The March Of The Covidiots, and then there is Alan Dershowitz!

The March Of The Covidiots, and then there is Alan Dershowitz!

We see them everywhere!  Dutifully wearing their tight oxygen restriction devices over their faces as they drive alone, run outside, ride their bikes, and possibly even go to sleep.  They are the COVIDIOTS, and I am afraid they are here to stay for a while……

I have always been a fan of Alan Dershowitz; until recent.  “You do not have the right to be Tyhpoid Mary and spread the disease around to others.”  He has begun in his 81st year, to speak out as a proponent of forced adult CV Vaccination, regardless of the cost to Human existence.  His whole point is that people do not have the right to walk around spreading disease; however his logic is completely off.  He is a lawyer, and not a virologist, and not a doctor, and not even anyone who has the right to make such a claim, other than the fact that he is a wise old coot who’s been around the block with constitutional law for decades.

No Mr. Dershowitz, unless you can prove in court, which you cannot, that a person is actually Typhoid Mary or Typhoid Mike (a fantasy story to begin with), you are not going very far with this claim.  Popular PharmaBigState propaganda nothwithstanding, coming out of the mouths of Birks and Fauci and all those bought individuals who have sold their souls to vaccination folklore, there is NO BASIS IN LAW, especially when considering COVID19, to suggest what these individuals are trying to make common knowledge; that asymptomatic people pose a threat to society in someway.

Asymptomatic people are healthy people.  Asymptomatic people, if they carry a particular virus like corona, have already handled the immunity involved to make it a non-issue.  That being the case, if they sneeze in your general direction as you have that useless diaper on your face you call a mask, you may certainly get all the viruses known to exist in mankind that you have received all your life in your daily round……and just look !  You are still standing !  That’s because you too have an immune system which handles these things, albeit it might well take you a few symptoms to develop immunity, you most certainly will from the thousands of years of understanding we have about our God-given immune system and timely response to such matters.

Dershowitz is an old dude with a completely old understanding, and he has bought into the bullshit maybe because he is old and, like so many old people, scared of dying.  Is what he says true?  Like any lawyer he poses one side of the story.

Most governments with their lack of understanding of virology and biology, and the equanimity of the Earth’s biome, have no idea what they are doing and react completely out of fear, being advised from pharma-fed medical professionals who are indoctrinated with “knowledge” from their pharma-owned medical schools.  Dershowitz and the like believe in the COVID19 death narrative so professed by Gov. Cuomo when he said: “THE VIRUS IS DEATH!”  What a jackass.  Mr. Cuome, you fucking idiot, many things are death, including ruining your state’s economy and fucking over the good people you are supposed to support all because you are following the narrative of your pharma masters.  Government passes vaccination laws based on antiquated germ-theory narratives which say “GERM-BUG-BAD-KILL-GERM-VACCINE-YEA LOOK HOW COOL WE ARE!”  This is the vaccine-germ theory mind-control of the left liberal democrat mind these days.  So due to the 10th amendment, Dershowitz says they can force a needle in your arm.  NOT SO !  AM JURIS PRUDENCE is the gold standard by which judges judge, and it is stated clearly there that NO STATE OF EMERGENCY HAS THE POWER TO SUPERCEDE ANY OF YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.  Yes, but he and Cuomo state that “you do not have the right to infect me.”  This is idiocy.  People exchange viruses and bacteria every second and they move through the Earth’s Biome, and there is no way to avoid this.  “Yeah but this is different, this thing is a killer!”  No, it’s not.  The more time moves on, the more proof we have that most people have at one time or another over the past few years come across COVID19, without even knowing they had it, got a cold or the flu, recovered, developed immunity, and then went on their merry way.  The death toll on this is now discovered to be 10 to the minus 3 digits, so what the fuck are you talking about?!  This is no different from the average, or maybe above average, flu season.

That is the first argument against Dershowitz’s claim.  The second is that, although states have the right to compel vaccination laws to ensure public health under the constitution at present, until we are able to take this to the Supreme Court to prove otherwise (which we are actively working on!), state vaccination laws are based on the constitution’s powers to allow state police authority to ensure public health.  Even so, there are exemptions because WE HAVE A CONSTITUTION!  Dershowitz’s claim is that unvaccinated, asymptomatic people pose a threat of all being Tyhoid Mary’s, and this cannot be proved nor demonstrated as valid in this situation, nor in other which will most likely follow.  This is the bull-shit narrative of the big-pharma Nazi-Bill dream of a completely vaccinated world, and all the people who believe it due to brain-washing, lack of proper education and fear-mongering, of which Dershowitz is not beyond any of it.

