CT STATE says: You can’t know what drugs influenced Adam Lanza

CT STATE says: You can’t know what drugs influenced Adam Lanza

Of course the government always has your best interest in mind, right ?  LOL !

Well after an array of curious and suspicious details began a continuous line of questions by well researched youtube documentaries, we continue to see government officials in Connecticut evading those very questions with every measure of deceit possible.  It is a well documented fact that Lanza was on psychotropic medications for an extended period of time, however the exact details of how much time and which medications are being withheld.  Why you may ask?  To be certain that others will keep taking their medications, according to CT asst. attorney general Patrick Kwanashie  He really used this excuse !

I guess its not important that EVERY SINGLE mass murdering shooter in the past 3 decades has been on some form of psychiatric drug.  You can verify these facts by viewing;


How is it a bad thing for the community if people stop taking psychiatric drugs that are tied in with enormous issues concerning public safety?  This is so much more important of a solution than gun control, because anyone who wants to commit a mass shooting, especially under the influence of these drugs, will find a way to do it regardless of laws.  Stricter and more oppressive gun laws for law abiding citizens simply means the victims have no way of protecting themselves from drugged up, psychiatric misfits that are allowed to walk amongst us.

Corporate media revenues collected from Pharma advertising exceeds 2.4 billion $$ annually, which is precisely why they choose to focus on gun control rather than anything connected with Pharmaceutical companies.

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Dr. Wil Trebing