Hitler and Goebbels laughing from the grave in delight: A propaganda dream come true!

Hitler and Goebbels laughing from the grave in delight: A propaganda dream come true!

Do you not see how history is repeating itself, right in front of our very eyes?

The primary piece of Propaganda:

Then:  German economic disaster is the fault of Jews and Communists infiltrating among the people.  They must be rounded up and confined.

Now:  US Economic disaster is the cause of a Viral microbe.  “Anti-vaxers,” “granola-moms,” natural-health practitioners, and all other MD, PhD. dissenters of the pharma-medical world are to blame.  They must be rounded up and confined.

Then:  Reichstag building was burned down by a communist with jewish influences:  Extreme Nationalism and banding together under one cause necessary: Eliminate anyone who thinks differently.  Amass Control.

Now:  Twin Towers go down:  Massive Viral epi and pandemics occur regularly.  World out of control.  Extreme Globalism and banding together under one cause necessary: Eliminate anyone who thinks differently.  Amass Control.








We’re in trouble folks, and it’s not from a virus.  It’s from a propaganda virus of the mind that will eventually eat away at your free lifestyle and all freedoms as we have known them.

Does it end now, or do we allow it to continue?

#Stayhome? Only Applies for Vulnerable and UNHEALTHY PEOPLE

#Stayhome? Only Applies for Vulnerable and UNHEALTHY PEOPLE

To be clear at first, this article was written by the Blogs owner and primary author:  Dr. William Trebing, Chiropractic Physician.

#Stayhome. It could save lives? A Challenge to provide proof of this claim for all, globally.  Lets see some proof, not conjecture.

This is obviously the popular slogan of the day. It’s becomes difficult, and quite a bit awkward socially, to steer around the emotion of such a statement trying to find its origins. 

We’ve had viral epidemics before. All of a sudden, this one claims the top of the killer list and gets the famed position in history of shutting down the entire planet…..professional sports, financial markets, concerts, theater…….et al ! But that’s not all; we now have to deal with the annoying hyper-concerned crisis actors on TV now telling us; “This is like 9-11, Things will never be the same.”

…..and to speak of calculated propaganda! Why the hell promote such a comment if an organized group of people were not trying to take advantage of it? How stupid people can be…….stimulating the collective Amygdala to couple our Human clan consciousness into hyperdrive, energetically tying this into the worst terrorist crisis of US history. That really fumes me because I knew people who died in those flames, as well as people who ran down the steps barely making it. The disrespect makes me want to puke. But I digress…….

#Stayhome : You mean people who are vulnerable to viruses in general, people who go out into public and regularly “catch” something which compromises their health? Yeah, when I attended Chiropractic school we certainly learned about all of them. They need to be quarantined. You also need to keep people away from them during a time such as this, because rightly so, we are all strong people who are passing the virus back and forth with our personal interactions. We are getting sniffles and coughs; we a a few of us, laid up in bed for a few days because we get a bad cold or a flu. But just like every time in history, we are strong and healthy so we get over it. But we keep these vulnerable persona safe by keeping them away from the workings of society.

#Stayhome : But now we have the evil COVID19, and somehow everything is different. Somehow, this is the Zombie apocalypse, and all the scientific rules have changes for procedure. For some reason, we are all afraid of dying from this one on mere contact, the mere presence alone of this monster drops us dead on sight.

How about I start a new # regarding this way of thinking?

It’s called


The Biological science we have always know, is that throughout history people need to KEEP THEIR LIVING CONDITIONS SANITARY, first and foremost of course, keep themse3lves healthy, and then pass the virus among the healthy members of society in order to develop a lasting immunity from it; a true immunity that renders this particular virus nonviable.

Here is what #Stayhome really means: It is an agenda tool for the weak mind, used to convince society that your biological instrument is no longer viable enough to sustain a healthy life without pharmaceutical aid. THAT’S IT PLAIN AND SIMPLE! #Stayhome is a global-scale B.F. Skinner mind-control experiment, and you are all the lab rats being shocked into submission.

#Stayhome : this experiment is training you to accept that you cannot live without pharma products, particularly pharma toxic vaccines. That you are not viable enough as you are without their products, especially vaccines. That for the rest of your natural days, you will need vaccines to live , just like you need water to live, and to think otherwise will become sacrilegious to the point of validating being burned at the stake for heresy. They are attempting to train the world subconsciously that healthy people can kill each other simply upon contact, AND A VIRUS WILL NEVER DO THIS.


