Andrew Wakefield was correct: Other Brave doctors stepping forward

The fact that the MMR vaccine causes Autism can not be disputed, anyone of sound mind understands this, regardless of the corporate media’s persistent spin on the topic.

It’s comical actually.

The brainwashed have a new cliche.  “It has been proven that vaccines have noting to do with Autism.  They discovered that this doctor fudged his data.”

Some years ago we made an application for our young daughter to a private school in Greenwich Connecticut.  The school once has a marvelous reputation, but as happens with many fine private schools, administrations and board members change, and we encountered a lot of deceit and new, more greedy behaviors due to these changes.  Their target families were now more procured for the numbers on their 1040 tax forms, rather than the fit of the child into their educational environment.  The school used to support the free choice of the parent, but now, we noticed not so much.

One of the new board members is a retired MD.  In emails going back and forth between myself and some other administrators, she discovered that our daughter was healthy and of course, unvaccinated.  She did some research on the web and of course, found little ol’ me and all my crazy ideas, blatantly out in the open in defiance to pharmaceutical oppression and tyranny.  Being far too much of a coward to face me, she goes for my wife;

“You know, that is a very dangerous stance your husband is taking.  Your daughter is at risk of developing a very serious disease.”

“Well,” my wife replied, “she is 7 and in great health.  She never gets cold or flus, and is free of allergies and lethargy.  And you know Autism has increased more than 500% in the past 20 years due to neurotoxins specifically in vaccines.”

“Oh that already been proven to be nonsense,” she interrupted.  ” Its been long proven that vaccines have absolutely nothing to do with Autism.”

The conversation, as you may imagine, did not go so well from this point forward.  I wrote this particular board member a few emails with a request for verification of the “proof” she was speaking to my wife about, because certainly after 30 or more years researching this material myself, I am not aware that any such “proof” exists.

Of course, she never replied.  They all simply shut up when you ask them to put their money where their mouths are.  Equally of course, our daughter was not selected for entrance in September, after being told by many other administrators that she was a perfect match.  This experience turned out to be serendipitous, since the public elementary school we were previously considering turned out to be a perfect match……and they respected our choice to not vaccinate; how about them apples?

Graham Ewing, a medical researcher and chief executive of Montague Healthcare, which promotes the use of new a diagnostic technology called “virtual scanning,” wrote a substantial report published in paperback as, “The Great Medical Controversy of Our Time: Why Vaccines MUST be implicated in the Occurrence of Regressive Autism.”

Get your copy here;

In this report, Ewing concludes that there is not only a connection between certain vaccines and Autism, but that the evidence is overwhelming.

He states that the ridiculously numerous vaccines given to a child before the age of one in the USA, 26 in minimum, and in the UK being 19, greatly affect the mechanisms that regulate the body’s basic functions, including both physiological and nervous system maintenance.  This breakdown of the nervous system and particularly, the liver, results in symptoms of regressive Autism, the type that suddenly arises in a child who was developing normally before the vaccines.

In particular, the nervous system of a young child is unable to deal with the heavy metals used in vaccines, and so they accumulate and become violently neurotoxic in a very short period of time.  What makes matters worse, is that these toxic chemicals directly shock the child’s body by being injected directly and suddenly into the bloodstream.  Regressive Autism, Ewing asserts, “is the inevitable consequence for many children.”

So when you meet one of these mind-controlled zombies that is insisting to you vaccines are safe and have been proven to NOT cause Autism, give them a piece of your mind with some true facts that go beyond what they just heard on Good-Morning America ( better named, LIGHTS-OUT AMERICA ! );

1.  Ask them to back up how they are sure there is research that proves Autism is not caused by vaccines.  Please post such evidence on this blog so I may tear it limb from limb for everyone……but I know you are not going to get any since anyone who says this has no idea what they are talking about.

2.  Many researchers, besides Ewing, have drawn similar conclusions, noting the OBVIOUS parallels between heavy metals in vaccines and the development of Autism, as well as other Autistic-spectrum disorders.  The references to these studies are included in Ewing’s text.

