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CORONAVIRUS: Retrovirus Fairy Tales: All One Need Do Is Deceive, Inveigle, & Obfuscate: Any Questions?

Retrovirus Fairy Tales: All One Need Do Is Deceive, Inveigle, & Obfuscate: Any Questions?

I’d like you to meet a few friends, a couple of HEROES to the American people, and the planet:  Dr. Joseph Sonnabend and Dr. Peter Duesberg.

Just why are these men so important to history?  Well besides the point that they’re getting much older ( like me ! ), what’s more significant is that YOU have never heard about them, and you probably never will.  These two gentlemen along with DOZENS of other doctors/researchers around the globe including one of the AIDS founders, Dr. Luc Montagnier, completely stopped AIDS fraud from proliferating into the debacle of lies it was surely heading for.  Oh sure, you still believe that HIV creates AIDS, don’t you?  Well it doesn’t, and it has been proven to HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH AIDS  many times over by researchers like these great heroes.

But does the “establishment” of growing medical government tell you this?  Why would they do that?  The bullshit story is out there, no one is going to stop you from spreading the lie, and you’ve just paid off a ton of other researchers to connect the dots of AIDS and HIV in just the profitable way you want.  You own the media, you own the politicians, you divide and scare the shit out of the population….what exactly is stopping you from spreading whatever bullshit story you desire for your own gain?


AIDS as a terrible disease has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with HIV.  This we have known for over 35 years.  But did you know that?  Does that doctor you see for antibiotics every two months, you know the professional looking one with the Gucci shoes and the stethoscope around his neck, know that?  Do any of your friends and family members know that?  Do any of the current politicians know that?  Do any of the college professors teaching our kids biology and microbiology, bother to know that?  Probably not a one.

You probably did not ever know that to this day, THERE IS NOT A SINGLE KEYNOTE STUDY LINKING AIDS TO HIV……NOT ONE!  This is what I get now when I type it into Google:You will certainly see some items there to dazzle the fool, like any street corner magician can do;  but this is NOT SCIENCE.  This is Conjecture:  This is Deception, and this is Obfuscation.

I was part of a lecture circuit 30 to 35 years ago which taught natural health and healing from a few different angles:  Nutrition, Organic and Biodynamic farming, natural health care, homeopathy and herbs.  Through my journeys at that time I met many great men and women, now older as am I, who stood to a standard of medical/scientific TRUTH whereas ALL DATA must be challenged and placed through strict methods of observation and analysis to be certain it was correct.  The profiteering, medical-cartel-fascist population has a different agenda in mind for you.  To them, you are chattel to be used as they please.  They only need scare the shit out of you just enough to get you to do whatever they want you to do.   AND ALAS, NOW WITH CORONAVIRUS, YOU ARE DOING IT ONCE AGAIN.

They’re back with more bullshit, and this time with a fervor.  They’ve let some time pass between Coronavirus and AIDS.  They’ve learned from their many many mistakes they made with the propaganda of that time, and now they feel emboldened because they have the tools of censorship, politicians, pseudo-scientists and an array of ways to control you with micro-wave technology you don’t even know about.

Did you know that the anxiety level of any given population can be turned up with the flip of a switch and a turn of the dial now?  Much like placing a piece of aluminum foil in a microwave oven?  You too, are now filled with nano-aluminum.  Who’s got the joystick anyway?……..but I digress………..

Here’s whats going to happen now with the “Coronavirus Pandemic” you can’t seem to get rid of every time you turn on the boob-tube;

  1. Statistics will be manipulated so that every common cold/flu with a cough and a Coronavirus lurking around, will become the Coronavirus scourge and immediately be placed into ICU.  You will be reminded of this every second of your existence.
  2. Thus Coronavirus will SOAR as the next new black plague, when all it is really doing is hanging around in the body cells doing absolutely NOTHING as it always has.  People get sick!  But they DO NOT get sick from this virus.  They get sick from their crappy lifestyles and dietary habits, as well as from an array of new environmental toxins we are assaulted with daily in the air, in our food, and in our water.
  3. A vaccine will most likely be mandated.
  4. New public restrictions and loss of travel/other basic freedoms will be taken away from YOU, all in the name of bogus “public health.”
  5. They will use this scam to pass more and more vaccine mandates unless more good people step up and call them out exposing the scam.

So regarding exposing this scam, it is far more difficult to do now than it was 35 years ago with AIDS.  Our heroes are in the baby boomer generation, and how easy it is to just let us die-out or be disregarded, because now we are just silly old people with old ideas.  Schools are not taught tenets of freedom anymore.  Oh, they are taught tenets of “equality,” but equality under fascist rule IS NOT FREEDOM.

There are many good people fighting this fight to this day, in many different generation younger than boomers; however with greater measures of censorship and technology to control them, as exist today right at the finger tips of those who own the technology, hearing the voice of truth becomes more and more of a challenge.

The war is on, and it is against us.  The revolution begins…………………………….

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