Playboy model Katie May DID NOT DIE from a Chiropractic Adjustment

Playboy model Katie May DID NOT DIE from a Chiropractic Adjustment:

Katie May passed away early this year from a CVA of the Carotid artery, which occurred from a traumatic fall she experienced while working on a photo shoot.  As you may well know from the main-stream media, if you want a semblance of the truth, be sure you read all the initial reports of any event first, before the spin occurs.  Such is the case with the unfortunate death of lovely Katie May, who visited her Chiropractor twice after this traumatic fall, not realizing that it was not her spine that was causing the pain she was experiencing, but a tear in the Carotid artery which was the result of her fall.

But all of a sudden…..POOF!  All mention of that bad fall, what people close to her at the photo shoot called a “falling accident,” has disappeared.  Pharmaceutical stooge and Moron peddling whatever he is paid to peddle, Dr. Oz, recently promoted a show on Katie May’s death and interviewed the family.  All they said was Katie experienced “neck pain from a strained photo shoot,” from maintaining postures too long.  Then they said she went to the Chiropractor and he killed her with an adjustment.  Bad fall and serious blow to the neck and Carotid artery truth………ALL GONE!


  1. You will be hard pressed to find any mention of Katie’s fatal fall during her photo shoot right now, especially since the corrupt LA Coroner’s office issued a statement 7 months after Katie’s death that she died as the result of a Chiropractic Adjustment.  Here is the initial report from February of 2016;               
  2. Chiropractic hate-groups (shills for the pharma industry and AMA) have long attempted to prove a direct correlative relationship between Chiropractic neck adjustments and stroke:  They are taking advantage of Katie May’s death here and it is simply disgusting.  Let us start with the research as, even though the hate-groups tout a relationship between the two, doing basic research concludes that they are lying to the public to make everyone afraid of their Chiropractor.  Read these research projects which proved no correlation;                                                                                                                TO BOOT:  “We found no evidence of excess risk of VBA stroke associated chiropractic care compared to primary care.”
  3. Katie May experienced a bad fall which created a serious blow to the front of her neck.  The Carotid arteries are vulnerable to neck trauma that occurs to the front of the neck, and early eye witness reports say that she experienced a serious blow there.  Even this very biased article, which is highly critical of Chiropractic adjustments from a bigoted standpoint, admits that Katie May had a bad fall and that the Carotid artery is very likely not affected by a neck adjustment:
  4. Studies for CVA related to Chiropractic neck adjustments have centered on problems occurring with the VERTEBRAL ARTERY, AND NOT THE CAROTID ARTERY.  This is for obvious reasons.  The Vertebral artery runs through the vertebrae, and the Carotid artery is located in the front of the neck under thick musculature called the SCM muscle group.  One would have to be an incompetent Klingon or a Gorilla delivering a Chiropractic adjustment in order to even consider a neck adjustment adversely affecting the Carotid arteries.
  5. This particular page gives detailed information of scientific research favorable for the safety of Chiropractic neck adjustments and their relationship, if any, to CVA and stroke.            The caveat which is always given is for the Chiropractor to perform a proper analysis before delivering the adjustment, considering first whether or not the patient has had a blow to the front of the neck which may have damaged the Carotid arteries.  This, obviously is a very serious situation that needs to be monitored by an emergency medical facility.
  6. Hockey players have been known to damage their Carotid arteries by blows to the front of their necks repeatedly in the sports media.  Many are removed from play and watched by hospitals for months until the Carotid arteries heal.

In conclusion, Katie May damaged her Carotid artery from a traumatic fall, NOT FROM A CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENT, and the main-stream media AND FAMILY OF KATIE MAY KNOW THIS TO BE TRUTH.

Whether or not the Chiropractor made a bad judgement call in not simply sending her to the emergency room is another story, but the CVA which killed her had nothing to do with the neck adjustment and everything to do with her fall.  This is as well documented by research;

The recently published “Current Concepts: Spinal Manipulation and Cervical Arterial Incidents 2005” (NCMIC)   [8] concludes in it’s Executive Summary:

Unfortunately, opinion rather than fact has tended to dominate discussions regarding CVAs and chiropractic, even though there has been no definitive evidence that chiropractic adjustments (actually) cause strokes.   This monograph notes that a causative relationship between chiropractic manipulation and stroke is unlikely.   There is an associative relationship between the two because people may go to chiropractors for relief of stroke-related symptoms”.

No doubt, the Chiropractor will be sued and the truth will come out in the trial; his records should indicate what Katie told him about the fall she had, and how she had a hard blow to the neck, similar to what hockey players get when they are hit with a puck or stick in that area.  Any decent Malpractice lawyer worth his weight in salt will bring these items up; whether or not the truth ever surfaces after a settlement is reached is questionable.  In cutting a deal, the Chiropractor may also be silenced.  But pharma-puppet idiots like Dr. Oz get to spew their twisted lies on national TV and never recant anything of which they speak.