3.  Ewing notes in his report that the increase in the numbers of vaccines almost EXACTLY tracks the rise in cases of Autism, going as far back as the late 1960’s onward.

4.  Typical symptoms of regressive Autism are almost identical to those of Mercury Poisoning.  Thimerosal, a compound that contains Mercury, has been used for decades as a vaccine preservative.  Vaccines are so ridiculously VILE that without placing MERCURY in them, nature would degrade them almost immediately into dust by the natural decomposition processes of microbes.  The heavy metals act as a preservative, because they kill all microbial flora in the vaccine.  So now you are left with a toxic mixture of sewage and heavy metals, all to be injected directly into your child’s blood stream.

Folks, any alien species looking down and laughing at us for being this stupid, would surely believe we are not worthy of living on such a beautiful globe.  It’s high time to STOP being the laughing stock of the galaxy.

5.  Regressive Autism is often seen to onset at age 2 or 3, which coincides with the tailing off of the vaccine program after nearly 65 shots have been given!



HERE IS IT !!!!!!


and now I ask you……

Why, oh why, oh why, does my spell check always underline the word “unvaccinated” with the red line of being an unrecognizable adjective?


Dr. Wil Trebing:  The 2nd Full Moon of July, 2015

The Freaky Folly of Diagnosis

A patient walked in a few months ago complaining of a cough that was so non-stop, her ribs and throat ached and she told me, “she felt like she was dying.”

She went to her general MD who immediately diagnosed her with “WHOOPING COUGH.”

I mean, are you f-ing kidding me?  What ?

How about looking into more details before you jump to conclusions doctor?  This is precisely what MD’s are taught to do by their Pharmaceutical backed AND based schools of disease care.  Violent coughing for an extended period of time = WHOOPING COUGH;  Too many spots = MEASLES ; Run down, Tired and Gay = AIDS; The cookbook list is endless, and how convenient it is that each one of these cookbook diagnoses supports the fear-based Pharma-propaganda called the “Germ Theory.”  EVERYONE IS AT RISK, RUN AND GET YOUR SHOT !!!!!!

I mean please.  Entire populations throughout history have been labeled with a contagious epidemic of some shape or form as a scapegoat for what really happened to the people; they were POISONED, either slowly over time or in an instant, by some environmental toxin.  This toxin could have been placed there on purpose for population control, or for reasons of the area being a convenient dump site that some powerful corporation wanted to use to get rid of their toxic sludge.  The people around that area begin to die off, or get violently ill over time……….IT’S AN EPIDEMIC…..RUN FAST AND GET YOUR SHOTS !!!!!!

How ridiculous……

A large community in North Stamford Connecticut had an ovarian and breast cancer rate some 400 x that of the norm during the early 1990’s.  Many women died, and no one was asking any intelligent questions as to why this was happening so frequently in this part of Connecticut until a very smart lawyer who lived there as well, developed cancer.  Thankfully she survived, and discovered that a large portion of North Stamford was a toxic dump site for many corporations based in NY, who would dump truckloads of toxins in this area when it was nothing but acres of woods in the 1930’s and 40’s.  To this day, North Stamford real estate owners are at risk to having their home built on a secret toxic dump.

……and what do we have going on today?  Toxic aerosols being dumped on everyone through Chem-Trailing Tic-Tac-Toe that seems endless.  Barium, Aluminum and Mercury have been shown to be in these white mists several times over the past 2 decades, and they rain down upon us regularly.  People get sick all the time from these chemicals.  They believe they have “sinus-issues” or the flu, or in this case even Whooping cough……they get the most popular medical diagnosis of the week, and an array of drugs to boot.  The respiratory system in general and the lungs in specific, are particularly sensitive to these daily doses of toxins.

We don’t need their toxic vaccines to end this madness.  We need antidotes to the toxins and environmental pollution.

