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So they’ve taken “most” of the Mercury out of kids vaccines

………..so because of this they’re all now safe?  Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee………………………..     Not all of us are as brain-dead as the pharma companies may  believe.

Do your own research, and certainly verify with your doctor, on which specific vaccines NO LONGER CONTAIN MERCURY DERIVATIVES.  The FDA in most cases says that trace amounts of Mercury are still in ALL vaccines, but to them, this is okay.  Seeming that you can get the same from eating a tuna sandwich, wellllll…….okay.  But what I am saying is do not be dismayed by this report.  Verify for yourself in all cases, because each lot is different and the country in which you live may still have childhood vaccines that contain Thimerosal.

It should also be noted, and you should be WELL AWARE, that many states are now requiring kids to get Flu vaccines, and of course, THEY ALL STILL CONTAIN TONS OF MERCURY.  As noted, some up to 50,000 parts.

So they’ve taken “most” of the Mercury out of kids vaccines?

You know something………………….. I just love a good comedy!  But when it involves this ongoing non-sense about how vaccines are now safe because the Mercury level has been reduced……that is just plain lunacy; and children will continue to pay the price for all this dis-information.

So all that Aluminum which remains in the shots is good for kids then?  How about the other toxic preservatives and pharma-junk they inject EN MASS directly into kids blood streams?  What a joke…………     and it is certainly NO JOKE when your kid becomes brain damaged as a result.

My friends, it has NEVER been simply about taking the Mercury out of kids vaccines

( which is still in Flu vaccines EN MASS ).  It is about taking all the junk out of a toxic soup they have passed laws on your child receiving.
I’m not going to say much this time folks (can you believe it! ).  But I do want you to listen to JB from Generation Resuce (Jenny McCarthy’s Gig ).  I also want you to listen to how many times he has told the corporate-media interviewers THAT THERE ARE PRESENT STUDIES THAT SHOW VACCINES, NOT JUST MERCURY IN VACCINES, BUT VACCINES IN GENERAL, ARE DANGEROUS.  Watch for yourself how many times they try to throw him off and put words in his mouth, and how he holds his ground with poise and intelligence.

The corporate media lackys and their MD pooch go over the typical “Autism is not caused by vaccines” crap in the first half.  The guys voice is actually shaking because his conscience probably doesn’t want him to say what he is paid to say;  JB does a great job here and should be commended for his courage.



Dr. Ty


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