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I’ve been writing short snipets on how to communicate with COVID19 troopers and others indoctrinated into the matrix:

I’ve been talking about a BIG PHARMA take-over of your body for two decades, and this is their end game. They’ll do whatever they can to accomplish this goal and if we somehow thwart their efforts with CV19-Scamdemic, they will find another way to do it. They just keep coming at us for their agenda of taking over the planet and enslaving humankind.

It will be difficult enough to dodge the coming “vaccine-gestapo” with Trump in a second term, but at least it will be doable. If he does not win re-election by some slight of hand scam of voting, then our lives will become exceedingly more complicated for quite sometime.

MASKS are nothing more than indoctrination into the MEDICAL RELIGION, and faith in their TOXIC SERUMS. Believe in the religion, take the serum into your body (the true mark of the beast), and you are absolved to go on living your life; whatever quality of life you have after they have poisoned both your body and mind.

First we have the masks: Mine protects you, yours protects me. Then we will have the toxic vaccines. Mine protects you, yours protects me. No one listening to a word about natural healing methods, natural and long lasting immunity and what to do to obtain super health. All they are talking about is all the shots everyone needs to receive, and BY LAW if you want to be counted as a person again and be allowed to work and come out of the house.

Then, they will go after all the natural sciences and schools of healing, systematically closing them down. Then they will go after free speech and education on natural healing with sanctions like never before, including jail time.

Trump better win, then at least we will have another 4 years to contemplate what to do and come up with another plan after that. This is ongoing. It has been ongoing, a cat and mouse game of naturally healthy people running from the BORG in an attempt to not get assimilated into medical zombieism.

Dr. William Trebing is a board certified Chiropractic Physician with a specialty in Neurology and Radiology, centered in Connecticut and South Carolina.  He has been in private practice for 38 years offering natural health care solutions and excellent Chiropractic adjustments, with a specialty in lower back and neck intervertebral disc repair, as well as Brain-Training Neurofeedback.  He is an internationally renowned lecturer on the topics of spinal disc repair, disc radiography, natural health care, the fallacies of the germ theory and mandatory vaccination programs.  He is also the author of the popular book, “Good-Bye Germ Theory.”  He completed his undergraduate and graduate work in Biology/Chemistry and Secondary Education at both Adelphi and Brown Universities, as well as his doctorate in Chiropractic from NY Chiropractic College.

Are We Feeling Set Up Yet? How much longer will we be able to use this truthful language against masks and vaccines?

Are We Feeling Set Up Yet? How much longer will we be able to use this truthful language against masks and vaccines?

I watched Tucker Carlson’s 16 minute piece last evening………….then it hit me.  Holy shit!  Are we being played here yet again?

From what was a completely laughable concept of a Joe Biden “presidency” back in February, I have been snapped into the reality of a possible Joe Biden puppet communist “presidency” after I heard him speak.

What will ensure Trump’s victory in November?  If he seriously begins kicking some ASS of liberal concepts, and he has to do it not even today, but yesterday.  “Sitting around and waiting to see what happens?”  WTF is that ?!  Allow violence and depopulating police forces to proliferate through the country?  Allowing domestic terrorist groups to occupy city blocks in Seattle?  Even for a day?  NO!  Uprisings on national levels require a strong response from the National Guard to protect American lives and businesses, what Trump SHOULD be doing.  He should be turning UP the volume on a well deserved ASS-KICKING of liberal protestors that he is simply NOT DOING!  Why ?!  Poll numbers decreasing are a result of Trump now appearing weak, and to me, this makes no sense whatsoever and is uncharacteristic for the Trump we know who is now appearing to cower before the very forces he has vowed to protect us from.  Thusly, I am beginning to feel VERY PLAYED HERE !

We all get corralled into one corner cheering with Del BigTree and other Truth seekers who are still allowed to actually tell the truth on the web.  Trump has been the leader and hope of the Truth movement to some extent.  He has poised himself as an opposite force to the Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci’s and George Soro’s of the world, and that has giving us some peace and faith that some good actually still exists here to fight the evil.  But if Trump backs off his tough-guy stance to evil even just a little, trying to play both ends….He…..and WE THE PEOPLE, are fucked.

SAY GOOD-BYE TO ANY HOPE OF BLOCKING THE ADULT VACCINATION CARD GLOBALLY IF TRUMP IS NOT RE-ELECTED!  Then Joe Biden goes to take a nap, and Bill Gates/George Soros become your emperors, and all their minions will wreck complete HAVOC with your life and the lives of your children.  Say Good-Bye to doing ANYTHING in your life without receiving the full compliment of vaccines they dish out if these democrats win.