In the case of my patient, I put her on a lung cleanse program after discovering that her coughing was most likely due to being on dirt roads in Costa Rica during a two month surfing expedition.  She noticed she had a cough each day from the dust the cars would stir up.  Over the months she was there, it got slowly worse, until when she finally arrived back in the US, the body went into full-fledged ejection and purification mode to get this junk out of the lungs.  Whooping cough right?

I kept her on the steroid cough syrup which at this point was vitally necessary.  The cough was just wearing her out, and yes, your process of purification can kill you if your level of toxicity gets too overwhelming.  But I instructed her to get off all of the unnecessary levels of antibiotics which were further challenging her body, which had enough to deal with.  I put her on lung cleanse homeopathics and herbals, and she’s now fully recovered and doing quite well.  The stuff she spit up, oddly enough, looked like the dirt she recognized from the roads in Costa Rica.  How about that.



29 States have introduced legislation to end Vaccination Exemptions.  THE TIME TO MOBILIZE IS NOW!!!!!!

I only want to say for this post, ONE important statement:  Quote me and send it everywhere.

This is a issue of civil rights and freedom, far far more than it is an issue of supposed “public health,” as is being pushed on everyone by the pharma-controlled main-stream fascist media.  The arguments they are using center around “Measles Epidemics” being on the rise.  They blame this on groups of healthy unvaccinated people, that are somehow able to give people who have already been vaccinated for Measles the disease, even when the unvaccinated people do NOT HAVE THE MEASLES!

Welcome to the movie IDIOCRACY with Luke Wilson.

idocracytrl122309idiocracy-movie-poster-2006-1020445348We have arrived.  What was that book the Empress of Death Hillary Clinton wrote?  Oh yeah, “It Takes A Village.”  What she really meant to write was, “It Takes A Village Idiot,” and a WHOLE BUNCH OF THEM who are just too stupid and dumbed down by vaccines and toxic pollution to understand the basics of this common sense argument.  UNVACCINATED PEOPLE CANNOT GET VACCINATED PEOPLE SICK, ESPECIALLY IF THE UNVACCINATED PEOPLE ARE HEALTHY !  THERE IS NO ARGUMENT THEY CAN PRESENT THAT MAKES THIS STUPIDITY A REALITY.

But they will push this argument because they realize the masses have been idiocized, and no matter how illogical, the masses are too stupid to piece together enough common sense to break away from the nonsense they are told by multinational conglomerate companies which are controlling their every move.


IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO KEEP YOURSELF OR YOUR  CHILD FROM BEING INJECTED WITH TOXIC CHEMICALS, IT WILL BECOME PRETTY HARD TO DECIPHER WHAT RIGHTS YOU ACTUALLY DO HAVE…….and this will be just the beginning.  If people allow this level of tyranny in their lives, there will be no limits to what they will now to do us.


Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 12.51.09 PM




A very useful quote about the Mercury in Vaccines

If you inject thimerosal into an animal, its brain will sicken. If you apply it to living tissue, the cells die. If you put it in a petri dish the culture dies. Knowing these things, it would be shocking if one could inject it into an infant without causing damage.

Boyd Haley PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Chemistry, University of Kentucky.

California loses both Philosophical and Religious exemption to vaccines

I am reminded of the opening line stated by Rufus Scrimgeour in the final Harry Potter book;

“These are dark times, there is no denying. Our world has perhaps faced no greater threat than it does today….”

Dark times Indeed.

Scrimgeour goes on to assure his citizens that although there are dark forces lurking around to harm everyone, the ministry is strong and will continue to, “defend your liberty and repel the forces that seek to take it from you!”

He was killed shortly after this statement by Voldemort’s death eaters, who placed their puppet, Pias Thichnesse as the new Minister of Magic, and the dark forces thus controlled the governing of all things from that point.