When providing proof, please provide actual PROOF that #Stayhome is even a thing. Don’t provide folklore examples of the guy who had a party in Westport and now everyone is sick. What are they sick with? This story disappeared as soon as it was posted in media, and people have been getting sick spreading stuff around at parties for decades.

Regarding CORVID19 testing and sites: Are you not aware THAT 50% OR MORE OF US ARE GOING TO SHOW UP POSITIVE FOR COVID19 REGARDLESS OF SYMPTOMS OR NO SYMPTOMS? This is a pharma research scam that has been going on for decades as well. Do you realize how many asymptomatic people test positive for HIV and NEVER express AIDS? It happens frequently, and their answer? “Well it is laying in you dormant and will eventually kill you.” Thank goodness many of these people who get this result do not buy into their nonsense. They seek out natural help, they thrive and never think about it again.

The Same thing is happening here with COVID19, and will continue to happen now over the years this mind-control campaign is used for pharma-propaganda. I have already heard of numerous people who have tested positive for COVID19, and they are freaking out thinking they are going to die, although many of them have no to minimal symptoms. On any other day of the week, at any other time, they’d just think they had a cold. Now what will they do? Panic and run to the hospital when they develop a cough? Compete for the ventilator or hospital bed like they compete for toilet paper?

Folks, #Stayhome is mind-control. Think rationally, use your common-sense. Stop being afraid of each other, which is exactly what they want, backing up in fear 6 feet every time someone walks toward you saying “good-morning.”

They are attempting to change the way we naturally, and peacefully, lovingly, live with one another, by pushing the global “germaphobe” fear-mongering button to the full limit. From this will come a draconian pharma-WHO/CDC police STATE with regularly mandated shots simply to exist in society….much like your dog. Are you ready to be the PET of the new fascist global state? Don’t let them do it.

CORONAVIRUS: Retrovirus Fairy Tales: All One Need Do Is Deceive, Inveigle, & Obfuscate: Any Questions?

Retrovirus Fairy Tales: All One Need Do Is Deceive, Inveigle, & Obfuscate: Any Questions?

I’d like you to meet a few friends, a couple of HEROES to the American people, and the planet:  Dr. Joseph Sonnabend and Dr. Peter Duesberg.

Just why are these men so important to history?  Well besides the point that they’re getting much older ( like me ! ), what’s more significant is that YOU have never heard about them, and you probably never will.  These two gentlemen along with DOZENS of other doctors/researchers around the globe including one of the AIDS founders, Dr. Luc Montagnier, completely stopped AIDS fraud from proliferating into the debacle of lies it was surely heading for.  Oh sure, you still believe that HIV creates AIDS, don’t you?  Well it doesn’t, and it has been proven to HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH AIDS  many times over by researchers like these great heroes.

But does the “establishment” of growing medical government tell you this?  Why would they do that?  The bullshit story is out there, no one is going to stop you from spreading the lie, and you’ve just paid off a ton of other researchers to connect the dots of AIDS and HIV in just the profitable way you want.  You own the media, you own the politicians, you divide and scare the shit out of the population….what exactly is stopping you from spreading whatever bullshit story you desire for your own gain?


AIDS as a terrible disease has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with HIV.  This we have known for over 35 years.  But did you know that?  Does that doctor you see for antibiotics every two months, you know the professional looking one with the Gucci shoes and the stethoscope around his neck, know that?  Do any of your friends and family members know that?  Do any of the current politicians know that?  Do any of the college professors teaching our kids biology and microbiology, bother to know that?  Probably not a one.

You probably did not ever know that to this day, THERE IS NOT A SINGLE KEYNOTE STUDY LINKING AIDS TO HIV……NOT ONE!  This is what I get now when I type it into Google:You will certainly see some items there to dazzle the fool, like any street corner magician can do;  but this is NOT SCIENCE.  This is Conjecture:  This is Deception, and this is Obfuscation.

I was part of a lecture circuit 30 to 35 years ago which taught natural health and healing from a few different angles:  Nutrition, Organic and Biodynamic farming, natural health care, homeopathy and herbs.  Through my journeys at that time I met many great men and women, now older as am I, who stood to a standard of medical/scientific TRUTH whereas ALL DATA must be challenged and placed through strict methods of observation and analysis to be certain it was correct.  The profiteering, medical-cartel-fascist population has a different agenda in mind for you.  To them, you are chattel to be used as they please.  They only need scare the shit out of you just enough to get you to do whatever they want you to do.   AND ALAS, NOW WITH CORONAVIRUS, YOU ARE DOING IT ONCE AGAIN.

