Most important of all these fabrications however is this; instead of Yashua’s true and accurate words of his day, we now have the abbreviated, annotated, re-arranged, deleted and edited words of Yashua under the assumed name (DBA), “the Son of God, Jesus Christ.”
  52. The Church of Christ Consciousness does not affiliate with religions that discriminate or wage aggression against people of other religions, or people of any other peaceful belief.  We believe that the one God creative life force of the Universe as well, has no use for discrimination or aggression.  We maintain that there is NO GOD OF WAR.
  53.  God’s “chosen people,” are all life forms throughout the Universe.  The biggest challenge for man is to learn to live in harmony with the varying species which inhabit this world, and eventually other worlds throughout the Universe.



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