Just another story told parallel to our present, real-life dilemma, here and now on this planet.  It would be nice if we had some magic wands to give us some hope of a fighting chance.  It would be wonderful if Batman was actually real, investigating the culprits behind these dark forces as they rape and pillage our homes, our environments, AND our bodies daily.  Perhaps a superhero will emerge at some point, but for now at least, it seems we have to get through this own our own, if we still can.  Winston Churchill once said that it is far better to choose to fight when there is slim chance to winning, then to be forced to fight when there is no chance at all.  There is still a chance to preserve freedom here, but the time for action and to be ALERT must be now.  A generalized apathy in the masses, due to a very calculated dumbing down protocol which has succeeded through vaccines, and atmospheric aerosols, makes this a very difficult task.

California’s fascist-puppet governor Jerry Brown signed into law SB277 just recently, which takes away both religious and philosophical exemptions to vaccination.  Just another step toward Big Brother reaching into your home and controlling your kids because of course, they know better than stupid old you.

This is very distressing news on many different levels, first and foremost being that people who are awake and not vaccine damaged, with their mental faculties still functioning with a core of common sense, need to further scramble and / or move out of California if they are to protect their children from an onslaught of neuro-toxic shots that we all know dumb down the brain, create learning challenges and Autistic spectrum disorders, and in some cases a very early death.  Dr. Tim O’Shea commented on his Facebook page, “The autistic leading the autistic. What a state.”

After watching this vaccination debacle take root and create ever increasing neurological disorders amongst our populous over the past 30 years, I have to agree.  There is hardly anywhere you go nowadays; the supermarket, a restaurant, the movies, Starbucks or simply walking down the street, where you DON’T see someone who has been affected by neuro-toxins in vaccines.  Some cases are obvious.  More cases are subtle.  Sometimes, you just see the blank look on the one year old’s face as the mother pushes the stroller while checking her text messages.  You get blank stares from teens and young adults who seem to be checked out in an odd way.  They just can’t connect or relate beyond the screen that is either on the wall, in their hand or on their wrist.  If you’ve lived as long as I have, you remember how friendly and personable people used to be, and you just wonder.  Is it the cell phones?  Looking down all the time, with a preoccupation to starring and constantly checking this little electronic box that seems to be everyone’s top priority?  How many people actually look at you anymore when you speak with them?  They’re certainly not looking up into the sky, to see the varying level of aerosols released by unmarked stealth planes in the US, now on a daily basis.  They think they’re clouds, or “con-trails,” because someone on their electronic boxes once said that’s what they were.  Not a problem, despite the fact that the sky is rarely blue anymore.  Everyone is too hypnotized to notice.  But what is in those aerosols?  They’ve already admitted that they are not “con-trails,” but rather part of a larger “geo-engineering project” which is top secret and so they say, “a matter or national security.”  Those aerosols have been proven to have levels of Aluminum and Barium toxic to not only organic life, but to the soil as well.  They render the soil incapable of growing food without genetically modified seeds made by a company called MONSANTO, who owns the patent.  From what I have seen, people care about what is in these daily sprayed overhead aerosols as much as they care about whats being injected directly into their blood streams through vaccines.  They don’t seem to mind it for their kids either.

Here is the name of the game: Overhead aerosols and vaccines.  They all contain toxic levels of heavy metals and an array of other neurotoxins that turn citizens into functional, compliant mind-controlled zombies given enough time.  The more they do it, the stupider people get and thus, the less they care.  The less they care, the more they do it to them, until what you have ultimately is a work force of mind-controlled pets, willing to serve the every need of the culprit.  

Many people ask, why are they doing this?  Isn’t the answer simple?  First and foremost, because they want to control and own everything, even YOU!  Secondly, 

THEY ARE DOING IT BECAUSE THEY CAN !!!!  After all, who’s going to stop them?  Certainly not the politicians whom they own, and certainly not a brain-damaged populous whom they now control.

