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Vaccinated Research Monkeys Get Autism as well

Vaccinated Research Monkeys Get Autism as well

A recent study conducted at the University of Pittsburg revealed that many of the infant monkeys given standard doses of childhood vaccines as part of the new research developed Autism.  Laura Hewitson and her colleagues at the University “conducted the type of proper safety research on typical childhood vaccination schedules that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ) should have conducted, but never have,” reports Ethan A. Huff, staff writer for the health website

The scientists followed the CDC-recommended vaccination schedule, with appropriate sized doses for the monkeys sizes and ages.  Several vaccines contained the toxic additive thimerosal, a mercury-based compound that has been phased out of some vaccines, but is still present in batch-size of influenza vaccines.  The controversial measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, which has been linked time and time again to Autism and various other serious health problems in children, was administered to the young macaque monkeys.  Many developed Autism symptoms within weeks of the vaccines administration.  As is always the case, their unvaccinated control group counterparts developed no such symptoms.

New European Study reveals what we have known all along: Vaccines = BS

New European Study reveals what we have known all along:  Vaccines = BS:  Corporate Media now needs to reset a new planned attack on non-vaccinators

We all remember some months ago, the smear campaign begun against popular anti-vaccine advocate Dr. Andrew Wakefield.  As corporate fascism continues to rape and pillage its way across the globe, Big Pharma is raising its filthy rich head in an attempt to grasp its share of advanced greed and control.  Through increasing levels of oppressive legislation under the guise of “health care,” the pharma-medical cartel has begun a campaign to take over the most basic freedoms you have as a living, breathing human being.  How fit you are to contaminate the air and ground you walk on without using their products will all be under question over the next 5 years.

I warned people of this in my book, “Good-Bye Germ Theory,” (xlibris publisher, 24,000 copies sold worldwide) initially published in 1999 when Illuminati queen Semiramis initiate Hillary Clinton, began the first of several attempts to push through congress her brand of communist “health” care legislation, which included forced vaccinations for all and house arrest for those who resisted.  Her bill had many similarities to the now passed Obama (manchurian candidate extraordinaire) health care reform act, which essentially makes insurance companies another branch of government bureaucracy with the power to pull money out of your bank account, and forcefully medicate you in any “emergency” situation the government deems fit to declare.  The health care reform act has absolutely nothing to do with caring for people’s health.  It is just another level of corporate fascism forced on the general public using fear to manipulate mass consciousness of what health really is.

People, remember this always!  Please place forth whatever effort is necessary to fully grasp and hold on to this simple point before it is completely lost!


You were born healthy, with everything you need to stay healthy provided for you by mother nature, provided she too is not polluted and poisoned.  Your natural state is health and wellness, and the wisdom that created your body knows far more than any man could ever know about maintaining health and well-being.  Nothing man-made need be placed INTO you at any time in your life to promote health.  You are health, naturally.  Your body needs NO HELP maintaining health, just NO INTERFERENCE.

This grand yet simple concept, and the innate wisdom we all get in touch with when we adhere to it, is the pharma-medical cartel’s biggest fear; that you are going to wake up from their mass hypnosis projects and realize that they are poisoning you rather than helping you.

There is still time for you to wake up however, and take back your freedom to declare your own methods of maintaining what you deem as health, for yourself and your children.  Now more than every, people need to stand up and just say NO!  The line has been crossed in the sand way too many times, and enough is enough.

Pharmaceutical companies will never complete a study on vaccinated children vs. non-vaccinated, because they are aware the honest results of such a study would not only put them out of business, but subject many of the elite who run those companies to criminal and civil prosecution.  Maintaining the facade that vaccines are doing good in society is a huge burden to them, because they realize it is the central hub to their circle of fear, power and control.  If the vaccine delusion ever collapses, all hell will break loose.  Efforts to maintain their germ-disease-vaccine delusions are similar to keeping many large filled yoga balls under water in a pool.  It requires a lot of persistent energy to maintain the submersion of the truth, represented by the balls under water, whose natural inclination is to fly upward toward the surface and reveal themselves.

Just a few months ago, this was their latest media trick posed against Dr. Andrew Wakefield on CNN;

Watch Anderson Cooper’s interview with the author of the discredited study, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, on “AC360°” at 10 p.m. ET tonight.

No discussion, no intelligent questions, especially from that idiot Anderson Cooper.  Only blame, obfuscation, ridicule, and a rush to judgement so the simple-minded would now understand that vaccines could not possibly cause Autism.  This is still believed today, as so-called “intelligent” authorities all over the planet are claiming that vaccines can not possibly cause Autism, the debate is finally over!  What utter nonsense!

