The Council on Foreign Relations and the CDC continue their attack on us dirty Non-Vaccinators with more nonsense statistics

The Council on Foreign Relations and the CDC continue their attack on us dirty Non-Vaccinators with more nonsense statistics

Those of us in the know, are keen to all the junk-science and nonsensical reporting of disease that centers around government backed vaccination programs.  Here is the latest piece of propaganda that was just sent to me by a friend, put out by no other than the ever so trustworthy CDC and Council on Foreign Relations!  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………., you may as well just hire the wolves to administer medications to the chickens in the henhouse!  “So sorry Boss, but we ate all the chickens because they just weren’t healthy enough for laying eggs.”  The CDC and the CFR are littered with conflicts of interest, being comprised of board members from Pharmaceutical companies that make vaccines. You will NEVER see a statement, or study like this, come out from an private research company that has no ties to Big Pharma……NEVER !

……and here is why………

The map you will see from this latest sham can be challenged by some very simple questions.  First, take a look at it here:


1.  Confirm that the data compiled to make this research shows that the increase in disease rates mentioned actually occurred in NON-VACCINATED CHILDREN AND ADULTS.  I’ll bet my 35 plus years of research into this topic that the increased disease rates are amongst PEOPLE WHO HAVE ALREADY BEEN VACCINATED FOR THE DISEASE, OR AT LEAST PEOPLE WHO ARE PARTIALLY VACCINATED.  

2.  If non-vaccinated people did get ill with the mentioned diseases, I’ll bet everything that they are at most, a fraction of the % involved and that 80% or more were already vaccinated for the disease.

3.  Confirm the threat that a non-vaccinated person with NO symptoms has on a vaccinated one, and that if the assumption is that a non-vaccinated person with NO symptoms could cause a vaccinated person to get the disease they have been vaccinated for, then what good are the vaccines?

Fear is a slippery slope, and disease propaganda is aimed at scaring you into submission so that you’ll do exactly what you are told.  TAKE THE SHOT OR GET SICK!  Its plain and simple, and they’ll tell you this every time.  You are the chicken, and they are the wolves.  Don’t be dismayed by this fear-mongering.  Its an old, tried and true method of scaring the masses into submission.  Don’t be just another sheep!  Think for yourself and be logical with all this.

The CFR and the CDC have an agenda alright, created by this “think tank” of criminals they note in the article.  The “think tank” conjures up more charts and outright misinformation such as this, to get you back into the cage, and they will continue to ramp it up as more and more people wake up to their fraud.  They want a registry of all non-vaccinated people; they want to mark us with an X because we are all too healthy by refusing their junk-chemicals being injected into our bodies.  We walk around and actually think for ourselves, telling people the truth:  ” I have never taken a flu shot, and I never get the flu.  My kids have never been vaccinated for anything, and they’re super healthy.  They rarely get sick.”  Oh yeah, they want to know who we are alright……..we screw up their profits and by virtue of the fact that we walk around with our kids as healthy as we are, we are living evidence to their fraud.  They want a list of non-vaccinators so that they can one day manipulate that list, as well as finding ways to make that specific list sick and then blame it on not vaccinating.  Get real people.  Big Pharma has all the $$$, and they buy and sell politicians over lunch meetings.  The CDC and the CFR are their police dogs.

Sure, those disease rates may surely be rising, but its not from people avoiding their toxic vaccines.  Its because the people who’ve already taken the vaccines are more ill than ever before, with totally compromised immune systems that can no longer handle even the simplest of air borne bug.  Don’t fall for it.

This article also takes a stab at Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s 1998 research relating autism to MMR vaccines, stating that it was PROVEN to be fraudulent.  Dr. Wakefield’s research stands valid.  Every pro-vaccination zombie you meet today at the PTO meeting or the grocery store, is now using this false news report as ammunition to ridicule people who won’t drink the cool-aid.  Brain-washed school administrators have been insisting that parents now “listen to the sense” of the TV Newsman, and “do the right thing.”  Inject your kids to save the world!  After all, they have just proven Dr. Wakefield is a liar on national TV!

Understand this well.  This is just more propaganda set out to confuse you, and anything you see in the mainstream media, heavily controlled by $$$ from Big Pharma, is more than a fortnight from reliable.  Dr. Wakefield’s data and research still stand undisputed, and the allegations against him fudging his reports are false.  Do your research on the topic and listen to Dr. Wakefield’s responses to these allegations.  They went after Dr. Wakefield because his study has been a thorn in their side for over a decade, and they have grossly distorted the facts around his research to the point where they now say, “see, it was all bull-shit and that guy Wakefield is a liar.  Autism really has nothing to do with vaccines.”   Propaganda like this is just fuel for their zombies to intimidate the public, and you can expect to see more Mickey Mouse accusations such as this in the future.  They believe you to be stupid, without the ability to pull the facts together for yourself to make an educated decision beyond the emotional rampage they try to conjure up.  Prove them wrong.