Who knows what they’re dropping on us daily from the skies that affects our ability to reason and speak out.  One thing is for certain; as far as brain-washing and mass propaganda is concerned, these dark forces have it down pretty well, as most people tune into whatever news source they can easily find and believe everything they are told.  Not only that, if the new program tells them not to believe something, they will as well reject it without question if they hear it in public, and simply move on with their day.  So they’ve got us from what they are doing on the outside of our environments, but that does not seem to be enough to satisfy their agendas.  They as well, need to dumb us down by placing neuro-toxins directly into our blood flow; and 90% or more of people in the US volunteer for the injections which accomplish the task.

It’s my estimate that around 10 % of us form a critical mass of energetic awareness that has somehow resisted this brain-washing via chemical toxicity, within and without.  Our bodies and minds are far healthier than the masses, because we have chosen NOT to inject ourselves with heavy metals, varying neuro-toxins and other chemicals which any person of sound mind can clearly deduce from common sense, is just plain WRONG to be placed into the body, especially injected directly into the blood flow.  The dark forces have left us alone for a while, allowing us to manage the lives of our families around moronic / autistic laws which keep the masses in line through voluntary blood and neurological poisoning.  Now it seems, they want us just as moronic and autistic as everyone else……

I warned about this in my first edition of “Good-Bye Germ Theory,” way back in 1998.  They are now coming after the last vestige of full healthy people remaining on the planet; those of us who have refused their toxic external and internal chemicals for decades; those of us who have raised super-healthy unvaccinated children, who thrive with the light of natural forces in their eyes, with healthy immune systems not compromised by years of chemical toxicity.  We are the only TRUE PROOF existing to call on their fraud.  We are the unvaccinated, and we are far healthier than the general public who uses their toxic vaccines.  We know that.  They know that, which is precisely why they are now declaring war on us.  If we remain healthy without using their products, why should anyone use them?  If no one uses their products, especially vaccines, then the masses will begin to get smart and self-aware, once again.  They will begin to not be susceptible to their ongoing mind control techniques, once again.  The mass fog will lift, and people will begin to get very angry at gov’t and pharmaceutical companies for this mass fraud, and they will revolt against them, now woken up.  Most devastating to the dark forces will be their loss of power through loss of income, and loss of mind control.  Then humanity would start serving itself in a loving and harmonious way, once again, and they would not be in control.  In fact, we’d probably hunt them down, and throw them all in jail, charging many for manslaughter, genocide, infanticide and ongoing crimes against humanity.

Oh yeah, they’re coming after us.  If they want to keep in power, they have to.  As long as we remain healthy, strong and vital, we remove their pubic masks to show the demons they truly are.  Unvaccinated healthy people are very bad for the business of the dark forces.

I can not think of a better time to come together, all of us who are still awake and aware.  All of us who still consider ourselves free.  All of us who wish to fight for what few liberties we actually still have remaining.  If you do not have the liberty to prevent the state from injecting yourself, or your children, with toxic chemicals and heavy metals, what freedoms do you really have?


Forget trying to educate the brainwashed.  They are already too far gone and you are wasting your time.  The dark forces who are promoting these scam laws, these mandatory vaccine programs, these seemingly endless planes which fly through our skies spraying the white aerosols, want a compliant, dumbed down AUTISTIC society, unable to reason, form logical sentences, or think for themselves.  THEY WANT YOU COMPLIANT AND OBEDIENT.  When they show you a terrorist attack, they want you to pop up and go fight whomever they tell you to fight.  They are creating a super-STATE unlike anything else seen on Earth at any time in human history.  When they say put in the micro-chip and obey, they expect you to do it.  I estimate 20 to 30 more years of heavily vaccinating everyone and toxifying the environment is all they need to accomplish this.  If they pass laws to dwindle the awake down to 5 %, they have effectively dealt with the problem of exposing the truth because now everyone else, effectively made into a zombie, will attack us.