They’re back with more bullshit, and this time with a fervor.  They’ve let some time pass between Coronavirus and AIDS.  They’ve learned from their many many mistakes they made with the propaganda of that time, and now they feel emboldened because they have the tools of censorship, politicians, pseudo-scientists and an array of ways to control you with micro-wave technology you don’t even know about.

Did you know that the anxiety level of any given population can be turned up with the flip of a switch and a turn of the dial now?  Much like placing a piece of aluminum foil in a microwave oven?  You too, are now filled with nano-aluminum.  Who’s got the joystick anyway?……..but I digress………..

Here’s whats going to happen now with the “Coronavirus Pandemic” you can’t seem to get rid of every time you turn on the boob-tube;

  1. Statistics will be manipulated so that every common cold/flu with a cough and a Coronavirus lurking around, will become the Coronavirus scourge and immediately be placed into ICU.  You will be reminded of this every second of your existence.
  2. Thus Coronavirus will SOAR as the next new black plague, when all it is really doing is hanging around in the body cells doing absolutely NOTHING as it always has.  People get sick!  But they DO NOT get sick from this virus.  They get sick from their crappy lifestyles and dietary habits, as well as from an array of new environmental toxins we are assaulted with daily in the air, in our food, and in our water.
  3. A vaccine will most likely be mandated.
  4. New public restrictions and loss of travel/other basic freedoms will be taken away from YOU, all in the name of bogus “public health.”
  5. They will use this scam to pass more and more vaccine mandates unless more good people step up and call them out exposing the scam.

So regarding exposing this scam, it is far more difficult to do now than it was 35 years ago with AIDS.  Our heroes are in the baby boomer generation, and how easy it is to just let us die-out or be disregarded, because now we are just silly old people with old ideas.  Schools are not taught tenets of freedom anymore.  Oh, they are taught tenets of “equality,” but equality under fascist rule IS NOT FREEDOM.

There are many good people fighting this fight to this day, in many different generation younger than boomers; however with greater measures of censorship and technology to control them, as exist today right at the finger tips of those who own the technology, hearing the voice of truth becomes more and more of a challenge.

The war is on, and it is against us.  The revolution begins…………………………….




So the attack of the Germaphobes is upon us, and as usual I am going to preach to the choir here.

We’ve all seen cool Zombie movies.  I actually LOVE them!  The sheer ridiculous nature of most of them cracks me up to no end, but then again I am an intelligent person who understands Biology.  Not so with many other “citizens” of the planet.  My favorite Zombie Saga is the one with the guy “Murphy,” who is immune.  All the Zombies know he is immune and so, the essentially dance with him and don’t ever try to eat him.  I find this concept brilliant and completely hysterical for Zombie folklore.  I also completely enjoyed “shoot the Zombie” arcade games raising my son.  We’d spend an hour and several $$$$ in change for this one particular game, Resident Evil, in which a seemingly endless stream of Zombies would come at you.  The remedy?  I always told my son to shoot them in the head as anywhere else was a complete waste of ammo.  One shot in that brainless flesh eating head of theirs, and they are gone.  After a while though these games get monotonous because the Zombies never start coming.  This is why I like Murphy.  He just kicks up in a beach chair and hangs out with them as they eat everyone else.

What’s this all about anyway?  Well since I am preaching to the choir, those of us who are awake anyway and not readily available for what everyone else is doing, namely this;

….we all understand the danger of Germaphobes……like any other usefully controlled part of the citizenry, they form a MOB which demands RESULTS!  GIVE US THAT VACCINE NOW DUDE!  SAVE US!  You get enough of them chanting this, and their voices vomiting out F.E.A.R., along with an array of media handlers steering them in every which direction for their benefit, and they completely override any voice of logic and reason attempting to be heard, however faintly around the corner.  A lot like Zombie movies, isn’t it?  You have the evil corporations like the one in “Resident Evil,” who released the Zombie virus on the population in the first place, getting the Zombies to annihilate not only each other but any other dissident Humans who may know the truth, and preach other than the given narrative.  The similarities are actually uncanny.  A nuisance “virus” is created in a lab, wrecks havoc on the existing “normal” population, and the voice of reason has a very difficult time getting a word in edgewise because the sounds of the panic are overwhelming and louder than a foghorn.  Zombies running around doing the bidding of the masters, the creators of the Zombie apocalypse.  Nefarious, albeit brilliant way to take over the planet.  The perfect plan of a Nazi-Fascist minded, psychopathic super-genius.  Spread so much panic, that the Zombies eat all those who oppose of the propaganda narrative.  When the Nazi’s took over Germany and some neighboring countries, the first people shot were the intelligent/compassionate ones; the ones who opposed their evil regime and spoke out about their nonsense propaganda, blaming everything on the very groups that opposed them, allowing them to be rounded up and killed en masse.  This of course included Jews, businessmen, scientists, lawyers, doctors and other teachers.  Excuse me, but how is this any different?

