Dr. Herbert Shelton quote: 1932

“It is the duty of every parent to “refuse and resist” vaccination for his or her children, wherever such a parent may live and whatever the circumstances under which the vaccination is demanded. Fight, go to jail, resist in every possible manner. In Italy some years ago, when a group of physicians invaded the homes of Italian mountaineers to forcibly vaccinate the children, the mountaineers simply stripped the pus-punchers of their clothes, gave them a liberal dose of their own “medicine,” and sent them scurrying home. I recommend this measure for immediate adoption in this country. Let the rascals suffer as they make others suffer. It will teach them a much needed lesson.” Herbert Shelton, MD


RFK Jr. Warns against poisons in vaccines

It’s getting more difficult for the medical mafia to deny that vaccines with Hg create Autism.  Now RFK Jr. is on the band-wagon with his new book, which I am certain will sell a lot better than mine (even though I am over 14,000 in grass roots copies sold), simply because,…………well, he’s a KENNEDY!!!!!! 

But I am real happy about this and hope you all are passing the word;  here is his 7 minute spot on MS NBC:

I have been downing vaccines for 2 decades now, from the days when it was only myself and a handful of courageous professionals from all walks of the medical/chiropractic/natural health professions standing on soap boxes and getting tomatoes thrown at us.  We’ve persevered because we know what we are doing is right, and if we save one child in a thousand it is worth all the stains on our shirts and bruises to our ribs.

Just a reminder to view Dr. William Trebing’s book if you have yet to.  It’s been out 11 years and is still pretty popular amongst those in “the know,” even though he has more or less left this battle now for the younger soldier.  But with 28 years of shouting at government officials and pediatricians, answering close to one thousand emails and over 250 lectures under his belt, I can safely say he has paid his dues.

Another reminder………………….my 16 year old and 12 year old HAVE NEVER BEEN VACCINATED…………NEVER…………………..they don’t even know what a shot is…………….

and as is reported by most parents of unvaccinated children, they rarely get sick, diet dependent when they overdue it on the dairy (and as for my 16 year old, the junk food).  Most vaccinated kids we know are always sick with flus and colds……….skin problems, digestive problems, cancers, LD’s, you name it.

The math here folks, is getting harder and harder to deny.

Dr. Tyler Durton