My prayers rest on Trump doing something to stand up and show his nuts, and soon !

I have been writing extensively on FB about proper language for avoiding both ridiculous mask wearing, as well as fighting mandatory vaccines.  For now, we can use this language successfully to brush the mind-controlled germ/vaccine zombies away from ruining our lives; but if Trump looses, sooner than later my entire site will become illegal, and using language such as this will as well be deemed a public threat and then simply by using this language, WE who use it will become the new domestic terrorists. If these democrats take over, there will soon be nothing left of the once great American life we of all races have come to love and cherish.

For Mask-Zombies:  Use the following language:

The proper RETORT for ths BS MEME: “My mask protects you, your mask protects me.”

“Excuse me madame (sir), but you are incorrect. Your mask does not protect you nor me. In fact that mask you are wearing is a complete waste of time proven with real science, not the fake science which you adhere to. You are as well to be cautioned because you are inhaling your own CO2 and CO (carbon monoxide) which is toxic to your blood over the extended periods of time in which you wear that mask. You are definitely doing more harm to yourself by wearing it and actually you are decreasing your own bodies capacity to fight germs due to the deoxygenation you are experiencing daily. A properly functioning immune system needs both oxygen and sunshine. Now since you are speaking about me, I have devoted my lifetime to a study of health maintenance, so I know what to do to keep myself not only germ free, flu free, cold free and Covid free; I know how to enable the varying microbes ubiquitous to my body through proper lifestyle and diet, so that they continuously work for my good and well being, and NOT my demise. I do not need to wear a mask because I am not sick. If you can get sick from being around a completely healthy person, I am sorry to hear that, but IT IS NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY to wear a ridiculous mask to make you feel better, when you have not taken the proper steps within your lifetime to protect yourself by building a strong body and a strong immune system. NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY AT ALL ! If you are at risk by being around healthy people, you should stay AT HOME UNTIL YOU TAKE MEASURES TO GET STRONGER, instead of running around town with a mask on insisting all others do as you do because of your lifetime of negligence. Thanks and have a nice day (or simply say fuck-off whatever is appropriate).”

For Mandatory Adult-Vaccine zombies:  Use the following language:

Use the retort I gave for masks for the upcoming vaccine argument: because soon it’s going to be,

“my vaccine protects you, your vaccine protects me.“

Of course we knew this is where it was all going. But it’s the same educated retort;

“ I don’t believe in your junk science. I’ve spent a lifetime keeping myself healthy so I don’t need your crappy vaccines Which are toxic and create more illness. You’ve spent a lifetime making yourself sick and destroying your immune system By eating a crappy diet, or otherwise doing things to yourself, your body, and mind that has made your immune system suck. I don’t care if you think you’re the healthiest person on the planet, if you’re relying on medical vaccines, clearly you are not, because I can rely on my immune system to keep me healthy from not only these idiotic viral diseases, but also chronic diseases like cancer.  So if you need them, God bless you, but if you’re basing your whole argument that I need to get a vaccine to protect you because you fucked up in life on your health, that’s like saying I have to jump into the fireplace to keep you warm. How about you just stay in the house until you get healthy enough to go out and be amongst all the other healthy unvaccinated people, that’s the best plan.

Oh and one more thing……

……..fuck off!”😀”

Let’s keep praying Gates and Soros, the representations of pure evil, don’t come to power here.  Let’s keep praying the light prevails.

African American Males Targeted for Autism: Since Racism is such a hot topic lets dive fully in shall we?

African American Males Targeted for Autism: Since Racism is such a hot topic lets dive fully in shall we?

Since 2014 there have been some odd circumstances/reports centered around an almost 4x greater incidence of Autism among African American Males, when compared to males of other races.

Hey, the name of my blog is Say No To Vaccines, so you are going to get this kind of thinking here.  Since I began this journey nearly 40 years ago, I have had this sneaking suspicion that certain ethnic groups could be targeted for more disease, and more neurological damage resulting in Autism and the varying spectrum disorders.