So besides the complete BullShit that we all know this Coronavirus is, and the inconvenient and unnecessary pressures this is going to place on our lives, whats really going on here?  Lets spell it out stepwise;

  1.  Biology does NOT function in this way:  Micro-organisms are an integral part of your healthy every-day life.  At any given moment, the microbes within and INSIDE you outnumber your regular somatic cells BY 10 TIMES!  There is NO SUCH THING AS A VIRULENT MICROBIAL PATHOGEN.  Just does not exist.  RATHER, WHAT WE ARE DEALING WITH ARE VIRULENT LIVING CONDITIONS, VIRULENT SANITATION BOTH INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL, VIRULENT AIR, VIRULENT WATER, VIRULENT NON-FOODS AND VIRULENT STATES OF MENTAL ILLNESS.  You see, these items I have raised in capitol letters are the real issues, especially ubiquitous mental illness and paranoia which runs rampant and unchecked/untreated in today’s world.  Here is how God’s Biology really works.  Your body actually produces these microbes to assist in not only your immune response, but in tens of thousands of chemical reactions that occur in each body cell every second of the day.  You would instantly DROP DEAD in a millisecond without the help of microbes doing their arduous tasks within you.  Killing them off is an ANTI-BIOTIC or ANTI-LIFE approach, which is self defeating; it is like cutting off your nose to spite your face.  The PRO-BIOTIC approach, understanding LIFE, understanding LOVE, understanding the full commensalistic relationship between ALL LIVING THINGS on this planet, is the key to all our ails.  It is only when we start functioning with LIFE FORCE, and stop blocking it, that we will be saved as a species.
  2. The endless creation of vaccines and the continued mis-trust of biology:  Well of course you know this is the main agenda, right?  Let’s all go Anti-Biology, and anything goes in the process.  LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ infiltrating schools and the minds of young people, confusing their natural sexual urges and or confusing their natural sexual identification to an “anything goes” policy, steering them in directions they cannot possibly handle emotionally as a child.  Genetically engineered materials from fetal cells, injected directly into their blood streams, is one of the culprits for this confusion.  A complete misunderstanding on the nature of micro-organisms and biology is another big part of the problem, because if you do not understand nature, or biology, you do not understand yourself and how you fit into this temporary physical existence.  This is why my book is called, “Good-Bye Germ Theory,” and not “Don’t Vaccinate Your Kids,” because the ignorance of pure biology, and the mental illness which stems around believing you are something other than that, wrecks havoc on the society as a whole.  Vaccines weaken the immune response and INCREASE ALL DISEASE because the are foreign toxins attempting to alter the physical body into something that GOES AGAINST BIOLOGY.
  3. We are the Borg:  Essentially, we are dealing with a concept know for centuries as the “Lucifer Project.”  Why do I say centuries?  Well, is has been written in many ancient text and several scholarly texts on Mars Civilization, especially after discovering signs of previous life on Mars (Pyramids, Castles, other structures et al., running fresh water underground) that the Lucifer Project was the cause of that cultures demise.  The biblical concept of “Lucifer,” or “Satan,” is more an allegoric denial of Biology than anything else.  The Bible of course goes into depths to anthropomorphize  Biblical actors, such as God and Satan or the Devil.  But really they are allegories on being either PRO-BIOLOGY, therefore following God’s laws of how the Universe operates with commensalistic love and cooperation between all things, or ANTI-BIOLOGY, which is essentially believing that the MIND of MAN, with all its agendas, greeds and passions, along with the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE man creates, knows better.  This is essentially the prison cell they are attempting to close us into.A biologically controlled machine to be used as a slave drone.  They don’t care how long it takes them to accomplish this task, they only know they will stop at nothing to get it.  This is the essence of WW3, which we are now completely immersed in.
  4. The continuous insertion of biological weapons into the atmosphere we breathe daily.  Ever stop to think about how they get away with spraying these chemicals into the atmosphere daily, and globally?  It can not possible be completed with airplanes alone.  Some other global and controlled technology is at work that has yet to be disclosed.  They accomplish the symptoms they desire from whatever propaganda they are promoting at the moment, by continuously dropping this crap on us.  What is it?  Well the microbe part of this chem trail load are genetically engineered parasites, fungi, virus and bacteria designed as toxins to play havoc with the immune system and create ongoing symptoms with the sinuses, joints and respiratory tract.  Does the Coronavirus get included into this stash?  Well it doesn’t really matter.  They can make up any villain or ghost, place photos of it all over the media and scare the shit out of people telling them they are going to die if they come in contact with it.  Whatever engineered toxins are in these chem-trails then do the bidding.
