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Mobilizing the Ranks to end Vaccine Fraud, once and for all ! The time has come for a Class Action suit !

Mobilizing the Ranks to end Vaccine Fraud, once and for all!

The esteemed attorney Clarence Darrow said this is open court about the growing dangers of the pharmaceutical industry in 1930:

“The efforts of the medical profession in the United States to control the treatment of human ailments is not due to its’ love of humanity. It is due to its’ love of its’ job, which it proposes to monopolize. It has been carrying on a vigorous campaign all over the country against new methods of schools of healing, because it wants [all] the business, and insists that nobody shall live or die without its’ services. Whether it cures more or fewer people than schools which do not use medicines, or whether it cures anybody at all, are debatable questions which I shall not attempt to discuss. I stand for everybody’s right to regulate their own life, so long as it doesn’t infringe on other peoples’ rights to do the same. If a man wants to live or die without the aid of the medical profession, he should be permitted to do so. If he hasn’t this right, it is pretty hard to tell what right he should have.

Now I would have no argument with the medical profession if they would leave me alone. I am willing that they should advertise their wares, but I object to being forced to patronize them. They have specifics [ vaccines ] to prevent one from catching almost every disease, yet not one of them can explain how the prevention is brought about. Nor can he prove that it does prevent. They are not content to vaccinate [ only ] those who apply to them, but they ask the State to compel everyone to be vaccinated. I might as well ask the State to compel everyone to hire me to try their law cases. Sometime, if they keep on, and they will keep on if the people give them the chance, they will be able to vaccinate us for everything, and we shall be compelled to submit. I have watched this medical profession for a long time, and it bears watching, and I know that there is not a single thing effecting human life that they will not lay their hands on if we give them the chance.”

There are many reasons why, I am sure, a complete offensive against these vaccine villains has not been fully organized; but I say the time has come; in fact, the hour is well overdue !

Why the climate is now ripe for an all out assault on the vaccine industry

Primarily because the World Health Organization has declared its’ war on Humanity as instructed buy their pharma-handlers.  With mass consciousness finally raising to this vaccine-industrial-complex fraud, this is their desperate hour; but it does not have to be ours.  We know the truth; we know vaccines kill and maim our children;  we know that government funded vaccine program,  mandated by law, are the cause of the massive Autism pandemic.  This is a given.  We now have strength in numbers, as so many more people are awake either through personal trauma, or grieving over the trauma of a friend.  War has been declared on us, on the people we love, on our deluded Human family who has bought their lies and swallowed their deceptions.  This is not the time to lay quiet and hope we can simply maintain the few exemptions we have to them assaulting us with their products.  This is not time to yell and scream as we watch them try and take away the little freedoms we do have.

The time has come for a massive OFFENSIVE against these vaccine-pushing bullies!  Not tomorrow, not the next day, BUT NOW!

The case guidelines are simple;

  1.  Vaccines cannot be proven to be completely safe in any given set of circumstances.  We already have many proofs to this claim simply by reading the packet insert of the vaccine.
  2. These vaccines have not increased public health one iota.  Statistics show we are an extremely unhealthy, degenerating and sick society.  We are as well, the most heavily vaccinated society in the history of the planet.
  3. Conflicts of interest between vaccine manufacturers and their billionaire trading share holders, lawmakers, politicians, state and local governments who receive federal vaccine-aid, the CDC and the FDA are plentiful.  It can be easily proven that the people who make vaccines also sit in places of power to have these very vaccines become mandated by law.  The system of corruption here is completely out of control like never before in the history of any US business.
  4. Damages occur every month to children and young adults due to mandated, forced vaccination programs.  There is no shortage of damaged people to gather for a class action claim.  It can be accomplished by a few concentrated hours, communicating with people on Facebook.
  5. According to Title 18 USC, section 2381, in the presence of two or more witnesses to the same overt act or in an open court of law, if a public official who is forcing you to vaccinate your child (health department; State Governor) fails to timely move to protect, and defend, the constitution of these united states, and honor their Oath of Office which states such, that particular official(s) is/are subject to the charge of capitol felony treason.

