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Andrew Wakefield was correct: Other Brave doctors stepping forward

The fact that the MMR vaccine causes Autism can not be disputed, anyone of sound mind understands this, regardless of the corporate media’s persistent spin on the topic.

It’s comical actually.

The brainwashed have a new cliche.  “It has been proven that vaccines have noting to do with Autism.  They discovered that this doctor fudged his data.”

Some years ago we made an application for our young daughter to a private school in Greenwich Connecticut.  The school once has a marvelous reputation, but as happens with many fine private schools, administrations and board members change, and we encountered a lot of deceit and new, more greedy behaviors due to these changes.  Their target families were now more procured for the numbers on their 1040 tax forms, rather than the fit of the child into their educational environment.  The school used to support the free choice of the parent, but now, we noticed not so much.

One of the new board members is a retired MD.  In emails going back and forth between myself and some other administrators, she discovered that our daughter was healthy and of course, unvaccinated.  She did some research on the web and of course, found little ol’ me and all my crazy ideas, blatantly out in the open in defiance to pharmaceutical oppression and tyranny.  Being far too much of a coward to face me, she goes for my wife;

“You know, that is a very dangerous stance your husband is taking.  Your daughter is at risk of developing a very serious disease.”

“Well,” my wife replied, “she is 7 and in great health.  She never gets cold or flus, and is free of allergies and lethargy.  And you know Autism has increased more than 500% in the past 20 years due to neurotoxins specifically in vaccines.”

“Oh that already been proven to be nonsense,” she interrupted.  ” Its been long proven that vaccines have absolutely nothing to do with Autism.”

The conversation, as you may imagine, did not go so well from this point forward.  I wrote this particular board member a few emails with a request for verification of the “proof” she was speaking to my wife about, because certainly after 30 or more years researching this material myself, I am not aware that any such “proof” exists.

Of course, she never replied.  They all simply shut up when you ask them to put their money where their mouths are.  Equally of course, our daughter was not selected for entrance in September, after being told by many other administrators that she was a perfect match.  This experience turned out to be serendipitous, since the public elementary school we were previously considering turned out to be a perfect match……and they respected our choice to not vaccinate; how about them apples?

Graham Ewing, a medical researcher and chief executive of Montague Healthcare, which promotes the use of new a diagnostic technology called “virtual scanning,” wrote a substantial report published in paperback as, “The Great Medical Controversy of Our Time: Why Vaccines MUST be implicated in the Occurrence of Regressive Autism.”

Get your copy here;


In this report, Ewing concludes that there is not only a connection between certain vaccines and Autism, but that the evidence is overwhelming.

He states that the ridiculously numerous vaccines given to a child before the age of one in the USA, 26 in minimum, and in the UK being 19, greatly affect the mechanisms that regulate the body’s basic functions, including both physiological and nervous system maintenance.  This breakdown of the nervous system and particularly, the liver, results in symptoms of regressive Autism, the type that suddenly arises in a child who was developing normally before the vaccines.

In particular, the nervous system of a young child is unable to deal with the heavy metals used in vaccines, and so they accumulate and become violently neurotoxic in a very short period of time.  What makes matters worse, is that these toxic chemicals directly shock the child’s body by being injected directly and suddenly into the bloodstream.  Regressive Autism, Ewing asserts, “is the inevitable consequence for many children.”

So when you meet one of these mind-controlled zombies that is insisting to you vaccines are safe and have been proven to NOT cause Autism, give them a piece of your mind with some true facts that go beyond what they just heard on Good-Morning America ( better named, LIGHTS-OUT AMERICA ! );

1.  Ask them to back up how they are sure there is research that proves Autism is not caused by vaccines.  Please post such evidence on this blog so I may tear it limb from limb for everyone……but I know you are not going to get any since anyone who says this has no idea what they are talking about.

2.  Many researchers, besides Ewing, have drawn similar conclusions, noting the OBVIOUS parallels between heavy metals in vaccines and the development of Autism, as well as other Autistic-spectrum disorders.  The references to these studies are included in Ewing’s text.

3.  Ewing notes in his report that the increase in the numbers of vaccines almost EXACTLY tracks the rise in cases of Autism, going as far back as the late 1960’s onward.

4.  Typical symptoms of regressive Autism are almost identical to those of Mercury Poisoning.  Thimerosal, a compound that contains Mercury, has been used for decades as a vaccine preservative.  Vaccines are so ridiculously VILE that without placing MERCURY in them, nature would degrade them almost immediately into dust by the natural decomposition processes of microbes.  The heavy metals act as a preservative, because they kill all microbial flora in the vaccine.  So now you are left with a toxic mixture of sewage and heavy metals, all to be injected directly into your child’s blood stream.

Folks, any alien species looking down and laughing at us for being this stupid, would surely believe we are not worthy of living on such a beautiful globe.  It’s high time to STOP being the laughing stock of the galaxy.

5.  Regressive Autism is often seen to onset at age 2 or 3, which coincides with the tailing off of the vaccine program after nearly 65 shots have been given!



HERE IS IT !!!!!!


and now I ask you……

Why, oh why, oh why, does my spell check always underline the word “unvaccinated” with the red line of being an unrecognizable adjective?


Dr. Wil Trebing:  The 2nd Full Moon of July, 2015

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