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  1. How do I sign up and receive all the forms and info to be able to opt out of vaccinations for myself as well as my family? In the book it said there was a 25 dollar fee to be a part of Christ’s consciousness but I’m not seeing where to sign up.
    Chad Johnson

    • Hello Chad, and thanks for your interest in the book,
      We are no longer giving out the forms as an addendum to the Audio book; we ran out and could not print anymore due to popularity so we simply ask people now to as well buy a paperback copy of GBGT, as the templates for all the forms are included in the back. As well the $25 suggested donation was a long time ago, staffing and paperwork due to the Church’s popularity over the past decade has forced us to raise those minimum donations, which are a one time ask. The fastest way to become a member of the CCC is to make the donation using the link below, and then email us at billingfordrwil@yahoo.com your name and any family members names, then we send you out a very professional looking raised seal document with copies, the tenets of the Church and our mission statement. There is an explanation provided on how to use the tenets of our church with your membership to avoid toxic vaccines, shots, medication, and useless group medical procedures like masking.

      Avoid Vaccines with our Verification of Religious Belief Documents

  2. Hi I listen to the very exciting talk with you and CRROW.
    I am intrigued by your conversation about utilizing the boron from borax. He said on your site here there’s a protocol from a woman who has it down pat. It still makes me very nervous consuming borax. Perhaps if I read her information I feel more comfortable trying it. I don’t know where to find it I don’t see it anywhere.
    You made mention of emailing you with comments or questions. What is your email?

    Thank you for all that you do it is so important. Keep getting the word out there. I will donate as well!

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