Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie sucking up to Pharma-Zombies?

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie sucking up to Pharma-Zombies?


Yaoooozzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaa man !  I love a good Zombie-flick just as good as any other dude.  Michael Jackson was hardly a poster-boy for masculinity, but even he was “thrillered” with that ear to ear beaming smile, open-mouthedly munching down the popcorn with his pretty “girlfriend”  (uhhh-huhhh) screaming at his side as his versions of Zombies honed in on their prey……..and now we have quality actors such as Brad Pitt hopping on the Zombie slayer wagon, becoming the newest of save-the-world heroes in his recent film, WORLD WAR Z, a movie rated Z for……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………

Honestly this movie was so ridiculously dull I asked my son to pinch my arm every 5 minutes, because I really did want to stay awake to see how far they were going to go with the ulterior motive of this film……


or shall we call it, Pharmaganda?  

Seems like the Pitt residence received a visit from the Pharma-medical-surgical advertising corps, and were most likely offered a sweet deal of extra $$$, now that their brilliant acting careers are winding down.  “Okay here’s all you guys have to do.  Angie, you remove ( or pretend to remove ) those near perfect breasts of yours to support our cancer-genetic fear-mongering campaign, and Braddie boy, we need you for this new movie about Zombies that only like fresh, healthy human meat…………”

Stay with me just a moment and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

The movie was completely plot-less.  From the minute it begins right through the rolling credits, its a CGI dance of the super-dead consuming the otherwise healthy, vibrant humans, and unlike a really good Zombie saga such as the Resident Evil series, it gives no basis what-so-ever as to why these undead villains have the where for all to leap tall buildings in a single bound in their hunger for yummy alive and yes, healthy, people meat.  You are introduced to a sweet little family for the first 5 minutes or so.  Then they get caught in the normal Philadelphia traffic on their way to school.  Then an explosion occurs in the distance.  Then A CGI massacre of leaping Zombies from Krypton ( they too can fly like Kal-El ) eat everyone in sight until the movie ends.  Now wasn’t that fun?  Everyone is certainly interested in running away to whatever safe place they may find, and offshore on safe-haven air-craft carriers, the military and surviving government officials are trying to figure out a cure…………well of course they are!

Brad’s character and his family have some elite contacts which feel he is quite important for some unexplained reason other than him once working for the UN.  So they figure out a way to fly through the Chaos and save Brad, his wife and kids while everyone else is Zombie lunch meat.  Well I suppose that would be par for the course in any real public tragedy, correct?  Those with connections to big gov’t and money will be airlifted to safety while the rest of us figure out how to survive on our own, if we can.  Of course those elite whom get immediately rescued are acting to devise a plan to save the rest of us, right?  Right?  Riiiiiiiiiigggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhttttttttttt…………..  No, I don’t think so either.  The save yourself and to hell with everyone else mentality is replete within our present day, fascist government and corporate structure.

But in this movie, fantasy abounds.  The airlifted elite from the UN, government and military are all there to figure out what’s happening and devise a method to save us all.  Now here come the germ myths, especially the new fangled germ and disease myths now being tied to genetics and twisted pseudo-science re-creating Darwinian concepts on evolution.

There is a brilliant young UN scientist on board who is lecturing the military on how all this is happening.  He focuses on how mother nature is essentially out to kill us all by manufacturing pathogens, naturally through her loving grace of course, that cause her beautiful human creations to somehow loose their God given, all powerful life-force, which she initially decided to grant them, and fully skip her cycle of decay by re-animating dead tissue into the antithesis of life-force, which is somehow naturally stronger than her life-force with super-human powers and an extreme case of the munchies.  The logic?  Well, just like the folklore perpetuated about any other “viral” infection, this one wants to consume all and continue to spread, perpetuating itself.  Given the current level of germ-theory propaganda pushed by the pharmaceutical cartel over the past 100 years or so, this makes sense.  But now we have a new twist on the story.  Before, viruses could only destroy your bodily tissues, rob you of your vital life-force and kill you.  Now they can do all that and more!  After they kill you they can re-animate you in an instant to a leaping, devoid of life force killing machine that can run faster than a speeding bullet!  Seriously now, I need to go watchShawn of the Dead” one more time to regain my sanity!  Shawn suggests in that film we turn the Zombies into track stars.

So lets just buy this ridiculousness for another moment to continue.  The very smart UN scientist is saying mother nature is trying to decrease the ever increasing Human “infestation” of the Earth by providing this disease, which by Darwin’s rules of evolution, he believes, makes perfect sense.  This is the general UN party-line being taught to kids nowadays; Humans are a menacing scourge to mother Earth and should be eliminated, and apparently mother-nature agrees, which is why she invented the super-Zombie bug in the first place.  So they have to fly to Geneva where there is a UN lab housing a plethora of super-germs and vaccines.  Once there, they can rummage through other vials of mother-nature’s destructive forces to Humans, and come up with some method of destroying this particular Zombie version.  The Brad Pitt team find this out as they make a Pitt-Stop ( ha ha ) in Israel, because everyone knows Jews are very smart people, and because they are so smart they have built up a larger wall around the borders of their country with a foresight to the Zombie plague that no one else seemed to have.  Zombies now control all of the middle east, grumbling around the perimeters of the Israel wall, trying to figure out a way to consume yet even more Human-falafell.