  5. The Vaccine they create will cause the ultimate death toll and havoc of the propaganda campaign.  Oops sorry, he dies anyway?!  Well we tried to give him the vaccine as soon as possible but he must have consulted with a Granola Mom anti-vaxer first who convinced him to try natural methods first.  The Granola Mom thus killed him!  Jail and Kill all the Anti-Vaxers!  Line them up and shoot them.
  6. A tool / scale to determine just how many Zombies they have created.  How many people buy the narrative hook-line and sinker and panic, not able to listen to any voice of reason?  How many resist and understand their BS from the get-go (like us!)?  How many people are on-the-fence, in-between?  At this stage in the game this is useful information.
  7. The Creation of the Vaccine-Gestapo, and people demanding it.  You know how you are unable to take your Dog anywhere essentially, to be groomed, boarded or spayed/neutered unless you can prove you have had all “their shots?”  They want to same thing for every person walking the Earth.  They are wagging-the-dog right now with campaigns like CORONAVIRUS, which is only the beginning, to create a Zombie consciousness of UNYIELDING AND UNENDING CONTAGION and HUMAN WEAKNESS WITHOUT THEIR VACCINES.
  8. To Completely Crush the Anti-Vax movement, and make us all criminals.  I saw this day coming 20 years ago, and now my friends the day has come.  Too many sheep converted to thinking, awake Human Beings to challenge their agenda;  no no no no that can’t happen.  They want to not only silence us; they want to silence and incarcerate us as TERRORISTS, and use their Zombies to their full programmed capacity of helping them do all of this.
  9. This is not the endgame, but it is part of the ENDGAME:  It is my sincerest belief that this Coronavirus propaganda is a testing ground.  They need all their data for the test clear and pointing to a positive takeover before they pull “the big one” on us, which will make Coronavirus propaganda look like a day in the park.
  10. A great way to begin surveillance on the population en masse.
  11. A great way to COVER UP 5G health damage on the public.
  12. We on the side of TRUTH and LIGHT can still win:  First and foremost, because we have God and the light of truth on our side; we just have to get out of the panic, confusion and most of all F. E. A. R., and turn to the light continuously and daily in meditation to God, source, His natural Biology and Light.  You need to know beyond a shadow of a doubt, no matter how frightened you are because being scared is fine; but despit your F.E. A.R. or depression on whats happening, tune inward regularly and offer a positive outcome for the light TO THE LIGHT.  LIGHT ALWAYS DISPELS DARKNESS.  In all actuality, those who practice the dark arts are aware of this, which is exactly why THEY DAILY ATTACK WITH with F.E.A.R., because it is F. E. A. R. which destroys our power center in our solar plexus, it is F.E. A. R. which clouds our proper judgement and connection to the light, it is F. E. A. R. which blocks our power to destroy their darkness, and it is F. E. A. R which makes us forget all together that we have the support of the LIGHT OF CONSCIOUSNESS AT ALL TIMES IF WE ONLY TUNE INTO IT AND KNOW THAT WE ARE THAT.  They are trying to gain control of everyone, and to do that, they need to make you forget LOVE, and make you forget GOD, make you forget LIGHT, and make you default to darkness because you erroneously see no other way out.  Even if you die knowing the light of consciousness, knowing God, it is far better to remember God in death than to accept the darkness in life, because then you are not only a physical slave……you will become an endless energetic/spiritual slave as well……because they made you forget who you really are.  These are dark arts they are performing.  Dark spells over Humanity right now to disconnect us and have us join forces with Anti-Biology.   Part of the spell though, the only way it completely works, is if YOU GO ALONG WILLINGLY, IF YOU GIVE UP YOUR HEART WILLINGLY, and give into / follow their ways.  Part of the dark spells as well, is that THEY HAVE TO TELL YOU EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO YOU AND TO EVERYONE ELSE AND THE PLANET, and in so doing since you see it right in front of you after they tell you, and you do nothing about it, and you actually participate in it……you tacitly agree.  They do this in every aspect of media they are able, continuously.  They promote dark magic concepts of child-abuse and infanticide with saga’s like “The Hunger Games.”  They produce endless dark magic rituals in public such as the super-bowl half-time shows, and when people cheer and applaud, they tacitly agree to the subconscious (and of late fully conscious) levels of dark rituals occurring right in front of their faces, without any knowledge of what they are doing.  Wake up people.  Just wake up to the light.  We need 10% of mass consciousness to wake up to the LIGHT….JUST 10%, and we will be enough to carry the LIGHT through to an ultimate victory for Humanity, regardless of how long it will take us to save it.Dr. William Trebing is a board certified Chiropractic Physician and Radiologist centered in Connecticut and South Carolina.  He has been in private practice for 35 years offering natural health care solutions and excellent Chiropractic adjustments, with a specialty in lower back and neck intervertebral disc repair.  He is an internationally renowned lecturer on the topics of spinal disc repair, disc radiography, natural health care, the fallacies of the germ theory and mandatory vaccination programs.  He completed his undergraduate and graduate work in Biology/Chemistry and Secondary Education at both Adelphi and Brown Universities, as well as his doctorate in Chiropractic from NY Chiropractic College.