But the balls are beginning to rise more and more to the surface, as honest people have had quite enough, and are taking their time and expense to spread the truth.  One of the keys is to compare vaccinated to non-vaccinated populations, and independent researchers are beginning to do just that.  Dr. Andreas Bachmair of Switzerland just compared thousands of unvaccinated children to the records of over 17,000 children up to age 19 maintained by the German Health Interview and Examination Survey for Children and Adolescents.  His findings show vaccinated children have up to 500 % more diseases than unvaccinated children.

More than 11,000 Americans have as well participated in the still ongoing study, and results pertaining to the US are expected shortly.  You can take part in this survey by going here;

The ratio of disease in vaccinated populations would be even greater than 500 % if dramatic, debilitating or lethal vaccine injuries were factored in, which were purposely excluded from this study.  The long-term negative health issues resulting from vaccines considered in the study are asthma, reoccurring tonsillitis, chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, allergies, eczema, ear infections, diabetes, sleep disorders, bedwetting, dyslexia, migraines, hyperactivity, epilepsy, depression and slower than normal development of speech or motor skills.

Let us remember as well that as far back as 1992, a New Zealand study showed dramatic differences in unvaccinated vs. vaccinated children.  Unvaccinated children had far less incidence of common childhood ailments over their vaccinated counterparts.  The study also concluded that unvaccinated children born during or after 1977 had no asthma, and 25% or more of the vaccinated children born at the same time had asthma by age 10.

Now that unvaccinated populations are coming into the limelight, we can expect to be attacked by every legal and toxic venue the pharma-medical cartel can dream up.  Healthy people who do not use their products are after all, their worst enemy.  Furthermore, our lifestyles of maintaining health naturally by refusing their products are a testimony to their fraud, and trust me, they will do everything they can to destroy the evidence, namely………  What will this include?  Well, we can certainly conclude that it will not be good.  If they were able to get us all in the same community for a while believe me, they would do whatever they could to infiltrate and poison us.  Placing genetically engineered “bugs” into the water supply perhaps?  Poisoning the food somehow?  Finding a way to introduce a toxin to an unvaccinated child or group of children by poisoning them all in a classroom via the air supply, or scratching the surface of their skin with a neurotoxin, similar to the way the CIA does it when they want to create genocide.  Who knows how they will try to do it, but mark my word, the more the truth comes out, the more they will try to make an unvaccinated population appear sick, dirty and “contagious” in some way.  These are very powerful and evil people.  We don’t think like them, so its difficult to think about what they might do, how many innocent children they may kill as a means to support their bottom line.  But those of us who know the truth should all stand ready.  A storm is coming, and if Batman doesn’t show up to protect us, we may just have to do that ourselves.

Dr. Wil Trebing:  author Good-Bye Germ Theory


Just more Bull-Shit from Newsweek Magazine and author Kent Sepkowitz

Just more Bull-Shit from Newsweek Magazine and author Kent Sepkowitz:

NEWSWEEK stooge Kent Sepkowitz added some flair to the Pharma-Fascist agenda this week in the May 7, 2012 edition.  In the “Controversy” section (page 13), his small piece is titled; ” Measles Attacks!  VACCINATION SKEPTICS HAVE GIVEN NEW LIFE TO AN  OLD DISEASE.”

All this comes mind you, in a timely manner.  Last year when Pharma lawyers thought up a plan to help vilify us “dirty no-shoters,” attempting to discredit Dr. Wakefields Autism-vaccine link, it backfired into more people asking questions than not.  To staunch worshippers of Big Brother and the religion of Medicine, the monkeys simply banged louder on their drums.  For us who took the red pill……those of us who still have the ability to think rationally, it simply moved us further into action.  The intelligent amongst us in the middle were swayed more toward the truth from their actions then ever before;

Now lets take this Newsweek idiots’ article apart, piece by piece shall we?  Use this information to beat over the heads of any big brother worshippers you may run across in your daily round!

“….9.6 million lives were saved in the last decade because of redoubled vaccines efforts.”

Really Kent?  Wow!  Thats just super-duper!  The only problem is you have no way of either demonstrating that statistic OR proving it.  Vague statements like these are meant to dazzle the monkey minded among us, and contrary to popular belief, many of us are still intelligent.  Vague statements like these are usually manufactured by Pharma lawyers playing with other statistics.  Lets see now.  They probably pulled up someplace that around 9 million people worldwide did not receive the measles vaccine the decade before, and by redoubling false advertising campaigns, pushing for more militant fascist vaccination laws, and of course, scaring people half to death about the boogie-man, they managed to poison most of them with a measles shot (probably MMR).  There you go mates!  Presto-chango!  We’ve just saved 9 million lives!  Idiotic deductions such as this one are paramount within Pharmaceutical folklore, especially when it comes to vaccines, since the bulk of the populous believes that once you have a shot you are saved.  Those of us whose minds have not been damaged by vaccines know differently.  The “cure” is the scourge, and the so-called “disease,” as they profess it to be, is a myth.