Now this is where Braddie-boy’s character has his light-bulb-on-top-of-head realization…..BING!

Unfortunately, his presence in the holy land coincides with the demise of Israel.  Why?  Well mind you not by any fault of his goisha cup, but because Israel’s prime minister is very interested in saving as many uninfected people as possible.  So he show’s Brad how he lets people in for safe haven through a protected entrance.  The prime minister’s rationale for helping his neighbors is, “the more people we can save, the less Zombies we have to fight.”

The Muslim people the prime minister of Israel is allowing in are so happy to be out of danger, they start to sing praises to God.  Now, who among us doesn’t know that like Frankenstein, Zombies love singing?  Its just common knowledge.  Brad kind of knows this because he begins asking them to stop singing, but lo and behold, the singing is so good on the crappy and screechy microphones (apparently this is what the Zombies truly enjoy), that it gets their Zombie panties all in a dither , perking up their Zombie not alive spirits to succeed, strengthening their Zombie long-gone rigor mortis decrepit muscles to leap tall Israeli walls in a single bound, and to everyone’s horror, safe-haven Israel is soon to become the next Zombie buffet……..and its a yummy one!

Its a chaotic scene around Brad’s realization here, that in order for this sickness to spread, people have to be totally healthy………………..that’s right, I said totally healthy…………..    Just another “Inconvenient pseudo-truth?”  Wouldn’t be surprised if Al Gore himself came up with the idea.

Anyway, hundreds to thousands of Zombies are constantly running through this film, biting, eating and thus infecting otherwise quite healthy people, which Brad figures out is the main requirement.  If you’re sick in some way, be it common cold to cancer, they do a B-line around you like you don’t exist because apparently you wouldn’t taste good.  Nice that they have the courtesy not to knock you down though.  Even though you disgust their palates, no reason not to be polite.  Brad discovers at the end of the film that if he infects himself with some gross laboratory raised beasties, that he actually becomes invisible to the otherwise marauding Zombies, so the fact that they don’t just trample you under Zombie-foot, on their way to eat pure and healthy Miss America, is certainly a quandary in and of itself.  Brad goes on to cut off the hand of an Israeli soldier to prevent the infection, and she eventually becomes his travel partner to Geneva after they manage to fight their way to the airfield and get out of town as Israel sinks into Zombiehood.  He then intentionally crashes the plane he is on in the Swiss alps, because it too becomes infected with Zombies whom are working their way up from coach to eat the first class passengers.  There’s a witty joke in there that eludes me at present.  He survives the crash with a serious wound spiked through his left flank, and his Israeli companion, who now comes to his aid, is oddly enough the only other survivor.  They make their way to the Geneva lab on foot from the alps, Pitt bleeding all the way, and discover there the secret of becoming sick to avoid Zombie attacks.  He then rejoins his wife and daughters in safe-haven Nova Scotia, while scores of injectable pathogens are drop-lifted by helicopters all over the globe to protect people from Zombies and save the Human race.  End of story.


1.  The most basic of party-lines in Pharmaganda preys upon you, daily.

This is the notion that you are weak to the overwhelming forces of a dark microbial world which somehow doesn’t fit into the natural order of “things,” and is simply out there to, like the Zombies, EAT YOUR HEALTHY FLESH!  Pharmaganda will also insist that THIS is the natural order of things; that life is inherently a malicious predator, and civilization living within this structure will never be able to work around it.  There is always some Zombie like microbe, be it a bacteria, virus or whatever else can be concocted, that is lurking around the corner patiently waiting for its’ next healthy, poor unsuspecting and innocent victim.

This is the key piece of pharmaganda.  It is the cornerstone to ALL their fraud.  It must be swallowed by the world if they are to continue pulling mega-billions from a corrupted economic structure which holds them as one of its major structural pillars.  Of course they have to make you believe you are weak when in reality, you are healthy, vibrant and STRONG.  How else could they survive, selling your their lotions, pills and potions which protect you from all the Zombies out there, waiting to eat your healthy flesh? 

Let me assure you, this has never been, and never will be, the natural order of things.  Its’ all a load of crap, sold to the planet because it is the baseline propaganda which must be swallowed by the masses in order for them to buy every other piece of pharmagnda which is thrown at them, every moment of their lives, from every piece of media possible.

Einstein said this is most important question anyone could ever ask; “is this a friendly universe?”  Brilliant question.  Your answer depicts your beliefs and therefore, what you will attract to yourself all the days of your life.  A slave force of humans can never know their true magnificence and power, because if they ever find out who they truly are, then “weakling” becomes far less interesting for a life’s manifestation.  You are only the ignorant disempowered fool if you buy into the slave design pharmaganda continuously throws at you.