To eliminate our threat of the truth, they will begin by manufacturing a number of false-flag epidemics, and very intensely blame populations of unvaccinated people for the deaths these fake epidemics produce.  They will push it to the forefront of media coverage until everyone will question who is vaccinated and who is not.  They will be certain to report the deaths of many children from the epidemic in order to fire people up even more.  Ironic isn’t it?  The very thing they are doing to children, killing them and making them brain-damaged; they will use to blame the very people who are trying to expose them, who are actually trying to save children and society as a whole.  It will not matter that their arguments are not based in relevant, or even truthful, science.  It will not matter that their arguments make no sense, or may even seem to be non-sense, defying common sense.  People are too stupid at this point to understand the difference, no matter how logical your exposure of the truth may be.


But this is how is will all go down.  They will manufacture an epidemic.  They will manufacture dead children from that epidemic, and they will blame it all on unvaccinated people.  Case closed.

As ridiculous as this sounds to those of us who are still of sound mind, this will hold water, regardless of the fact that it is a scientifically ridiculous notion by their OWN CLAIM, that unvaccinated people can be a threat to vaccinated people, if their vaccines truly work!  But this won’t matter, because people by that time will be too stupid to understand anything other than what they are being told on TV.  As far as I can tell, this is the method that will be used to vilify unvaccinated children and adults;

The direct approach.  Just make up a bogus group of unvaccinated people who were living amongst the people who got sick.  They will be said to have some kind of “carrier” property that does not make them sick, just everyone else around them.  So even though they may be otherwise totally healthy, they somehow have the ability to transmit disease.  HUH ?  Well yeah it’s a stupid concept, but it will fly when explaining it this way to stupid people.  The entire thing can go down as a “Wag The Dog” phenomena ( Dustin Hoffman / Robert DiNero movie from the 90’s and a must see ), and will most likely be nothing but media created theater, with hired crisis actors and a list of unvaccinated people who do not even exist.

So the climate is ripe to be set for this, even now.  The less intelligent the mind-controlled masses become, the more emotionally reactive they become.  At this point, no one will be listening to the “facts” or to any notion of common sense or true science.  No one will care that it is impossible for healthy, unvaccinated  people to pass disease to people who are less healthy, despite already been vaccinated.  Society is dumbed down to react to the Pavlovian stimulus of the media, and when they say JUMP, these people most certainly will jump.

This will set the stage for fascist-state all encompassing vaccination laws passed not only on the state level, but as well on the federal, and they will include vaccination laws for children and adults.  You will now be like a dog or cat of the state; their pet.  A pet needs to get its shots, and you will not be allowed anywhere if your “chip” says you do not have your shots; no hotels, no airplanes, no restaurants…..nada !

Solutions, shy of leaving the pharma-controlled US military industrial all-consuming USA machine?

Dr. Tim O’shea goes over some on his facebook page for Californians, but they are not pretty.  His view, like mine, is that we are pretty much all screwed if these laws continue to be passed state by state.

Do you realize exactly what FASCISM means?  A Fascist Super-State, globally instituted, with them in control, is the end-game agenda of the power elite that own our politicians.

Fascism is defined as;

“an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.
• (in general use) extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practice.
The term Fascism was first used of the totalitarian right-wing nationalist regime of Mussolini in Italy (1922–43), and the regimes of the Nazis in Germany and Franco in Spain were also fascist. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one national or ethnic group, a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach.”

This is the type of fascism we learned in school, centering around Mussolini and Hitler and involving strong, egotistical and prejudicial nationalism.  It involved armies marching in the streets with nationalistic uniforms pointing guns in people’s faces.

The fascists of today however, hide themselves in dark windowed limousines and penthouses.  They went into hiding after WW II.  The direct approach of challenging the world didn’t work then.  They lost the war.  Now, 60 years later, they have traded their high boots and uniforms for $10,000 silk business suits.  They don’t need to control you by sending the gestapo to your door.  They get us to control one another through propaganda, toxification and the mind-control which follows.

