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Vaccinated Research Monkeys Get Autism as well

Vaccinated Research Monkeys Get Autism as well

A recent study conducted at the University of Pittsburg revealed that many of the infant monkeys given standard doses of childhood vaccines as part of the new research developed Autism.  Laura Hewitson and her colleagues at the University “conducted the type of proper safety research on typical childhood vaccination schedules that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ) should have conducted, but never have,” reports Ethan A. Huff, staff writer for the health website http://www.naturalnews.com

The scientists followed the CDC-recommended vaccination schedule, with appropriate sized doses for the monkeys sizes and ages.  Several vaccines contained the toxic additive thimerosal, a mercury-based compound that has been phased out of some vaccines, but is still present in batch-size of influenza vaccines.  The controversial measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, which has been linked time and time again to Autism and various other serious health problems in children, was administered to the young macaque monkeys.  Many developed Autism symptoms within weeks of the vaccines administration.  As is always the case, their unvaccinated control group counterparts developed no such symptoms.

4 thoughts on “Vaccinated Research Monkeys Get Autism as well

  1. I spoke to a friend of mine about her vaccinating her 3 children. She doesn’t believe in it due to all the ingredients. I just chose to not vaccinate my 4 children…ages 4, 4, 2, & 8 months. another supposed friend of mine actually cussed me out bc she believes in vaccinating and her son actually has aspbergers syndrome which she sd she doesn’t believe was caused by the vaccines. Can I really expect to get told I am not taking care of my children properly when people find out I don’t vaccinate my children anymore?

  2. Kyndal,
    Your post brings up an important issue for those of us who refuse to poison our kids with vaccines. Let me explain as I believe others can benefit from this. When you ask;
    “Can I really expect to get told I am not taking care of my children properly when people find out I don’t vaccinate my children anymore?”
    I can only answer with emphasis on the “OH MY”……….absolutely yes ! And we all can expect attempts towards more militant vaccine laws and efforts to completely annihilate freedom from vaccines altogether. Here is the reason for the problem simplified a bit, but straight to the point of the matter. When it comes to other people badgering you for not vaccinating, and thus poisoning your kids as they have, there are 2 main points to consider;

    First, more than 80% of the US population is brainwashed from early childhood into believing, with all the fervor of a God-Fearing 1850’s Baptist Sunday sermon, in the religion of medicine. The devil is represented by the evil spirits called microbes that are lurking around every street corner waiting to jump into your throat or private parts and make you their bitch. Heck, we all know hell is one big orgy, right? They are persistently operating with an intent to consume your flesh, and thank God for the high priests and priestesses of the religion of medicine, with their Vatican being the core of the pharmaceutical-vaccine machine. Think brainwashing is too strong a term? Think again. Pharma and big big medical-cartel advertising ( I note the medical cartel in my book, Good-Bye Germ Theory, to be a complex of Pharma-medical school-and insurance industries ) has pushed their propaganda into every aspect of Human media available. Just open up any magazine and see the endless ads, drive down any major highway and see the massive billboards, turn on any TV channel and count how many drug ads per hour dictate to your conscious and subconscious mind that you are an imperfect, preyed upon, depressed, forgetful, degenerating, ever increasing demented lump of flesh that needs their products to survive and live a happy life. This has been going on for over 100 years now (a century of medical fraud), ever since Rockefeller peddled his first petroleum pills as the magic bullets for every known ailment, and now in 2012 it is more or less ingrained within the US culture; we take a pill for some aches and pains with our morning coffee, we take a pill to chase away the afternoon headaches, or the “blues” from living an unfulfilling life, going to a meaningless job day in and day out, and we take a pill to fall asleep. Then we go out on the weekend and take our pills to have fun…….not with alcohol though, that would be stupid.

    So we are this crazed, over-drugged out of touch with our true nature culture because we are trained to be that way, and very few people make it past this programming (I’d say about 18% make it out of the matrix). I am reminded of an old episode of Star Trek from the 60’s, with the original – Shatner playing Kirk and Nemoy playing Spok, where they beam to a planet that has the entire population indoctrinated into the religion of “Landru.”
    If you do not believe that Landru is the all pervasive God-figure of the universe, which supports the entire fascist structure of the planets’ totalitarian governmental structure, they point at you and beat you with sticks, yelling…”YOU ARE NOT OF THE BODY…….YOU ARE NOT ONE OF US……..YOU ARE EVIL, AND MUST BE CLEANSED!!!!!! ”
    And they have this elaborate brain-melting machine that makes you think just what they think, sort of like a Roddenbury electro-shock vision of the future, and then you behave like a robot and fit in just fine, believing in the Landru God and becoming a slave of the state.