“But here in the US, measles is on the rise……..the US saw more measles in 2011 than in any time since 1995…”

Note, the increase he is speaking of is annually from an average of 60 to 222.  What Kent forgets to mention, is that he has no idea if any of these measles cases, average or increased, were in unvaccinated people or ones whom have already been vaccinated.  Another interesting question would be, how many cases of measles were reported in COMPLETELY UNVACCINATED people as opposed to those whom were already vaccinated for measles, or those who have not been vaccinated for measles but were vaccinated for everything else.  That would be the intelligent thing to discuss, but again we are talking about NEWSWEEK magazine here.

“….the reasons for measles mini-spike are particularly troubling.  For measles, we have an effective vaccine…..rant rant rant rant………..Measles is on the rise in the US for the exact opposite reason it is dropping globally.”

Total nonsense once again, based on a fantasy statistic noted above.

“Here as well as Europe and other resource-rich places, many people hate vaccination.”

Okay, now we are enticing the other monkeys to anger by bringing attention to something that us dirty unvaccinated people “hate.”  If we hate anything, its spin like this.  We admire health, and aim to protect that and the health of our children by not injecting poisonous chemicals (and God knows what else) directly into the blood flow.  Saying we “HATE” vaccination in this way is like saying we “HATE” cute little puppies.  After all, puppies are sweet and benevolent, just like vaccines….right?  No, quite wrong.  Vaccines are dangerous and completely ineffective, and we have tons of research to prove it, let alone the thousands of unvaccinated children, who will as well no doubt be classified as “dirty carriers” of measles, even though they never had the disease.  But somehow, unvaccinated people who have never been sick seem to pose this ominous threat to the rest of the population, MOST OF WHOM HAVE BEEN VACCINATED FOR MEASLES!!!!!  It gets better…………

“Almost all of the 2011 US cases developed in or were spread by unvaccinated Americans traveling to Europe and elsewhere, or about-to-be-sick travelers visiting the US from abroad.”

Okay now statements like this in the media start to really get me nervous.  A wise man once said, “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”  Whats happening as I write this article for the blog, is a massive effort by the Pharmaceutical cartel who manufacture the vaccines to increase their fascist hold on the human population.  They are working to wipe out philosophical and religious vaccination exemption laws that have been in place for decades, but they need your help to do so.  First, they have to get it into your mind that we, the unvaccinated population, are dirty, weird, brainless, paranoid and irresponsible.  Many people already believe this to be true.  Next, they have to create some major “incident” on paper and blast it out into the corporate media that its our fault.  “Measles is on the rise and killing children, yours may be next!  Lock up all those who do not believe!  Save yourself and your family!”

See Dr. Tim O’Shea’s April ENewsletter here as he speaks about his efforts to expose the fraud of California proposed law CA Bill 2109.  Brave Pioneers like Dr. O’Shea have been working tirelessly to get people to wake up to the dangers of both vaccines and the laws that surround them.  Go to:

The monkeys are drumming folks, and their beat is getting louder and louder.  Pharma-lawyers have been assigned the task to eliminate all opposition to vaccination and achieve an obedient population that does not question.  They know in order to do this effectively, they’ve got to create some kind of crisis and point the blame on unvaccinated populations in order to sway public opinion towards their aims.  Expect more false-flag operations similar to 9-11, only now in the realm of “disease” propagation, and all of us who choose to intelligently NOT vaccinate may as well be wearing turbans with targets drawn on the back.

“Almost all of the 2011 US cases developed in or were spread by unvaccinated Americans traveling to Europe and elsewhere, or about-to-be-sick travelers visiting the US from abroad.”

Really now?  Almost all huh?  So you are telling me that they are actually now doing studies on unvaccinated populations?  For decades they have avoided pointing ANY  attention to unvaccinated populations because they don’t want the masses to know how healthy they are.  Interesting.  Unvaccinated in what way?  Completely or partially?  Don’t you think that if this statement were even remotely true, Kent would have provided and accurate count of fully unvaccinated persons who developed measles?  Wouldn’t this just add fuel to his point?  Well, that is just the point now isn’t it.  Sepkowitz’s article is full of shit.  I will place gold to donuts betting on the fact that Sepkowitz has no idea what that actual # is, and can not cite a credible source for such information.  What vague nonsense!  “….developed in OR were spread by unvaccinated Americans…”  This is total double speak.  If it’s “developed in,” then tell us how many.  If it’s “spread by,” then tell us how you came to such a grand conclusion.  So you are saying that unvaccinated people went someplace abroad, got infected somehow with measles, did or did not get measles themselves, and came back to the USA and gave other measles-vaccinated people uhhhhhhhhhhh…….measles?  What?!?!?!??!?!  Does the measles shot work or does it not work?!