One of the biggest question I have always asked people to ponder is……..HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT EXACTLY IS IN THAT SHOT YOU SO EAGERLY, FREELY, FAITHFULLY AND TRUSTWORTHINGLY INJECT INTO YOUR CHILDREN?  The bottom line answer is…..YOU DON’T KNOW WHATS IN IT….and even if you did, you could not pronounce more than half of the ingredients nor would you understand what they are doing scientifically in the vaccine.  You are moving on trust; trust of your doctor who administers the vaccine and trust of the government who mandates it.  This leaves the door open for trickery that not only cost lives, but create lives disadvantaged by neurological disorders.

Vaccine enthusiasts have long stated that Autism and other neurological problems cannot be the result of vaccines because not everyone who receives the SAME vaccine, gets ill or develops chronic long term issues.  Pro-vaxers say this is all the proof they need to point the blame of these disorders to another mechanism.  But hold on there pro-vaxers!  You are assuming that ALL people and kids get the exact same MMR vaccine.  But what if they didn’t?  What if certain populations of people were given more toxic vaccines on purpose to create an intended higher level of these disorders?  What if they really knew the vaccine was worthless anyway, so they could also give other populations a saline solution called a vaccine, which creates no side effects whatsoever.  This being the case you could target disease rates in certain populations over time.  Don’t think the pharmaceutical companies are up for sale to target in this way, when being told to do so by a mega-spending Bill Gates and the likes of other billionaires attempting to take-over the planet?  I totally would NOT put this past them.

Over time since 2010 there had been talk of African American males being targets for higher Autism rates.  Here are some articles to read to draw your own conclusions.

CDC whistleblower: ‘MMR vaccine causes autism in black males’

How Many African-American Boys Have Autism as a Result of the CDC’s Lies?

ADHD Wars Against Black Boys: Dr. Umar Johnson Details How To Combat Misdiagnosis Of The Learning Disorder




Am I just stating the obvious here with this title?  Yes.  This is a time-old rouse and play.  Protestors/Proletariat are USED throughout history by stealth organizers of the Bourgeois.

I was at the protest in Stamford Connecticut yesterday, first and foremost as papa-bear because I knew my 18 year old daughter was in the center of it…..but as well just out of curiosity for who was behind the rebel rousing. Guess who?

Well you’ve probably already guessed it is the Democratic National Party, aka the new American Communist party.

Throughout history, Proletariat have always been USED by the Bourgeois to advance their agendas, and of course this scenario is no different.

As I funneled through the crowd, I saw several white and tattooed millennials moving through the crowd targeting ONLY the black population to attend the next few protests with fliers.  Even though the were all masked, could it be any more OBVIOUS that they were moving through the crowd with an agenda in mind?  Mounting up more troupes for the rebel rousing to suit their needs. I was standing RIGHT THERE, and one of them gave me a look and didn’t even bother to pass me a flier, which read: JUNE 13, STAMFORD GOVERNMENT CENTER: This protest will be about VOTING by mail apparently. How convenient.  Aren’t these protests supposed to be about racism and the killing of George Floyd?  Just ridiculous how certain groups of people DO NOT REALIZE THEY ARE BEING PLAYED !

But we are in Connecticut, so what does this really matter because people in this area of NY, NY and CT will vote for Pluto the Dog over Donald Trump anyway, so why bother?  Well it’s all about media coverage.  This next protest will include VOTING ISSUES and the Demoncrats organizing the protestors need numbers en masse for the cameras.  Of course they are going to organize the protests regarding these issues in easily manipulated towns to create a media presence which is larger than the movement actually is……….which right now is dead.

What happened to George Floyd is a tragedy of modern society, there is no question of that.  Racism needs to be flushed OUT of global policing, there is no question of this either.  But beating a dead horse with protest after protest after protest is NOT about this single issue, and everyone knows it; The new American Democratic/Communist party has seized the day to milk as much as they can from this tragedy, and thus use the emotional people within as pawns to broaden their aims.

Maybe one day people will wake up to this nonsense?  I believe many of the police departments have, as they bend over backwards in some instances to go out with the protestors to knell, hug and pray with them, showing that they too believe racism has no place in policing the streets.  It is my hope that the people of the planet, of all races, come to realize how their emotions are manipulated through MASS LIBERAL MEDIA (aka communist media propaganda), to turn them into played hyper-emotional pawns in their game of chess.  Do you think these millennials rummaging through the crowd looking for targets to amass their army, actually care about the people they are targeting?  Please.  They are turning every aggressive opportunity they are able into an ANTI-TRUMP moment to oust him from office because of their desperation, and they don’t mind ruining both the country AND the planet to accomplish their aims.