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#Stayhome? Only Applies for Vulnerable and UNHEALTHY PEOPLE

#Stayhome? Only Applies for Vulnerable and UNHEALTHY PEOPLE

To be clear at first, this article was written by the Blogs owner and primary author:  Dr. William Trebing, Chiropractic Physician.

#Stayhome. It could save lives? A Challenge to provide proof of this claim for all, globally.  Lets see some proof, not conjecture.

This is obviously the popular slogan of the day. It’s becomes difficult, and quite a bit awkward socially, to steer around the emotion of such a statement trying to find its origins. 

We’ve had viral epidemics before. All of a sudden, this one claims the top of the killer list and gets the famed position in history of shutting down the entire planet…..professional sports, financial markets, concerts, theater…….et al ! But that’s not all; we now have to deal with the annoying hyper-concerned crisis actors on TV now telling us; “This is like 9-11, Things will never be the same.”

…..and to speak of calculated propaganda! Why the hell promote such a comment if an organized group of people were not trying to take advantage of it? How stupid people can be…….stimulating the collective Amygdala to couple our Human clan consciousness into hyperdrive, energetically tying this into the worst terrorist crisis of US history. That really fumes me because I knew people who died in those flames, as well as people who ran down the steps barely making it. The disrespect makes me want to puke. But I digress…….

#Stayhome : You mean people who are vulnerable to viruses in general, people who go out into public and regularly “catch” something which compromises their health? Yeah, when I attended Chiropractic school we certainly learned about all of them. They need to be quarantined. You also need to keep people away from them during a time such as this, because rightly so, we are all strong people who are passing the virus back and forth with our personal interactions. We are getting sniffles and coughs; we a a few of us, laid up in bed for a few days because we get a bad cold or a flu. But just like every time in history, we are strong and healthy so we get over it. But we keep these vulnerable persona safe by keeping them away from the workings of society.

#Stayhome : But now we have the evil COVID19, and somehow everything is different. Somehow, this is the Zombie apocalypse, and all the scientific rules have changes for procedure. For some reason, we are all afraid of dying from this one on mere contact, the mere presence alone of this monster drops us dead on sight.

How about I start a new # regarding this way of thinking?

It’s called


The Biological science we have always know, is that throughout history people need to KEEP THEIR LIVING CONDITIONS SANITARY, first and foremost of course, keep themse3lves healthy, and then pass the virus among the healthy members of society in order to develop a lasting immunity from it; a true immunity that renders this particular virus nonviable.

Here is what #Stayhome really means: It is an agenda tool for the weak mind, used to convince society that your biological instrument is no longer viable enough to sustain a healthy life without pharmaceutical aid. THAT’S IT PLAIN AND SIMPLE! #Stayhome is a global-scale B.F. Skinner mind-control experiment, and you are all the lab rats being shocked into submission.

#Stayhome : this experiment is training you to accept that you cannot live without pharma products, particularly pharma toxic vaccines. That you are not viable enough as you are without their products, especially vaccines. That for the rest of your natural days, you will need vaccines to live , just like you need water to live, and to think otherwise will become sacrilegious to the point of validating being burned at the stake for heresy. They are attempting to train the world subconsciously that healthy people can kill each other simply upon contact, AND A VIRUS WILL NEVER DO THIS.


When providing proof, please provide actual PROOF that #Stayhome is even a thing. Don’t provide folklore examples of the guy who had a party in Westport and now everyone is sick. What are they sick with? This story disappeared as soon as it was posted in media, and people have been getting sick spreading stuff around at parties for decades.

Regarding CORVID19 testing and sites: Are you not aware THAT 50% OR MORE OF US ARE GOING TO SHOW UP POSITIVE FOR COVID19 REGARDLESS OF SYMPTOMS OR NO SYMPTOMS? This is a pharma research scam that has been going on for decades as well. Do you realize how many asymptomatic people test positive for HIV and NEVER express AIDS? It happens frequently, and their answer? “Well it is laying in you dormant and will eventually kill you.” Thank goodness many of these people who get this result do not buy into their nonsense. They seek out natural help, they thrive and never think about it again.

The Same thing is happening here with COVID19, and will continue to happen now over the years this mind-control campaign is used for pharma-propaganda. I have already heard of numerous people who have tested positive for COVID19, and they are freaking out thinking they are going to die, although many of them have no to minimal symptoms. On any other day of the week, at any other time, they’d just think they had a cold. Now what will they do? Panic and run to the hospital when they develop a cough? Compete for the ventilator or hospital bed like they compete for toilet paper?

Folks, #Stayhome is mind-control. Think rationally, use your common-sense. Stop being afraid of each other, which is exactly what they want, backing up in fear 6 feet every time someone walks toward you saying “good-morning.”

They are attempting to change the way we naturally, and peacefully, lovingly, live with one another, by pushing the global “germaphobe” fear-mongering button to the full limit. From this will come a draconian pharma-WHO/CDC police STATE with regularly mandated shots simply to exist in society….much like your dog. Are you ready to be the PET of the new fascist global state? Don’t let them do it.

2 thoughts on “#Stayhome? Only Applies for Vulnerable and UNHEALTHY PEOPLE

  1. It is surreal that a scant few months ago if a person felt good and showed no symptoms of any disease he or she was generally viewed by the public as healthy. Now, even if a person feels wonderful and has no symptoms of disease, he or she is viewed by many, if not most, as a potential carrier of a pandemic disease that could kill hundreds, if not millions and maybe even decimate an entire country. And all the “healthy” carrier has to do was go out in public, breathe, and touch a few things.

    This entire shutdown affair, and the public reaction to the obviously-manufactured fear and increasing societal controls, has put a crimp in my normally optimistic view of the future for humanity.

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