A Manufactured and Otherwise Intentionally Created Autistic Culture

A Manufactured and Otherwise Intentionally Created Autistic Culture

How can we not accept that Autism is a reality of our present culture?  It’s in our faces everywhere, especially since absolutely NOTHING is being done to prevent this pandemic, and why?  Popular culture, led by a self-serving propaganda media giants, don’t want to prevent it.  If they did, they’d be looking more seriously into the obvious effects mandated toxic vaccination programs have had on our culture over the past 4 decades.


More concerning yet is the ever-growing movement by Autistic people and their associated family members, that Autism is in fact a form of evolution for the Human species and not at all a neurological disorder.  When we finally tip the top of the bell curve over to more Autistic people on the planet than normally, healthy functioning neurological people, then all we have known as levels of comprehension, intelligence and spiritual insightfulness will abruptly be changed to Autistic dysfunction as the new “normal.”


I work with a popular Neurofeedback program to help bring young students with Autistic spectrum disorders in middle and high schools, back to more normal neurological patterns of functioning, more comprehension and greater intelligence on paper.  It is a very rewarding program and works in many cases for many young people, but it does not work in all cases.  It all depends on the level of damage to the nervous system to being destroyed by vaccines.  I do recommend that each parent cease all vaccines and give our program plus time a chance to help the nervous system heal and regroup.


In so doing I encounter a few parents I mention the program to, whom have this new deluded understanding that their child is somehow not compromised, completely normal as being Autistic and that somehow, this is part of the evolutionary process.  They are insulted to the assertion that my neurofeedback program, or any other program for that matter (even nutritional), is even necessary.  This is a very bad place for someone with Autistic challenges to be, because first of all they are swallowing a ton of fabrications purported by pop-culture, and this is an extremely dangerous scenario for them.  With this new type of understanding, nothing can help them recover because they believe nothing is wrong.


I do not agree with AUTISM ACCEPTANCE.  I agree with AUTISM AWARENESS, and making more people aware of why they or a child has become Autistic in the first place.  Why would anyone want to accept a pandemic level of neurological damage?  This completely and in in all other ways make no sense.  Up to this point, the pharmaceutical companies and government agencies which continue to create Autistic people, unwilling to do anything to remedy this situation, are completely to blame. Up to this point, they have the average person convinced that vaccines and Autism have absolutely NO CORRELATION; but as I have been saying all of my professional career, why be average?  The entire Anti-Vaccination movement has spun from witnesses of continuous, and undeniable, neurological assault on our children, and as a society we have reached a tipping point that I have seen coming for over 25 years.  The people of the pandemic now stand up with erroneous information to form their own culture of acceptance, built upon faulty premises that perhaps they are not a product of intentional harm…….but they are.  It might feel better momentarily to believe these ideas that Autism is completely normal, but it is delusion and self-defeating; not only for the people affected, but for the overall health of our group culture with a grossly deviated view on “NORMAL.”