Just take a look around you.  When was the last time a law was passed that actually gave you more liberty and freedoms?  The middle-class, which used to be the pounding heart of democracy and the work force of any healthy republic, is dwindling quicker and quicker into the void of poverty and state welfare.  Income becomes more polarized each year between the communities which continue to play the game and thrive, as most other communities which fall into bankruptcy.  A power elite class of those who are able to receive state allowed education, of state allowed information, is being molded into a power-elite class of a privileged few.   A global proletariat class is as well being molded, and we are only 20 to 30 years from this type of global society becoming a reality.  There will only be 2 classes of people, the proletariat who work for the power-elite, who work for individuals that control the globe, while no one ever sees them.

The true definition of today’s CORPORATE FASCISM, is when a few individuals, the top 1% of the world who control all the corporations and media, own puppet politicians and governors who offer the illusion of freedom to the rest of us.  In the long run, you either follow those illusions blindly or get taken out of line and shot in the street as a terrorist.


Let me ask you one of the most serious questions of this entire dissertation; if you don’t have the right to refuse the state from injecting your private body with toxic heavy metals and other toxic substances; directly into your blood flow!!!  If you don’t have the right to prevent this from happening, what rights do you have?

It has never ceased to amaze me, that people will blindly let themselves AND THEIR CHILDREN be injected with chemicals they know nothing about, trusting blindly in the person who is administering the shot.  Even if you read the packet insert, how do you really know what is in that shot?  How can you be sure they haven’t placed something in the shot to control you, or damage you in some way that benefits them?  Do you really believe they don’t have the resources to hide this, and do this right now?

Hey, why to you think these vaccination programs are being promoted with ALL TOP IMPORTANCE AND SPEED?!  Is is because they care about you and your family so much and want to protect you?  I don’t think anyone reading here believes that.  It is because they have an agenda to fulfill, and at the heart of that agenda is a plan to create an army of the brain impaired, who are easily susceptible to suggestion and mind-c0ntrol.

These vaccinations are set up in a very calculated way to destroy key areas of the brain and nervous system which deal with creative higher level thinking, reasoning, and compassion.  For all intents and purposes, this IS AUTISM.  An Autistic population, now being the normal for the new proletariat class, can be molded into any work-force or army the elite wants to mold them into, and for whatever purpose.  They are easily influenced by media and with enough flashing lights in front of them, will believe anything they are told to believe, and without question.

They are accomplishing this in a very sinister way this very day.  The people controlling the distribution of vaccinations at the pharma companies realize that certain populations are receiving more toxic vaccinations than other areas.  This is because they intentionally want to damage certain groups of children for the future, in certain ethnic and geographic groups, so they grow up to be their Autistic, brain-damaged minions.  Think this is science fiction?  Think again, because there is already proof; (2010)

Studies like this prove that there is a higher incidence of Autism in African American communities, specifically occurring amongst African American boys and men.

2014 Journal of Pediatrics right here in the USA;

Showed that Foreign born African males had a 75 % greater incidence of Autism when compared to US born whites.  In US born African American males, the incidence of Autism is higher 52% higher when compared to foreign born white males.  This pronounced difference is NOT SEEN IN ANY OTHER RACE CATEGORY!

2010 Journal of Toxicology, also right here in the USA;

Showed that African American males had 6 x greater chance of becoming Autistic from the Hep. B vaccine when compared to African American males that did not receive the shot.

…and they say there is proof that Autism is NOT caused by vaccines.  This is the first thing out of the brain-washed mouths when you attempt to tie any connection between Autism and vaccines today.  They mention Andrew Wakefield, say it was all nonsense and think nothing else of it….and why?  BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN CONDITIONED TO BELIEVE ON CNN, and they don’t question it.  You can place 100 good articles proving Autism is created by vaccines, and it won’t hold as much water as a minute interview on CNN saying the opposite.

They say this when there are still GOOD PEOPLE doing honest research to prove their fraud.  Yet still, no one listens because they don’t hear it on CNN.  People en masse have lost their ability to reason, and draw intelligent conclusions using common sense.