Where is this legal battle going to commence?  Even if it can commence?  The courts of the US are going to have to start making precedents at law regarding the nature of healthy, unvaccinated and asymptomatic people; this is Nazi-Bill and Pharmas wet-dream !  They are going to have to establish a precedent at law in different cases which states healthy unvaccinated asymptomatic people are a threat somehow.  Can they do this?  Well at the present climate with Demon-cratic people and judges, there is a chance.  However the other side of this argument is where the truth rests.  Asymptomatic people are healthy and POSE ABSOLUTELY NO THREAT TO ANYONE ELSE, and this can be proven with tireless examples of not only past public health examples, but with proper understanding of the nature of the Earth’s Biome, proper understanding of the nature of micro-organisms and humankind, and proper understanding of how fear-mongering regarding “germs” is being used to amass control not only of economic markets, but of the planet’s human population in general.  We as well have an opportunity here, to present the ANTI-VAX TRUTH MOVEMENT side of the story, and knock this idea of GERM/SUPERGERM hysteria right out the window with enough legal pressure, experts in science to testify, which there are plenty, and good Republican people remaining in government who can influence more honest, understanding and intelligent Republican minded governors and judges.  We too can produce a legal precedent on our side, which understands that HEALTHY UNVACCINATED PEOPLE ARE WHAT EVERYONE SHOULD STRIVE TO BE……HEALTHY BY THEIR OWN GOD-GIVEN MEASURES USING THE UNDERSTANDING OF THE HEALTHY AND NATURAL IMMUNE SYSTEM, AND NOT NEEDING TO RELY ON TOXIC, PHARMA-MADE MEASURES WHICH ARE ONLY DESIGNED AS AN OPPRESSIVE ELEMENT OF SOCIETY FOR THE PROFITS OF A FEW.  Yes, we too can state the our side of this argument now that we may have the opportunity, and this has the ability, like in destroying the DEATH STAR, to place a serious blow to Nazi-Bill and global vaccination deep-state.


So a Covidiot actually brushed past me nervously yesterday at the park as I was walking my dog, yelling as I past, SIX FEET!  SIX FEET! SIX FEET!  He clutched his bandana to his nose as if I were violating him.  I stepped toward him for conversation and he ran away saying, “get away from me!  Six feet!  Stay away!  Six feet!”  Now I am not joking here, this really happened.  The guy was practically psychotic at first.  As he yelled this at me and my dog, I mentioned, “you do realize you are like 20 feet away from me right now correct?”  So making a long story short, we began a discussion in the park, sometimes heated, sometimes calmer, for the next 20 minutes as masked zombies gathered around to hear the debate for a short minute or two before moving on.  Here are the items of education I hoped to teach this somewhat intelligent fellow who told me he is a civil engineer that works for some NY company;

  1.  Do you really believe that the bandana you clutch to your face will stop a 100 micron virus ?
  2. Do you really believe that surgical masks will do the same, when they state on the box they come in that they will not protect you from COVID?
  3. Do you understand the role of the Earth’s Biome, and the interconnected nature of all living things?
  4. Do you understand that statistics have obviously been altered and that the liberal media is obviously fear-mongering for a purpose of control?
  5. Do you not understand that this is all about vaccinating everyone on the planet to create trillions of $$$$$ for pharma-deep-state profit?
  6. Do you have any understanding how viruses work?  What their purposes are in the human organism and how sickness actually occurs?
  7. Do you not understand that greater than 99% of people who “catch” COVID will recover just like they have a bad cold or flu?
  8. Do you not understand that the people who have been dying from supposedly COVID are actually dying WITH COVID and not FROM COVID?  Do you know the difference in those two scenarios?
  9. Do you not understand that if COVID were not even publicized, NO ONE WOULD BE TALKING ABOUT IT AND IT WOULD JUST BE THE FLU?
  10. Do you have any understanding of how the immune response of your body keeps everything in balance and check, constantly every minute you exist?
  11. Do you understand that right now you contain all the viruses and bacteria of every known disease supposedly created by viruses and bacteria?
  12. Do you understand that if you aim to kill micobes artificially in your body by toxins like vaccinations, you are actually creating MORE DISEASE for yourself?