This is a highly cooperative, friendly universe.  Everything has its place in the natural, peaceful order of “things,” and you are a part of that natural, peaceful order.

Microbes…………………..true microbes, as opposed to manufactured microscopic monsters created by the military-pharma complex…………………..true microbes are as well, a peaceful natural part of an orderly universe.  Their primary job is to decompose dead, NON-LIVING organic matter into its basic components, and return it to the Earth.  From your physical bodies to every plant, worm and insect; when the vital life-force has exited from the organic matter which is originally from the Earth, microbes break down the now dead materials back into the varying carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen et al compounds, recycling these atoms back into the void of creation to be used…………….yet again.

Natural microbes have this function, and ONLY this function.  Manufactured microbes, with their scrambled genetics and toxic carrying agents, are not really microbes at all.  They are manufactured toxins, and yes, like any other poison known to organic material, these toxins have been designed to kill you, and they have become quite good at it.  These, and only these, are the true healthy flesh eating Zombies.

Unlike WW Z’s pharmaganda, naturally existing microbes will never attack a vital, healthy living being’s cellular structure.  If you are living in sub-standard conditions, both internally and emotionally, your inner hygiene decreases and thus your life force, and vitality decreases as well.  From this you get cellular and tissue death, with or without initial symptoms.  The more dead organic materials you have within, the more natural microbes will invade you to break it down.   It’s that simple.  Keeping yourself vital by living a healthy lifestyle; living in vital, healthy conditions, has always been the best medicine for keeping the doctor away.  Its a no-brainer.    So it would be far more accurate for these track-star Zombies to pounce down the sick and afflicted, just as other natural predators do in the jungle, and leave the rest of us vital and healthy beings alone.  Then we could dance with the Zombies, and they’d become our friends.

3. How do they release the toxic Zombies?

CHEMTRAILS:  Simply take a look up, will you?  Those cream colored puffy white streaks are not clouds.  They are filled with heavy metals, and God only knows what other crap they have designed to rein ( or rain ) havoc on our otherwise healthy bodies.

                           The result?

You and your kids get sore throats, fevers, stuffy noses, allergies, asthma, dermatitis, colds, flus, neuropathies, and cancers.  You run off to the doctors and of course, the hospitals and drug stores en masse.  But one thing you never do?  You never look up to see what has happened to your once beautiful blue sky.

TAP WATER:  You drink it, don’t you?  Even if its just the occasional sip from the gym’s water fountain, the cooking of your pasta, or the making of your tea.  You drink it.  This means you get whatever they see fit to place into it from the massive sodium fluoride tanks which are a integral part of every drinkable water supply in the USA.

JUNK FOODS AND DRINKS:  Low quality food and drink are loaded with an array of chemicals that create havoc with your immune system.  The list is so dense at times you need a chemistry degree ( no joke ), and a strong magnifying glass to understand it.  These “food additives,” which is the PC term for food toxins, are essentially salt, fat and sugar derivatives which create havoc with the bodies cells.  The salts tear apart cell membranes, the fats clog lymph and circulatory channels destroying the connective tissues, and the chemical sugars bind to neurological membranes in a way that creates addiction, cravings, weakness and fatigue.  Many of these substances don’t even have to be categorized in today’s junk food processing centers; they are simply included under the heading of “natural and artificial flavors and colors.”  Now that’s what I call poisoning!  The average person walking the street has an immune system that is perpetually exhausted, simply from dealing with this ingested crap on a daily basis.

AIR POLLUTION:  See CHEMTRAILS above.  Add to this category industrial pollutants in the average city.

I can go on here, but I’m sure the point is well taken.  Unfortunately I can probably think up another 12 categories, and perhaps you can cite another 22.  Lets simply move to this in conclusion;



Get involved with Chemtrail research in your local area and make some noise.


Stop eating and drinking all unnatural crap put out onto the market.  Insist on natural, wholesome food sources.  Drink only purified water and natural drinks from organic sources.


Stop aggressing on people.  Stop distrusting people.  Realize that we are all in the same boat and we need to cooperate with one another.  Realize that everyone needs love, support and appreciation.  If someone is too far gone into the worship of Big-Brother, forget them and move on.  Don’t try to convert the brain-washed.  There are plenty of us normal, good folks still around, and we need to band together to stand up to the fraud.

This is how good prevails.  This is how love prevails.  Because we take the time in our lives to remember what is truly important, and we discover that it always points back to love, and freedom.  Sometimes, we reach a critical point in human history whereas we discover the TRUE MEANING OF LOVE AND FREEDOM, by being forced to put down tyrants and other demons who are attempting to take love and freedom away from us all.

We are at this critical juncture in human history this very moment.

Dr. William Trebing:  12 September 2013: Greenwich Connecticut.