The UnVaccinated can only help the Bubble-Woman or the Cancer Patient

So the great Halls of the Hartford State Capitol were once again filled, this time to the brim, with more than 3,200 citizens protesting an upcoming bill to be voted on, HB 5044, which would remove virtually any chance of avoiding toxic medical injections, AKA “vaccines,” if you want to attend a public school or college in the state of Connecticut.

Great lecturers inspired the crowds.  Honest (how about that) Lawyers and medical doctors gave testimonies on not only the dangers of the vaccine scourge, which has created Pandemic Autism and Neurological problems, but also on the constitutional violations thereof of denying people who oppose, ANY access of relief, separating them out from the entirety of their community education rights, and thus creating the next REAL FORM OF SEGREGATION in this country:  the “Anti-Vaxers,” who will simply NEVER comply to compulsory toxicity.  All this happens in our present-day, as we chant accolades of “freedom and equality for all !”  We wear rainbows and want gay marriage to be recognized….YAY FREEDOM!!!!  A little boy mistakes the girls room from the boys room, so the teacher noticing this places him in front of a “Maybe You Are Transgender” movie, because perhaps, the boy did this since he is really a “girl on the inside,” and he will like a “sex change” program that will offer him toxic chemicals to alter his biology, and mutilations which will help him masquerade as a girl….YAY FREEDOM!!!!  You are going to have a baby with a guy you are absolutely crazy about, but then he shows his true colors and gets someone else pregnant, and now wants to live with her instead of you.  You are now 8 months along and decide you want to kill (abort) the baby.  Some places in our country actually say this is perfectly legal and not murder, and call it “late-term abortion.”  Because after all, that perfectly healthy living being who can now survive outside the womb and independent of the mother, can be killed by the mother if she now decides it’s all just too much for her….YAY FREEDOM!!!!

However……………..Big pharma produces death after death, maim after maim, neurological disorder after neurological disorder, ON TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE GLOBALLY, PERSISTENTLY, by pushing decades of vaccines on the public through the law-makers in which they purchase.  You notice this as the satanic, black-magic childhood sacrifice that it truly is, so you decide to decline using these idiotic vaccines for yourself or your children, and you get told…..NO CAN DO JACK!!!!  NO FREEDOM FOR YOU!!!!  YOUR HEALTH IS WAY TOO DANGEROUS TO THE PUBLIC!!!!  One just sits back and wonders then;  our culture praises the rights of some women to commit infanticide, but it does not praise the rights of many, many other people who just wish to keep themselves, and their children, alive and healthy.  We live in a odd world indeed.  All these other notions must be FREE, except that guy over there who wants to avoid the toxic shot……GRAB HIM, WE’RE SO FREE WE WILL FORCE HIM TO GET THE SHOT!!!!  WE’RE SO FREE, FORGET ABOUT GOING TO SCHOOL ANYMORE UNLESS YOU TAKE THE SHOT!!!!

……………….what has happened to the world and which bizarro universe have I been transported to?

Okay, I am preaching to the choir here….it’s you guys after all, and you all know about the vaccine agenda, Nazi-pharma ties and fascism, genetic experimentation, mega-profit cash cows through vaccine-mandates for lawmakers who own their stock, and the pharmaceutical companies who own them through campaign contributions.  We also know, this entire global vaccine-induced neurological disease scourge is feeling like a global satanic childhood sacrifice campaign, AND WE DON’T WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN THAT!!!!

Nor do I want to be the blame of some poor women with a scarf on her head for the continuation of her disease process.  She is insisting this bill be passed, as I sit there feeling totally sorry for what she is going through, despite the pathetic testimony she is giving.  The bill just has to pass, taking away a person’s right to NOT be vaccinated, so that she can feel more safe in society, because she cannot get vaccines and unvaccinated people are “disease carriers,” despite the fact that they are persistently exuding excellent health.  Poor woman, I feel more sorry for her confused state of mind which very much is a symptom of chemotherapy (very true), because in all actuality the people she will most likely “catch a disease” from are the vaccinated ones who shed the vaccine-crap they have been loaded with.  Perhaps she as well received her cancer through one or a series of those very vaccines she still wants to receive.

Then her husband gives testimony; “If she dies because you people cannot do the right thing and make everyone get vaccinated, taking away all exemptions, then I will hold you personally responsible !”  Goodness, what a whack-job.  I know first hand what it is like to have a loved one with cancer.  Luckily I am a natural physician with global ties to many fantastic healing modalities, and by the grace of God healing occurred; but I know his stress, and can say with experience that if he wants his wife to get well, he needs to take more responsibility WITH HER on getting the true help she needs to get and stay healthy; pointing the fingers out at “anti-vaxers,” expecting us all to jump into the fire and burn to keep them both warm, is certainly not going to help either of them.  That kind of ridiculous attitude and belief makes you more ill.  A quite similar testimony was made by a woman who cannot produce sufficient antibodies, and she said she is quite scared of unvaccinated people, when we all know she should be afraid of the average vaccine dwelling zombie walking around at stop and shop.  I feel bad for the level of confusion these people are brainwashed to produce, if their testimonies are truly legitimate, and can’t help but wonder if they are pharma-plants among the multitudes who testified against the bill?

Then there are all the 3,195 others who gave glorious testimonies, mother, father and child!  Asking the lawmakers to do the right thing, let them keep their freedoms, and their health, and their friends/schools.  Let them keep their happy lives they have enjoyed being HEALTHY THROUGH KNOWING THE TRUTH, and never getting vaccinated.  Del Bigtree and Larry Palevsky, MD then gave powerful, information packed testimonies, and were both powerful and gracious.  Dr. Palevsky, in his usual Mr. Rogers feel and style, never misses a turn or a moment of truth to quickly respond back with, as some of the socialist-democratic pharma-puppets attempt to explain away his vast knowledge and truths with some of the most unoriginal, idiotic media memes I have ever witnessed; “We have toxins that we eat, breath in and drink every day.  From what I understand there are less in vaccines and people survive them every day…..”  What an idiot.  He at one point tried to convince Dr. Palevsky that the toxic substance “Glyphosate,” is survived by most of the population so vaccines should not be so bad.  Dr. Larry noted to this simpleton that Glyphosate has also been found in vaccines, and all the other chemicals in vaccines along with Glyphosate are injected directly into children bypassing proper immune channels.

All in all people today was a BIG WIN.  Keep your minds sharp.  Keep you connection to God close and keep asking for his help and grace to block this law from ever becoming a reality.  Keep your prayers and hearts pointed toward the light to continue dispelling this darkness.



Dr. William Trebing is a board certified Chiropractic Physician and Radiologist centered in Connecticut and South Carolina.  He has been in private practice for 35 years offering natural health care solutions and excellent Chiropractic adjustments, with a specialty in lower back and neck intervertebral disc repair.  He is an internationally renowned lecturer on the topics of spinal disc repair, disc radiography, natural health care, the fallacies of the germ theory and mandatory vaccination programs.  He completed his undergraduate and graduate work in Biology/Chemistry and Secondary Education at both Adelphi and Brown Universities, as well as his doctorate in Chiropractic from NY Chiropractic College.