So we’re walking into our favorite Phantom Fireworks store today in Myrtle Beach. We’ve been going to this particular one off of route 501 for over 12 years now, because its the best one around with amazing “buy-one-get-one-free” deals which help to satisfy my pyrotechnic obsession when we vacation here. You just can’t have this much fun up north……down here, a boy ( yes me ) gets to play with all sorts of explosives on the beach, entertaining all the resorts and high-rise condos around us with a knock-your-socks-off light show which, not only lasts a long time due to the buy-one-get-one-free deals, but also provides the actor in me with ovations and cries out for, “MORE!!!!” Yes, the kids and I do take bows.

So we walk in this particular time and everything looks as it should; a Walmart size store stockpiled with explosive magic everywhere. My wife asks about coupons, and the young woman reassures her that everything is buy-one-get-one-free, so no need for coupons.

But before I can walk down the first isle she mentions;

“Sir, we’ll just need to see a photo ID and have you sign a waiver that you are not going to use these fireworks for any terrorist activity.”

….and as if this wasn’t strange enough, she then goes on to ask me….

“Do you plan on using these fireworks for any harmful or terrorist activities?”

So with a perplexed look on my face that must have resembled a bemused honey bear, I look to my wife and daughter for a moment for verification. Did she really just ask me that question?

“Not today,” I answered, and we all walked off to see the deals.

Now while shopping I couldn’t help but contemplate the options one might have for answering such a question, asked by their friendly local fireworks salesperson. I am also wondering how many would-be terrorists may well have had their plans foiled today by the power of the tongue, simply by hearing this question.

Would-be terrorist walks in:
Clerk asks;
“Sir, will you be using these fireworks for any terrorist activities?”
“Oh SHIT!” He then replies. “You had to ask that question! You just HAD TO ASK THAT QUESTION!!!! Darn it now you’ve gone and ruined everything !!!!”
So the would-be terrorist runs out of the store, jumps into his car and peels out, screeching down the road. He calls his buddy-terrorist on the cell phone. He picks up;

“Did you accomplish your mission at Phantom Fireworks?”
“SHIT!!!!! UHHHHH!! NO!!!!!”
“WHAT! WHY! We need those damn fireworks to complete our terrorist activities!!!!”
“What question is that!?”
“And you said YES ?!”
“You don’t remember your training!? We TOLD YOU to always answer that question with a SOLID NOOOOOO!!!!”
“OH SHIT! Sorry I forgot, I’ll go back and just say no!”

What would some other options have been?

“Hmmmm you know, I hadn’t really thought about it, but now that you mention it, what did you have in mind? Does it involve a whole bunch of bottle rockets?”

Suppose the terrorist who wants to buy fireworks screws up, and quickly says, “Oh yeah, I am buying here for my terrorist activities because your prices are second to none! Oh wait a minute, perhaps I shouldn’t have just told you that…….uhhhhh, no, no these are just for shooting off on the beach for fun.”

Or maybe the terrorist is devoutly religious ( which I hear every second of my life on the TV), and he just can’t tell a lie when asked a direct quesiton……;

“Dude, you told her YES!? Why the hell did you tell her YES?!”
“I don’t know, it seemed like she was on to me and you know I can not tell a lie!”
“Well now what am I going to tell fearless leader!!!!? Just what in HELL am I going to tell the fearless leader!!!!? Now we’re in BIG TROUBLE!!!! We just ruined all his terrorist plans!!!”

I mean really? Is this how stupid? Is this how moronic? Is this how mentally challenged we have all become as a society that no one even thinks anymore whether or not the question they are asking is…..not only relevant, not only absurd, but utterly ridiculous?

I am reminded of the young check out clerk at Trader Joe’s in Stamford a few years back, who quite ridiculously asked me for ID when I went to buy beer there for a party we were having. I looked at him like he had three heads.
“Are you kidding me, you’re carding me for beer?”
“Yes sir, its the new store policy, we have to ask everyone.”
“Please explain the logic to me behind that statement.”
“Please explain why you are asking a man who is obviously old enough to be your father for proof of age to by beer.”
“Well we have to ask everyone so no one feels like we are being prejudice.”
“You know that has to be one of the stupidest things I have ever heard.”
“Son, here is the money for the beer, I am not showing you my ID.”
“Why not?”
“Well don’t you think its just a bit ridiculous?”
“Yes but they told me I had to ask everyone.”
” I refuse to participate in ridiculous policies issued by your employer simply because you don’t feel like questioning them.”

He took my money without my ID, and I walked out with the beer. Don’t know if they ever changed that “policy,” but perhaps it came from the same liberalized revamped RULE BOOK which doesn’t see the folly of asking a terrorist if he plans on using fireworks for terrorism…..or doctors on vacation with their families for that matter, because don’t you know? Didn’t you hear? EVERYONE TODAY IS A POTENTIAL TERRORIST……including your dog.

What bull shit……………………………..