FASCIST ROCKLAND COUNTY NY WILL SPREAD TO YOUR HOMETOWN……………..and sometime soon if you do not do anything, mark my word!


(cards, inserted microchips)

                                                                                IT IS HIGH TIME FOR CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE! 


The medical cartel through the WHO has declared war on natural biology.  You simply CAN NOT have a bunch of healthy people running around pointing the finger at the proof, that medical products, especially vaccines, are completely unnecessary and in fact, counterproductive to a healthy society.  HEALTHY PEOPLE WHO DO NOT USE THEIR PRODUCTS, WHO DO NOT GET VACCINATED, ARE THE PROOF OF THEIR FRAUD, and they are taking all out measures now to eliminate us.  Their point?  No one will be allowed to exist without the use of their toxic products.  There will be NO CONTROL GROUP, ever !  It is unlawful and you will be punished for being a naturally born, healthy human being.

Well I say this is a war against humanity itself, and what are we going to do?  Live on our knees, taking all the pills and shots they insist we take?  Or are we going to fight this and possibly die on our feet to save humanity?  If you don’t think it is that serious, think again.  This is a global fascist movement that has awoken the fears of the rank-in-file Zombies, who believe whatever they are told on TV.  There are Reischtag buildings burning in every state, and the medical fascists are creating daily false flags and pointing the finger at US, healthy people who do not want to use their products, as the blame.  Masses of these Zombies are thus mobilized against us simply by turning on the mind-control switch.  Nazi Germany all over again folks, and right here in the good ol’ USA.

The only chance we will have to fight this tyranny, is to WAKE UP OURSELVES, ORGANIZE, PROTEST, MOBILIZE, AND WORK DILIGENTLY AS A GROUP.  If we stay hidden in our houses waiting for them to come knocking on our door with their array of vaccines to shoot us up with, you won’t have to wait too long; they’re coming !

I’ve lived through protests and times of Civil Disobedience a few times in my life.  We all protested the Vietnam War for the complete bull shit that it was.  Tuition prices kept rising in our colleges, and we occupied the administration offices en mass for a thousand student sit in until our needs were heard (it worked, they did not increase tuition rates for another 5 years).  We locked arms to prevent forests from being plowed over to make shopping malls, and those trees still stand today.  But today is just seems like everyone is sleeping, and abusive corporations bet on that.

In Every State at EVERY HEALTH DEPARTMENT, we need to be;

  1.  Organizing marches in front of the town hall with megaphones and people with loud mouths to call out the names of local politicians pushing fascist policies.  Edward Day of Rockland county NY is one such fascist.  He has publicly declared what Religion is, and which ones are valid and which ones are not (completely a violation of civil rights and the constitution).  He has also declared that he recognized the risks of mandatory vaccinations, and says that everyone “must succumb to the greater good regardless.”  Looks like Edward Day gets to be dictator and tell everyone what the “greater good” is.  Essentially he is saying that it is okay to play Russian Roulette and “take one for the team” if we or our child is the one who gets damaged.  This is FASCISM in it’s very definition.  This is not freedom !  Edward Day is a tyrant and needs to be met at his town hall with marches and megaphones from people who love freedom and are not going to allow him to get away with his claims.
  2. Edward Day’s office need to be flooded with Affidavits such as the one I have attached here, SEND REGISTERED AND NOT CERTIFIED MAIL!  HE NEEDS TO GET 100 of these to his office daily!
  3. Fliers for healthy alternatives to these false flag “measles epidemics” need to be distributed in shopping malls, placed on cars, handed out to the masses everywhere.  Fliers that call out the ridiculously inaccurate claims of measles, point for better diagnostic parameters and verified counts, as well as an accurate assessment of who has received measles, who has been vaccinated already for measles, who has simply missed a booster MMR shot, and who is completely unvaccinated.  Also the environments in which infected people receive measles needs to be truthfully examined.  These measles epidemics are a prime example of the movie, “Wag-The- Dog.”
  4. If matters not if you live in the area that is under seige, now Rockland County.  Come from out of state and help your neighbors fight these tyrants before new tyrants arise in your home town!




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