More Flu Vaccine Nonsense – General Vaccine contradictory propaganda – Ask the right questions.

So often in this struggle for health care freedom, we find ourselves fighting against a corrupted bureaucracy that relies on non-science (which is also non-sense, by the way) to promote its power, growth and maintenance.  Most of the planet believes their BS and is frightened by the ghosts they manufacture.  Well, after researching this topic for over 30 years now, I have to say they’ve developed some pretty awesome tools for mass mind control regarding this topic.  As a result, I don’t blame people for their stupidity as much as I used to in my younger years, when they willingly inject their children with these poisons.  The Germ-Sickness-Vaccine pseudo science is engrained in modern folklore due to Big Pharma-Government $$$$$$$ campaigns which have dominated the Disease-Care media over the past 5 decades, and for the most part people are more asleep than ever to the facts.  Grass-roots education is imperative here folks.   You need to educate your family on the truth here, and challenge your pediatrician to come up with some good answers.

So often regarding ALL vaccines, the CDC and Big Pharma industry present contradictory logic; when you question them on their thinking process they have their lawyers think up ridiculous responses, or they are silent.  The Big Pharma government connection, and its manipulation of the public, is a prime example of US corporate fascism which is spreading through the country like wildfire.  You DO NOT question the nationalistic (in this case corporate) status quo.

One such example many people know;  “If you believe that vaccines are truly the health panacea you say they are, and my child is the only unvaccinated one in the lot, then what threat is he if truly everyone else is protected?”

They always respond to this (school nurse or other zombie); “True the other children are protected, and the point is that you are an irresponsible parent because your child is not protected!  These germs are lurking around every corner waiting to jump into an unvaccinated child and cause their downfall!  Of course they do not affect the vaccinated kids because they are protected!”

Oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  You can see me shaking my head…..poor zombies…..;  First of all making this statement brings up the discussion, and leads to the ultimate proof, of how unvaccinated kids in the lot are far healthier than their vaccinated buddies.  They look healthier, they get less colds, flus and allergies, and have more clarity of heart.  They certainly seem less zombied out than the mainstream kid.  This is precisely why the conversation never goes past this point with worshipers of vaccines.  Equally relevant is why Big Pharma-government won’t go anywhere near scientifically analyzing unvaccinated children.  They are well aware the honest results will be an indictment on the entire vaccine cartel.

Vaccine manufacturers and proponents claim their Flu vaccines work so well that they offer almost total immunity from the Flu.  Yet, curiously and simultaneously, they wear-off after a year just in time for you to get revaccinated.  They claim this is because the Flu strains have mutated.  Well now……………………. lets look at the science of mutation past the psuedo-science shall we?  Microbes have the ability to mutate every 20 minutes; they are extremely adaptable and go through many generations within that time frame. Somehow pharmaceutical companies know how to conveniently time their vaccines according Flu-strain mutation schedules; isn’t that fascinating?  It always seems to be once or twice a year.  They have some smart scientists over there!

No no.  We all know this is nonsense.  If truly vaccine companies were on top of the mutation issue, the vaccine you just received 20 minutes ago would be obsolete.  This is why what they call “germs,” their ghosts, do not cause the disease.  The disease comes from a multitude of health and natural hygiene factors that can be abated with proper care and vigilance.

The CDC says you have to get revaccinated because vaccines “wear-off.”  People actually believe this.  There is nothing to wear-off as they say save the toxicity, you hope.  Vaccines don’t do anything except create havoc.  Aren’t we receiving vaccines to “help” our bodies create antibodies?  Don’t antibodies last a lifetime, so we are told?  You don’t get the chickenpox over and over again, do you?

Want to really protect yourself against the Flu?  Netti pot daily and up your dose of Vitamin D during the cold months.

Dr. Wil Trebing

Hepatitis B vaccination increases autism 300%


Hepatitis B vaccination increases autism 300%

Researchers discovered that vaccinating boys with the hepatitis B vaccine that is given shortly after birth triples the chances that they will be diagnosed with autism compared to boys never vaccinated or vaccinated after the first month of life.

Gallagher CM, Goodman MS. Hepatitis B vaccination of male neonates and autism diagnosis, NHIS 1997-2002. J Toxicol Environ Health, Part A. 2010;73(24):1665-1677.