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Avoid Vaccines with our Verification of Religious Belief Documents

The Church of Christ Consciousness can provide a personalized raised seal document which verifies  your membership with our religious order, and the tenets of our church which prohibit toxic ( that accounts for all ! ) vaccinations.  As of August 2021, we have recently updated our tenets to include the prohibition of forced, mandatory and nonsensical group medical prevention activities (masking) which serve no purpose within God’s natural biological laws.  The Church recognizes that these activities are promoted solely for monetary and political gain of pharmaceutical companies, and government officials who get supported by them.  Resisting medical tyranny is a primary focus of The Church of Christ Consciousness, because the freedom to elect NOT to take dangerous injections and medications, is every human being’s natural birthright according to God’s natural biological laws.  The Church also recognizes that every parent knows best what is right for their children, and the state has no power over a parents’ rights, if that parent is of sound mind and physical health, and is actually raising their child and cohabiting with them as a legal guardian and/or protector.

These posts take time, effort and research, and we appreciate the suggested support you contribute to our mission of spreading the truth.  The truth about the dangers of toxic vaccines, militant vaccine agendas, Germ-Theory propaganda and health care fraud takes time away from our regular jobs, and we do this because we care about empowering the human species to a space of complete and vital health, through proper education and deprogramming from the medical-pharma cartel that acts to enslave humanity.  Join us, as we are stronger only in numbers of actual people like yourself who have the ability to wake up, and thus make a difference.

In order to receive your document(s) please click the donation button below:

Recommended donation for documentation are as follows:

Single person: $157

Husband and wife:  $184

Family with children: $222

After you have paid the fee, send us your information for the documentation to:    billingfordrwil@yahoo.com

Include all names, your address, and dates of birth (optional) if you choose.  You will receive an official sealed and signed document verifying your membership and participation within this religious order.  You should never give out your original document; so we also provide 3 color copies and encourage you to make more from your original.  We also include a mini-Tenet booklet (when available, dependent on supply), and a larger Tenet printout as your initial study and meditation materials.  Daily contemplation of these Tenets is encouraged as a member of this religious order.  A mission statement for the Church of Christ Consciousness will also be included.

You will receive you documentation within one week of your donation.

Thank you , and God Bless !

8 thoughts on “Avoid Vaccines with our Verification of Religious Belief Documents

  1. Hi…I’m Canadian & my common law husband is American. My question is, does your document include addresses? If so is it possible to have the documents as husband/wife with different addresses? Also I have a son who’s 21 and a student, can we make a family donation?
    It’s complicated 🙂 (especially since the plandemic!)

  2. Has this religious exemption document been excepted by the USA & Canadian governments for travel or schooling? Thx

    • It has been used successfully in Canada many times, however it is written as a religious organization bound by the rules of the US Constitution, and really has nothing to do with Canada

  3. Good day,

    My family and I would like to become members of the Church of Christ Consciousness and was curious if being from Canada will be an issue or is everyone welcome?

    God bless,

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