    As well, if any part of any bill or law are found to be unconstitutional, then the entire corpus of the bill is unconstitutional.

  6. In a completely free society, how can a government mandate a person to engage in a forced medical procedure that cannot guarantee complete safety?  This makes no sense.  Certainly, a citizen of the US can volunteer to engage in such an activity, and hold the administrators of such procedures harmless; but how can a citizen hold a government harmless for a medical procedure they are being forced to engage in?  For one in which there is no escape from?  This violates every single piece of freedom dictated within the constitution and the bill of rights.  You are to be “secure in your person,” and guaranteed of that from the US constitution, which is the law of the land we were all born into.  This is the primary violation of human rights.  It matters not if there are 100,000 people injured as a result of these forced medications, or simply one.  All sides of the vaccine argument will agree that THERE IS A RISK, regardless of the fact that they argue about the exact nature of said risk.  SIMPLY STATED, MANDATED PERSONAL HUMAN RISK IS AT A DIRECT OPPOSITION TO ALL OF THE RIGHTS TO PERSONAL LIBERTY, FREEDOM, AND PROPERTY GUARANTEED BY THE US CONSTITUTION.
  7. Your right to due process is found equally under the forth, fifth and sixth amendments. The forth states the right of people to be secure in their homes, specifically;

    “The right of the people to be secure in their PERSONS, houses, paper and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures . . . . SHALL NOT BE VIOLATED . . . . and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation and the particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized.”

    The THING BEING SEIZED in this instance is your Human body (person), being forced to engage in a medical procedure in which you protest to be a part of.

    8.  Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. (1 Cranch) 137 (1803), was a U.S. Supreme Court case that established the principle of judicial review in the United States, meaning that American courts have the power to strike down laws, statutes, and some government actions that contravene the U.S. Constitution. This court case has NEVER BEEN OVERTURNED!

    As an sovereign American citizen bound by the US constitution, you can as well, claim your rights under Marbury vs. Madison as legal and true.  You claim your rights from the constitution as YOU say these rights are, not as THEY SAY these rights they are.  This never overturned court case is clear, that NOT STATE OF EMERGENCY (including medical) CONSTITUTES A CONDITION WHERE YOUR RIGHTS CAN BE TAKEN AWAY.  Does this include the germaphone freak who is screaming at you to get your vaccine so he can be protected by herd immunity nonsense?  Yes, it absolutely does.

    DOES THIS MEAN THAT MANDATED MEDICINES OF ANYKIND, LIKE VACCINES, VIOLATE YOUR BASIC CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS?  ABSOLUTELY!  To force anyone to take a medicine or an injection against their will is completely unconstitutional, violates Marbury vs. Madison, especially when you consider a person may be damaged by the injection he is forced to take.

    The 9th amendment comes into play at this instance;

“The enumeration in this constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

That is to say, your common law rights can not be violated in any way, shape or form without probable cause of committing some crime against the common law, by some measurable loss to some other living human being. What this means is that congress, lawmakers, health officials, NO ONE has no authority whatsoever to add onto the constitution in such a way that would take any rights away previously guaranteed to anyone. If they do, according to Marbury vs. Madison, those very add on’s, in whatever form they may be, are to be:  This includes ALL MANDATED VACCINE LAWS !  They are…..

  1. Declared null and void
  2. Recognized as having no power to enforce
  3. Recognized as having no obligation to obey
  4. Reported to settle as if they never existed
  5. Known as unconstitutional from the date of enactment
  6. Recognized as no court being bound to uphold them

The 10th amendment states;

“The powers not delegated to the united states by the constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states are reserved to the states respectively or to the people.”