So this is why I say to you again, and I repeat this because it is a very important statement;


They are specifically targeting certain groups of people for either genocide or mind-control.  At the same time, they are giving other populations they wish to spare, and use for higher brain functioning tasks, doses which are far less toxic.  If you don’t think they know how to tweak the brew just right, to produce the perfect effect in whomever they inject it into, think again.  These are not vaccines they are giving.  They are specifically designed neurological manipulators, carefully designed over decades of abuse on the population through trial and error.  Now, they have it right, and will be pushing these vaccination programs like never before.


1.  Vaccination exemptions will come under attack in all states within the US.  Whether or not they survive will depend on the fortitude of people within that state and their organized level of civil disobedience, which MUST occur.  Pharma companies are the #1 political contribution machine, and your local politicians are no exception to this rule.  When the boss paying their big pay check cracks the whip, they will jump and ask how high to go.  You do not matter to your politicians, and you have to get that into your head.  Whatever can be done to convince these corrupt politicians to do the right thing and KEEP THE EXEMPTIONS, should be done.

2.  Hilary Clinton will become the next president of the US; the stage was set before Obama became president and the time is perfectly ripe for the featured demoness of death, Hilary Clinton, to now take full control.  Please do not be so naive to believe that your vote actually matters to change anything.  You only have the illusion of choice through voting; the entire system is rigged and both parties serve the same evil masters.  They only argue in front of you for entertainment.

3. Another false flag terrorist attack, this time on a scale much larger than 911, will devastate an American city.  Extreme group will be blamed in either Russia, China or the Muslim world, or a collective alliance between these countries.  This will prompt WW III around 2017.  It will most likely be prompted when the US dollar finally loses it’s status as the world’s reserve currency, and thusly, the US economy collapses from hyper-inflation that is a result of over-printing paper money for decades.

4. Truth seekers, and the last vestige of teachers and intelligent, compassionate human beings, will be silenced, hunted down and / or persecuted for stating the obvious; for both knowing and stating the truth about how all this came to be.

They are gearing up for another major world war, and they have set the tee’s up on the course for this a long time ago.  Clinton is a high satanic princess of doom, and has been groomed for this moment for decades.  She will oversee all the death and destruction this new war will bring.  The US is at it’s worst point in a financial and bankruptcy crisis, and will lose its only ability to keep alive by the rest of the world dropping the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency.  No more over-printing of the US dollar to get out of debt, and making other countries buy it.  This will be the real cause of war, as the other countries of the world try to free themselves from US imperialism and live on their own, with their own currencies as primary.  Of course, it will all be blamed on terrorism someplace else, and going around the globe destroying lives to protect our freedom; and once the economy crashes, and people are overloaded with emotions from the devastation of war, it will all be bought hook-line and sinker from an ever dumbed down, Autistic population who have become little less than mind-controlled slaves.  When the smoke finally clears from all the death and devastation to humankind, the masses will beg the power-elite to reform society, just to have a place to sleep and a morsel of food to eat.  And then, WELCOME TO A SOCIETY SIMILAR TO THE HUNGER GAMES.

Where it goes from there, God only knows.  I keep praying we can get out of this somehow……I keep praying for a miracle at this late juncture, that people can somehow, despite all the brain-washing and propaganda, wake up and realize the truth.  I have faith in Humanity: I always have.  I only hope enough of us who truly understand what Humanity and freedom means, are still around when push comes to shove, because I fear the bulk of humans living on this planet will have had their humanity vaccinated, AND AEROSOLED, out of them.

I am going to ask other Doctors, such as Dr. O’Shea, Dr. Tedd Koren, some Naturopaths and honest MD’s  I know, as well as some attorneys to post on this blog to help give some hope.  I pray that we can come together as a critical mass to stop this madness before the darkness indeed, envelopes us all.

Rev. Dr. William Trebing for the Church of Christ Consciousness