This week there was a major disclosure for the anti-vaccination movement; a case in court where is was discovered that the all mighty CDC had NO PROOF ANYWHERE to bring to a conclusion the following statement:  “VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM.”   You would think by the way they discredit the anti-vax movement daily, that they would have a ton of research, articles, statements from professionals, to act as a guide for this claim, which they continuously spit out into the media, “VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM.”  But know what, as usual they are taking out of their asses.  They, and the lawmakers they buy,  just accept that the bulk of society buys their bullshit without question, which for the most part is true, and that’s all the proof they need.  No need to take the discussion any further or do any more analysis.  The emperor is wearing fine clothes even though he is sitting on the throne butt-ass naked.  To read more about this case, go here:


Further, for those of you who are not science minded, lets provide a bit more of a basic classroom.  The entire basis of a “vaccine“ is to provide an antigen reaction to stimulate supposed immunity. The term antigen simply means reactive substance in biochemistry. You can also call it a substrate. The original idea from Jonas Salk was to provide an antigen or substrate representing a particular disease to get the individual to produce preemptive immune responses, such as antibodies, in the case They encounter the issue to be better prepared to deal with it. This is a Great idea!  However, as many ideas in Science go, only a half truth unless you look into some more details. The basis of this is actually homeopathy; take a small portion of the toxin so you are better adapted to it into the future. I gave both my kids homeopathic immunizations, and never a medical vaccination . Vaccines contain a portion of what they believe creates any given disease in the form of a “virus“ or bacteria, and this serves as the primary antigen. They then goose it up with a ton of other toxic substances which destroy The nervous system, and they say they do this to “stimulate more antibody production“ and make the antigen more recognizable for an immune response. This is complete bullshit, because the toxic substances they put into the shot AND INJECT directly into the bloodstream, create an antigen reaction so extreme that It completely Exhausts the immune system, making your natural immunity non-functional to other diseases, and especially makes the body less effective in preventing cancers. On top of that, the extra toxic substances they place into a shot create a toxicity that directly attacks neurons and enables the toxins to pass through the blood brain barrier, and thus destroy brain cells.  HENCE, YOUR AUTISM PANDEMIC.  They’ve been doing this for decades, they are responsible for the autism, childhood cancer and learning challenge pandemic we now have as a direct result of this obvious neurological toxicity, and exposing this truth is the sole basis for the anti-vaccination movement. They are full of shit, we know they’re full of shit, they know they are full of shit, however they have money, power, guns, and legislators in their pocket and will stop at nothing to maintain this level of control over the population. Something this calculated is always intentional. The reason they have no documents or no research to demonstrate a dis-correlation between what they inject into children and the Autism pandemic, is because it doesn’t exist. We know it doesn’t exist, they know it doesn’t exist. This is all part of the fucking game, and it’s sickening because as we speak and debate back-and-forth levels of ridiculous semantics, more and more children become Autistic, sick, and brain-damaged when they would’ve otherwise had normal lives. The way they word many of their “studies“ is intentionally designed to confuse, and obfuscate the points.  Reading most of what they say is research supporting vaccines, if you have ever bothered to read it, boggles the mind; the more you read the more you know it is written as intentional gibberish, and when you look deeper into the “DATA” the provide, there is in most cases a level of chicanery involved in how they report it.  This case proves that, because believe me if they were truly confident about producing some hard evidence to support their claim that vaccines have nothing to do with Autism, they would blatantly put it out front and announce it over every media outlet they control.  Fact is, the do not have this proof in any form; they know it and are very careful about what they put out into the public.


Dr. William Trebing is a board certified Chiropractic Physician and Radiologist centered in Connecticut and South Carolina.  He has been in private practice for 35 years offering natural health care solutions and excellent Chiropractic adjustments, with a specialty in lower back and neck intervertebral disc repair.  He is an internationally renowned lecturer on the topics of spinal disc repair, disc radiography, natural health care, the fallacies of the germ theory and mandatory vaccination programs.  He completed his undergraduate and graduate work in Biology/Chemistry and Secondary Education at both Adelphi and Brown Universities, as well as his doctorate in Chiropractic from NY Chiropractic College.

CHEMTRAILS: Ever wonder what they’re doing to us?

CHEMTRAILS: Ever wonder what they’re doing to us?

Well watch this video on youtube before they take it off and you’ll get a good idea  of one agenda:

If after you watch, if you’d like something to do about it;

Dr. William Trebing is a board certified Chiropractic Physician and Radiologist centered in Connecticut and South Carolina.  He has been in private practice for 35 years offering natural health care solutions and excellent Chiropractic adjustments, with a specialty in lower back and neck intervertebral disc repair.  He is an internationally renowned lecturer on the topics of spinal disc repair, disc radiography, natural health care, the fallacies of the germ theory and mandatory vaccination programs.  He completed his undergraduate and graduate work in Biology/Chemistry and Secondary Education at both Adelphi and Brown Universities, as well as his doctorate in Chiropractic from NY Chiropractic College.