Nope.  He didn’t get any of it and was not willing to listen… of course I just kept spitting knowledge at him that rendered him silent in front of everyone there, and he had not choice but to hang his head low and shake his head in disbelief at how rude I would be to take a step toward him.  This is all I heard him saying, and I was listening on occasion…..CNN!  CNN!  TRUMP RALLIES!  STUPID TRUMP PEOPLE!!!!  MAGA MORONS!  60% OF PEOPLE HATE TRUMP!  DR. FAUCI IS AN AUTHORITY!  DR. BIRKS IS AN AUTHORITY!  I WEAR MY MASK TO PROTECT YOU!  YOU ARE SO INCONSIDERATE!  WHAT ABOUT MY FEELINGS?!  YOU ARE SO RUDE! VIRUSES KILL !  OLD PEOPLE DIE!  EVERYONE CAN DIE! BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA  BAA BAA BAA BAA BAA BAA BAA BAA BAA BAA…..sheep talk.  Not a single original thought came out of this fellows mouth…..sad really.

Our voices became calmer in the long run, and certainly both had enough of one another so at the 20 minute mark I noted, “so all you really wanted me to do was not walk past you so closely?  Is that how all this started?”  “Yes,” he more softly replied,” I just wish you had been more courteous give the COVID crisis we are having,”he replied.  So in the back of my mind I am thinking “you really need to grow some balls dude.”  But what I said was….”hey I apologize for hurting your feelings.  I was walking past you to get back to my car quickly with the dog here and just did not notice you.”  A smile came to his face as he felt acknowledged, I told him I have no malice toward him and was merely attempting to educate.  He thanked my with a smile and we both went our separate ways.

So look before anyone reading this starts forming the militia or building up revolution forces against to prepare for Dershowitz’s draconian vaccination-rape of the public, lets understand here that we are solely dealing with ONE opinion.  It is surprising to see Dershowitz acting in this manner for everyone really; he has been more on the side of justice and the people from my understanding and this is shocking for me.  But like many elder folks around his age, perhaps he is just scared and frustrated and is blowing off steam at people like me who say COVID19 is complete bullshit, NOT a pandemic, NOTHING more than a bad flu, and needs to be tossed into the trash.  Look, Grandpa has some clout in this world.  He has seen a lot in the courts and in law throughout the decades, and everyone everywhere in the legal world knows who he is.  But in all honesty, if you ask ANY OTHER constitutional lawyer or expert, they will tell you Dershowitz is grossly over-reaching here as an attorney.  And why shouldn’t he?  He’s Alan Dershowitz, he’s 81, and he feels entitled to say whatever the fuck he wants without much consequence for his actions.

NO.  The state does NOT have the power to drag you out of your home, take you to the doctor and forcefully vaccinate you.  THAT IS CALLED VACCINATION RAPE.  And it would be hard pressed in law or in the nature of most apocalyptic scenarios to figure out how exactly they can safely require a pharma-industry, proven to be hell-bent on profits and NOT the welfare of the people, and all of it’s minions, to do enough safety studies (which they have never done) and inspire enough confidence in government to mandate such a draconian event.  NO.  There is NOT a supreme court case that dictates the government at a state or federal level can drag you our of your home and forcefully vaccinate you.  Dershowitz cites a law from 1903 regarding small pox where a person was protesting to pay a fine, and Dershowitz IS COMPLETELY REACHING and frankly, placing his good career name in jeopardy at this late juncture in his life by doing so; and people will be tearing apart his statements for the next month I am certain.  He trys to make the argument of that case being the end and be all for the supreme court to allow forced adult vaccination with police power, and it is a very weak argument at best and disappointing to be heard of from a man of his intelligence.  Dershowitz is venting, professing his own frustrations and views, abusing his power as a legal advisor, and frankly, simply fear-mongering like the rest of CNN and liberal media, just to push his opinions.  SHAME ON YOU GRANDPA!  I hope, and expect, Dershowitz will apologize for the way he said all this before the end of June 2020.

Something tell me Grandpa is just lonely and needs some attention………

For a better explanation on constitutional law and the rights of the federal government to mandate vaccines, watch this instead:

What a world we are living in now……………but I cannot emphasize enough how interactions like this are important.  Because as asymptomatic, healthy people we need to fight the bullshit Dershowitz narrative of us becoming Tyrpoid Mary’s.  We need to fight this narrative in the streets, with our families, our friends, and eventually in the courts.