    Well, due to all this brain-washing, we are in the same state of affairs now in the US. You just can’t go walking around telling people you don’t vaccinate, because you are bound to get beat with a stick and declared “not of the body!” You have to keep quiet because most people have drank the cool-aid, and are thus insane. They persistently poison their children with high levels of toxins injected directly into their blood streams. In fact they wait in line and pay good money for these poisons, and tell their children who for a time know better, that its for their own good.

    Listen, the Bush-Obama-Clinton communist regime is marching ever forward, and we are, right now, 1939 Nazi Germany. OH YES! You can absolutely expect more militant laws written by pharmaceutical company lawyers to be passed by their politicians-on-the-payroll, and since the medical-pharma cartel is the #1 political contribution machine, you might get a glimpse of how many politicians they have in the pockets. We can also expect a grandiose attempt to completely eradicate any glimpse of vaccination freedom, anywhere. If they say bend over and get your shots, they simply want you to say “Yes Sir! And please may I have another!?”

    Here is what you should never do. Don’t argue with a Zombie. Why bother? Rather, arm yourself with education, and you MUST LEARN TO SHOW YOUR TEETH when someone mentions vaccinating you or your child against your will. My book can help you with the layman science and language you need to keep any med-head Zombie looking like a deer staring into the headlights when they try to hassle and ridicule you for not vaccinating; it especially works on militant pediatricians, whom I have laid waste to hundreds with a few simple phrases and questions. I have for convenience compiled a few very concise lists to help people in just this way, and they are in the beginning sections of the book. Remember, he who asks the questions wins. Never answer any questions, PERIOD! Furthermore, never ask any questions you do not know the answers to……….good for this dilemma and as a general life lesson.

    Now secondly, here is where a lot of parents get caught as well. In their heart of hearts they know they are the reason their child now has Aspbergers, or Autism, or Asthma, or cancer, or paralysis, or seizures, or……………….fill in the blank; kids are being maimed daily by vaccines. Perhaps your “friend” is in this category, and simply cannot take the remorse and guilt that is underlying the realization that you have intentionally poisoned your child. So many parents fall into this category; they know……..they really do know that it was the vaccine(s), but they just can’t deal with the fact that they made such a bad decision, and emotionally shut down, most likely turning to an array of other drugs to keep them from feeling their pain. One would think that these parents would prevent further poisoning, and some do………..but many don’t. Even though they know better, they keep quiet, and keep poisoning their kids.

    Now if that isn’t the pinnacle of a brain-washed culture, I don’t know what is……..

    Dr. Wil Trebing, author of “Good-Bye Germ Theory”

  3. Comparing monkeys with autism against children with autism?? How is that possible? Monkeys don’t have speech problems, how can they measure eye contact, interaction with peers eg, a lot of nonsense in my opinion.

    • Well it only sounds like “nonsense” to you Nikola because, #1 you never read the study; and #2, you most likely work for a vaccine producing pharma company and have a vested interest in the positive promotion of these poisons.

      So you probably agree without question to the onslaught of media propagnda insisting that vaccines have absolutely nothing to do with autism? Hmmmmm. Of course you do. Speak to an anguished parent with an autistic child who was normal before some vaccines, and you may change your mind.

      Your post is the only nonsense here. Read up on the symptoms of autism, and you will learn that there are obviously more ways to tell if a monkey’s brain has been altered similar to that of an autistic child (reflexes, strange behaviors, sub clinical mental retardation, coordination difficulties, inability to complete the tasks other monkeys are able to complete to mention but a few). You probably believe autism is created by a virus, right? Bet you can’t wait for that autism vaccine to come out heh? Good for you……

      FYI: Autism can be considered a sub-clinical form of mental retardation, brain damage or general mal-functioning of the brain in either motor, sensory or cognitive consideration. I believe the reserch team at that university made sure their claim was sufficient before placing their data as public, knowing how controversial it would become.

      Dr. Tyler Durton

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