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A Manufactured and Otherwise Intentionally Created Autistic Culture

A Manufactured and Otherwise Intentionally Created Autistic Culture

How can we not accept that Autism is a reality of our present culture?  It’s in our faces everywhere, especially since absolutely NOTHING is being done to prevent this pandemic, and why?  Popular culture, led by a self-serving propaganda media giants, don’t want to prevent it.  If they did, they’d be looking more seriously into the obvious effects mandated toxic vaccination programs have had on our culture over the past 4 decades.


More concerning yet is the ever-growing movement by Autistic people and their associated family members, that Autism is in fact a form of evolution for the Human species and not at all a neurological disorder.  When we finally tip the top of the bell curve over to more Autistic people on the planet than normally, healthy functioning neurological people, then all we have known as levels of comprehension, intelligence and spiritual insightfulness will abruptly be changed to Autistic dysfunction as the new “normal.”


I work with a popular Neurofeedback program to help bring young students with Autistic spectrum disorders in middle and high schools, back to more normal neurological patterns of functioning, more comprehension and greater intelligence on paper.  It is a very rewarding program and works in many cases for many young people, but it does not work in all cases.  It all depends on the level of damage to the nervous system to being destroyed by vaccines.  I do recommend that each parent cease all vaccines and give our program plus time a chance to help the nervous system heal and regroup.


In so doing I encounter a few parents I mention the program to, whom have this new deluded understanding that their child is somehow not compromised, completely normal as being Autistic and that somehow, this is part of the evolutionary process.  They are insulted to the assertion that my neurofeedback program, or any other program for that matter (even nutritional), is even necessary.  This is a very bad place for someone with Autistic challenges to be, because first of all they are swallowing a ton of fabrications purported by pop-culture, and this is an extremely dangerous scenario for them.  With this new type of understanding, nothing can help them recover because they believe nothing is wrong.


I do not agree with AUTISM ACCEPTANCE.  I agree with AUTISM AWARENESS, and making more people aware of why they or a child has become Autistic in the first place.  Why would anyone want to accept a pandemic level of neurological damage?  This completely and in in all other ways make no sense.  Up to this point, the pharmaceutical companies and government agencies which continue to create Autistic people, unwilling to do anything to remedy this situation, are completely to blame. Up to this point, they have the average person convinced that vaccines and Autism have absolutely NO CORRELATION; but as I have been saying all of my professional career, why be average?  The entire Anti-Vaccination movement has spun from witnesses of continuous, and undeniable, neurological assault on our children, and as a society we have reached a tipping point that I have seen coming for over 25 years.  The people of the pandemic now stand up with erroneous information to form their own culture of acceptance, built upon faulty premises that perhaps they are not a product of intentional harm…….but they are.  It might feel better momentarily to believe these ideas that Autism is completely normal, but it is delusion and self-defeating; not only for the people affected, but for the overall health of our group culture with a grossly deviated view on “NORMAL.”




This week there was a major disclosure for the anti-vaccination movement; a case in court where is was discovered that the all mighty CDC had NO PROOF ANYWHERE to bring to a conclusion the following statement:  “VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM.”   You would think by the way they discredit the anti-vax movement daily, that they would have a ton of research, articles, statements from professionals, to act as a guide for this claim, which they continuously spit out into the media, “VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM.”  But know what, as usual they are taking out of their asses.  They, and the lawmakers they buy,  just accept that the bulk of society buys their bullshit without question, which for the most part is true, and that’s all the proof they need.  No need to take the discussion any further or do any more analysis.  The emperor is wearing fine clothes even though he is sitting on the throne butt-ass naked.  To read more about this case, go here:


Further, for those of you who are not science minded, lets provide a bit more of a basic classroom.  The entire basis of a “vaccine“ is to provide an antigen reaction to stimulate supposed immunity. The term antigen simply means reactive substance in biochemistry. You can also call it a substrate. The original idea from Jonas Salk was to provide an antigen or substrate representing a particular disease to get the individual to produce preemptive immune responses, such as antibodies, in the case They encounter the issue to be better prepared to deal with it. This is a Great idea!  However, as many ideas in Science go, only a half truth unless you look into some more details. The basis of this is actually homeopathy; take a small portion of the toxin so you are better adapted to it into the future. I gave both my kids homeopathic immunizations, and never a medical vaccination . Vaccines contain a portion of what they believe creates any given disease in the form of a “virus“ or bacteria, and this serves as the primary antigen. They then goose it up with a ton of other toxic substances which destroy The nervous system, and they say they do this to “stimulate more antibody production“ and make the antigen more recognizable for an immune response. This is complete bullshit, because the toxic substances they put into the shot AND INJECT directly into the bloodstream, create an antigen reaction so extreme that It completely Exhausts the immune system, making your natural immunity non-functional to other diseases, and especially makes the body less effective in preventing cancers. On top of that, the extra toxic substances they place into a shot create a toxicity that directly attacks neurons and enables the toxins to pass through the blood brain barrier, and thus destroy brain cells.  HENCE, YOUR AUTISM PANDEMIC.  They’ve been doing this for decades, they are responsible for the autism, childhood cancer and learning challenge pandemic we now have as a direct result of this obvious neurological toxicity, and exposing this truth is the sole basis for the anti-vaccination movement. They are full of shit, we know they’re full of shit, they know they are full of shit, however they have money, power, guns, and legislators in their pocket and will stop at nothing to maintain this level of control over the population. Something this calculated is always intentional. The reason they have no documents or no research to demonstrate a dis-correlation between what they inject into children and the Autism pandemic, is because it doesn’t exist. We know it doesn’t exist, they know it doesn’t exist. This is all part of the fucking game, and it’s sickening because as we speak and debate back-and-forth levels of ridiculous semantics, more and more children become Autistic, sick, and brain-damaged when they would’ve otherwise had normal lives. The way they word many of their “studies“ is intentionally designed to confuse, and obfuscate the points.  Reading most of what they say is research supporting vaccines, if you have ever bothered to read it, boggles the mind; the more you read the more you know it is written as intentional gibberish, and when you look deeper into the “DATA” the provide, there is in most cases a level of chicanery involved in how they report it.  This case proves that, because believe me if they were truly confident about producing some hard evidence to support their claim that vaccines have nothing to do with Autism, they would blatantly put it out front and announce it over every media outlet they control.  Fact is, the do not have this proof in any form; they know it and are very careful about what they put out into the public.


Dr. William Trebing is a board certified Chiropractic Physician and Radiologist centered in Connecticut and South Carolina.  He has been in private practice for 35 years offering natural health care solutions and excellent Chiropractic adjustments, with a specialty in lower back and neck intervertebral disc repair.  He is an internationally renowned lecturer on the topics of spinal disc repair, disc radiography, natural health care, the fallacies of the germ theory and mandatory vaccination programs.  He completed his undergraduate and graduate work in Biology/Chemistry and Secondary Education at both Adelphi and Brown Universities, as well as his doctorate in Chiropractic from NY Chiropractic College.

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