This means the constitution is a limited contract, meant to limit government. Nor do the police have the power to take away
rights previously guaranteed by the constitution (meaning they cannot forcefully vaccinate you)

Marshall vs.Kansas City Mo., 355 S.W. 2nd, 877,883 states;

“Police power is subject to limitations of the federal and state constitutions, and especially to the requirement of due process.”

and finally:

Title 5, USC section 556 (d): also 557, and section 706: If you are denied due process of law in any way, all jurisdiction ceases automatically.  YOU ARE DENIED DUE PROCESS OF LAW EVERYTIME YOU ARE FORCED TO TAKE A VACCINE!

From American Jurisprudence, volumes 16: Constitutional Law, section 97:

This volume tells a judge how to interpret the constitution;

“That the constitution should receive a liberal interpretation in favor of the citizen is especially true with respect to those provisions which were designed to safeguard the liberty and security of the citizen in regard to both PERSON and property . . . .” See note 31, Breyers vs. United States 273 US 28 . . . . “and a constitutional provision intended to confer a benefit should be liberally construed in favor of the clearly intended and expressly designated beneficiary (you!). Similarly a provision intended to afford a remedy to those who have just claimed should receive a beneficial construction for the purpose of extending the remedy to all who might fairly come within the meaning of the terms.”

Forced vaccinations fall under the category of unreasonable seizure of your body; or the bodies of your children. They are the epitome of seizure of your being. You should always ask for specific performance from any court in favor of you, the beneficiary of the contract, which is the united states constitution. Contract law states that any contract shall be enforced most favorable in favor of the non-preparer(you). You have a right to claim specific performance of the constitution.

Politicians think they also have the right to do whatever they want during a declared emergency; also a falsehood according to Am. Jurisprudence.

Section 98: Effect of public emergency; (SUCH AS A MANUFACTURED MEASLES OR OTHER EPIDEMIC)


“On the other hand, a contention that a grave emergency such as a depression should permit construction of the constitutional provisions which would meet the emergency was rejected in one case, the court holding that neither the legislature nor any executive or judicial officer may disregard the provisions of the constitution in cases of an emergency where the plain and unequivocal terms of the constitution present no question of construction as to departures in emergencies.”

How clear can you get? Even during their declared “emergencies,” OR THEIR RIDICULOUS “EPIDEMICS,” the spin doctor politicians cannot disregard your constitutional rights. Nowhere in the constitution does it state that your rights can be suspended due to any emergency.

More goodies from Am. Jurisprudence:

Section 117:
The courts are not at liberty to search for meanings beyond

the instrument of the constitution. The courts must apply the terms of the constitution as written.

Section 155:
The courts are not at liberty to overlook or disregard the

constitutional demands. If the constitution prescribes one rule and the statute another, and a different rule, it is the duty of the courts to declare that the constitution and not the statute governs in cases before them for judgment.

Sections 255, 256:
An unconstitutional law is null and wholly void. An

unconstitutional law is null and void from the date of enactment. No repeal of these unconstitutional laws are necessary. No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law.

Sections 257, 258:
On the other hand, it is clear that congress cannot by

authorization or ratification give the slightest effect to a state law or constitution which is in conflict with the constitution of the united states.

All this being the case, I call for a good lawyer, or a team of good lawyers, to come forth and take on this challenge to END MANDATORY VACCINATIONS ONCE AND FOR ALL ON AN ALL OUT OFFENSIVE AGAINST GOVERNMENT HEALTH OFFICIALS AND THE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES WHICH CONTROL THEM.  This of course does not mean to end all medical vaccinations.  If people want to take them, that is their right.  If people want to avoid them, that is equally their right.

We have many in the ranks who can help with this case, raise money, do paperwork, show up at courthouses……….people, the time to hide in the shadows and simply hope they don’t come for us IS OVER!  They are going to come for us regardless, so we may as well at least try to win this war, and the way you win with these people is to hit them where they will HURT…..THEIR MONEY !

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