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The Freaky Folly of Diagnosis

A patient walked in a few months ago complaining of a cough that was so non-stop, her ribs and throat ached and she told me, “she felt like she was dying.”

She went to her general MD who immediately diagnosed her with “WHOOPING COUGH.”

I mean, are you f-ing kidding me?  What ?

How about looking into more details before you jump to conclusions doctor?  This is precisely what MD’s are taught to do by their Pharmaceutical backed AND based schools of disease care.  Violent coughing for an extended period of time = WHOOPING COUGH;  Too many spots = MEASLES ; Run down, Tired and Gay = AIDS; The cookbook list is endless, and how convenient it is that each one of these cookbook diagnoses supports the fear-based Pharma-propaganda called the “Germ Theory.”  EVERYONE IS AT RISK, RUN AND GET YOUR SHOT !!!!!!

I mean please.  Entire populations throughout history have been labeled with a contagious epidemic of some shape or form as a scapegoat for what really happened to the people; they were POISONED, either slowly over time or in an instant, by some environmental toxin.  This toxin could have been placed there on purpose for population control, or for reasons of the area being a convenient dump site that some powerful corporation wanted to use to get rid of their toxic sludge.  The people around that area begin to die off, or get violently ill over time……….IT’S AN EPIDEMIC…..RUN FAST AND GET YOUR SHOTS !!!!!!

How ridiculous……

A large community in North Stamford Connecticut had an ovarian and breast cancer rate some 400 x that of the norm during the early 1990’s.  Many women died, and no one was asking any intelligent questions as to why this was happening so frequently in this part of Connecticut until a very smart lawyer who lived there as well, developed cancer.  Thankfully she survived, and discovered that a large portion of North Stamford was a toxic dump site for many corporations based in NY, who would dump truckloads of toxins in this area when it was nothing but acres of woods in the 1930’s and 40’s.  To this day, North Stamford real estate owners are at risk to having their home built on a secret toxic dump.

……and what do we have going on today?  Toxic aerosols being dumped on everyone through Chem-Trailing Tic-Tac-Toe that seems endless.  Barium, Aluminum and Mercury have been shown to be in these white mists several times over the past 2 decades, and they rain down upon us regularly.  People get sick all the time from these chemicals.  They believe they have “sinus-issues” or the flu, or in this case even Whooping cough……they get the most popular medical diagnosis of the week, and an array of drugs to boot.  The respiratory system in general and the lungs in specific, are particularly sensitive to these daily doses of toxins.

We don’t need their toxic vaccines to end this madness.  We need antidotes to the toxins and environmental pollution.

In the case of my patient, I put her on a lung cleanse program after discovering that her coughing was most likely due to being on dirt roads in Costa Rica during a two month surfing expedition.  She noticed she had a cough each day from the dust the cars would stir up.  Over the months she was there, it got slowly worse, until when she finally arrived back in the US, the body went into full-fledged ejection and purification mode to get this junk out of the lungs.  Whooping cough right?

I kept her on the steroid cough syrup which at this point was vitally necessary.  The cough was just wearing her out, and yes, your process of purification can kill you if your level of toxicity gets too overwhelming.  But I instructed her to get off all of the unnecessary levels of antibiotics which were further challenging her body, which had enough to deal with.  I put her on lung cleanse homeopathics and herbals, and she’s now fully recovered and doing quite well.  The stuff she spit up, oddly enough, looked like the dirt she recognized from the roads in Costa Rica.  How about that.


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