CORONAVIRUS: We know why it’s here, now how can you deal with it….12 things you can do to prepare

CORONAVIRUS: We know why it’s here, now how can you deal with it………..and simply go about your day in peace.  I’m not going to get into the political-nefarious facts of this issue, here I simply want to help you calm down and find some constructive things to do with your time to stimulate your PROTECTIVE IMMUNE RESPONSE, and CALM DOWN !  Here are 12 things you can do immediately.

So, here is the little manufactured beastie which is causing all the hysteria.  This article is simply a brief analysis/remedy to give peace of mind.


  1.  First and foremost, CALM DOWN !
  2. Do you smoke ANYTHING?  Do you do ANYTHING to weaken your respiratory system?  It would be a great idea to just stop doing that.
  3. Understand your IMMUNE SYSTEM.  If someone sneezes in your face or general direction who is sick, 95% of what they sneezed will not get inside of you anyway because of the most basic protections offered to you by your IMMUNITY.  Something like this is recognized by the body immediately as foreign and so long as your IMMUNITY is strong, white blood cells and antibodies will immediately be mobilized into action.
  4. CALM DOWN !
  5. Practice exceptional HYGIENE.  Take a daily shower.  If you are around people who are coughing and sneezing, then wash your hands every so often to feel a bit safer.
  6. Stop worrying about door handles and guard rails.  These viruses ARE DEAD ORGANIC MATTER WITH ABSOLUTELY NO LIFE!  This means they are essentially environmental toxins and toxic waste, and simple O2 oxidizes most of them to an inert status if someone just happens to sneeze them out.  So perhaps if someone sneezes on you do not immediately go and place that sneeze point on your body directly to your nose and breathe in deep.  Not a good idea.  Also do not lick the area on you that someone just sneezed on.  Also not a good idea.  Otherwise 95% of their sneeze is rendered inert shortly after it is sneezed, and for that other 5%?  Well go wash your hands and your clothes if it makes you feel better, but if your IMMUNE SYSTEM is healthy, it will handle that small amount from getting into your lungs or sinuses.  Governor Cuomo washing the city down with Lysol is pretty much the epitome of ridiculousness.  There is no research anywhere which states that viruses of any kind remain viable when sneezed onto a door handle or subway rail.
  7. If you are sick already, coughing and sneezing, stay at home and get better.  Otherwise people are most likely going to give you the death-look.  Stay home and have chicken soup and immune boosting mushrooms for a while.
  8. The thought of these beasties venturing into your respiratory system, and you immediately getting sick with the chance of dying, is a longshot.  This is what the media portrays daily.  Stop believing the propaganda and turn it all off.
  9. CALM DOWN !
  10. Take daily immune boosters:  I.E., as far as medicinal mushrooms are concerned:  CORDYCEPS, REISHI, KING TRUMPET, SHITAKE, LIONS MAINE, TURKEY TAIL:  Most of these things you can find online and some in combination with others.  They not only stimulate your own immunity to greater action but also act as detoxifies as well to kill toxins like viruses.  2 G Vit. C daily at a minimum.  Daily Echinacea herb as well as daily GOLDENSEAL herb in LIQUID FORM ONLY.  Daily Oreganol but only if you feel some symptoms, and add in elemental Silver as well in that case.  Lastly, daily Colostrum (or simply drink raw milk daily) and Nascent Iodine in liquid form.  COnsult a natural health care Physician to get on board with some products by Standard Process, namely:  Sinus Forte, Congaplex and Immuneplex I  and II.
  11. You can as well take a VERY STRONG DETOXIFIER and IMMUNE STIMULANT, which is simply elemental Boron, no more than 20 mg per day.  Boron as well has a ton of other health benefits for bone/muscle tissue, arthritis, and hormone balance.  Boron solutions you take daily in a liquid form can be easily make from a product called THREE MULE BORAX found in the laundry isle of the grocery store.  Go here to view an excellent video on how to prepare this simple miracle worker:       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXqlBVXUI98&pbjreload=10
  12. When they come up with a medical VACCINE for this issue…STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM IT !  It will most likely make you quite ill if not kill you.  Don’t go the way of Senator Peralta.


Dr. William Trebing is a board certified Chiropractic Physician and Radiologist centered in Connecticut and South Carolina.  He has been in private practice for 35 years offering natural health care solutions and excellent Chiropractic adjustments, with a specialty in lower back and neck intervertebral disc repair.  He is an internationally renowned lecturer on the topics of spinal disc repair, disc radiography, natural health care, the fallacies of the germ theory and mandatory vaccination programs.  He completed his undergraduate and graduate work in Biology/Chemistry and Secondary Education at both Adelphi and Brown Universities, as well as his doctorate in Chiropractic from NY Chiropractic College.