Am I just stating the obvious here with this title?  Yes.  This is a time-old rouse and play.  Protestors/Proletariat are USED throughout history by stealth organizers of the Bourgeois.

I was at the protest in Stamford Connecticut yesterday, first and foremost as papa-bear because I knew my 18 year old daughter was in the center of it…..but as well just out of curiosity for who was behind the rebel rousing. Guess who?

Well you’ve probably already guessed it is the Democratic National Party, aka the new American Communist party.

Throughout history, Proletariat have always been USED by the Bourgeois to advance their agendas, and of course this scenario is no different.

As I funneled through the crowd, I saw several white and tattooed millennials moving through the crowd targeting ONLY the black population to attend the next few protests with fliers.  Even though the were all masked, could it be any more OBVIOUS that they were moving through the crowd with an agenda in mind?  Mounting up more troupes for the rebel rousing to suit their needs. I was standing RIGHT THERE, and one of them gave me a look and didn’t even bother to pass me a flier, which read: JUNE 13, STAMFORD GOVERNMENT CENTER: This protest will be about VOTING by mail apparently. How convenient.  Aren’t these protests supposed to be about racism and the killing of George Floyd?  Just ridiculous how certain groups of people DO NOT REALIZE THEY ARE BEING PLAYED !

But we are in Connecticut, so what does this really matter because people in this area of NY, NY and CT will vote for Pluto the Dog over Donald Trump anyway, so why bother?  Well it’s all about media coverage.  This next protest will include VOTING ISSUES and the Demoncrats organizing the protestors need numbers en masse for the cameras.  Of course they are going to organize the protests regarding these issues in easily manipulated towns to create a media presence which is larger than the movement actually is……….which right now is dead.

What happened to George Floyd is a tragedy of modern society, there is no question of that.  Racism needs to be flushed OUT of global policing, there is no question of this either.  But beating a dead horse with protest after protest after protest is NOT about this single issue, and everyone knows it; The new American Democratic/Communist party has seized the day to milk as much as they can from this tragedy, and thus use the emotional people within as pawns to broaden their aims.

Maybe one day people will wake up to this nonsense?  I believe many of the police departments have, as they bend over backwards in some instances to go out with the protestors to knell, hug and pray with them, showing that they too believe racism has no place in policing the streets.  It is my hope that the people of the planet, of all races, come to realize how their emotions are manipulated through MASS LIBERAL MEDIA (aka communist media propaganda), to turn them into played hyper-emotional pawns in their game of chess.  Do you think these millennials rummaging through the crowd looking for targets to amass their army, actually care about the people they are targeting?  Please.  They are turning every aggressive opportunity they are able into an ANTI-TRUMP moment to oust him from office because of their desperation, and they don’t mind ruining both the country AND the planet to accomplish their aims.


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