And then there are the “about to be sick travelers,” those poor souls, visiting the land of opportunity for…………whatever…………….and they gave measles-vaccinated people measles?  Or did these foreigners give it to unvaccinated people?

Lets get very clear on something.  Kent Sepkowitz is doing nothing here but towing the party line and outright lying.  I’ll bet all on the fact that the 222 cases of measles last year were in PRIMARILY  vaccinated people, or partially vaccinated people, and that the actual incidence of unvaccinated people being included in this number is slim to nothing.  Someone tell Kent he can publish his findings on this blog, and we can humiliate him further.

“Many refusenicks cite side-effects as their primary concern, yet their worry does not diminish when such connections are disproved, as with autism.  Nor does the reappearance of a near-vanquished infection in under-vaccinated communities ring a reality-bell.”

“Refusenicks”….ehhh?  There’s a good one!  I suppose thats better than “dissident,” “anarchist,” “antichrist,” or perhaps even…..”terrorist.”  Yes Kent, we cite many concerns that we have studied and spoke about for many years to a John Q. Public that is too brainwashed to listen, and a corrupt corporate controlled media and government that has long stopped caring about the welfare of the people.  We also notice that you do not cite any of those horrendous side-effects other than autism, of which by the way, the connection is far from “dis-proved.”  See above.  You just blow off any details pertaining to those “side-effects” we cite.  But I’ll tell you something else for certain.  If your kid ever came up with any of them after a vaccine, you’d be very sorry you wrote this article.

“….but isn’t the point of civilization to rise above the blunt cruelty of nature?  To arrive at some higher ground where we, and not Mother Nature, can call a few shots?  Those wanting pure nature might prefer to watch a lion shred a wildebeest for lunch, or chase a tornado as it levels mobile homes in Oklahoma.  Thats nature in its purest: disinterested, timeless, unfazed by suffering.”

Ohhhhh pleauuuuseeeeeeeee, get off your soapbox as I am feeling more nauseous than any vaccine may produce!  To arrive at a higher ground where we, man, or better said you, monkey-mind, knows more than “mother-nature?”  Use our brilliant minds so that we may somehow outwit the forces that control two cells that come together to form a human body, the creation of forces that produce tornados and the circling of the planets?The only thing that is “bluntly cruel” here Kent is your inability to foster common sense.  Please, tell us more of the cruel ways of nature and Lions and Tigers and Bears (oh my!) and innocent Wildebeests and tornados that ransack Oklahoma.  Tell us more oh wise one, of the evil spirits that consume the otherwise healthy human body, and how your wisdom and blessed potions will protect us all!  Please, anoint us and save our souls!  We beg you!

“One of nature’s charter members is measles, which, even with WHO’s impressive efforts, still kills hundreds of thousands of children annually.”

Wrong stupid!  Measles does NOT kill hundreds of thousands of children annually and I challenge you to prove that statement HERE AND NOW!  Put it on the blog.  When you do, I will tear it apart to show people the truth of how those very children, who may have been “diagnosed” with measles, had measles as the very least of their health related problems.  Don’t try to paint a picture of these wonderfully dressed little children running around the fields playing ball, and then all of a sudden being infected with measles and dropping dead.  If they died while having measles (which I highly doubt), they did so while attempting to deal with malnourishment, despicable sanitation and / or less than substandard living conditions.  To rely solely on the word of some medical bureaucrat whom declares that a child dies from measles means absolutely nothing, and more often than not, DOES NOT cover the full scope of what actually is the true cause of death.

“Vaccination has saved tens of millions of lives, more than any other medical invention.  It is one of the few health care heros out there.”

Well, there’s an ignorant closing comment.  Vaccination has NOT saved tens of millions of lives Kent; in fact, quite the opposite, and I can prove it.  The USA is sicker now Kent………that means LESS HEALTHY now Kent, than EVER BEFORE in our long history as a nation.   We have a 3 to 4 thousand percent increase in Autism over the past 2 decades, and despite all the “goods” you may try to cite to vaccines, spinal meningitis has steadily risen over the past 2 decades (many cases paralytic…….what does that sound like?), flus are more widespread with the push for more flu vaccinated people, and chronic debilitating diseases like Cancer are the #1 killer of children today.

So Kent, do you want to talk facts, or continue to merely spew out party-line propaganda for NEWSWEEK magazine?  Every time I try to debate one of you guys in public forum you run away from me like, well………like I have the measles!  Well, what if I do?  I feel great, physically fit, mentally clear, and besides, haven’t you been vaccinated for measles already?  If thats the case, what are you worried about?  Don’t vaccines work?

Dr. William Trebing