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The Great Financial RESET: What is CVnineeeteeveen really about?

In my favorite movie, “FIGHT CLUB,” the infamous alter-ego Tyler Durton has a plan to blow up major credit buildings like TRW, in order to erase all credit and bring “everyone back to zero.”

Whereas I totally think this is a cool idea and would love to see every inch of fiat currency/electronic credit from every major brokerage house brought to zero (including all of Wall street and every major stock-exchange on the planet), this is NOT what people are calling “THE GREAT RESET.” The DEBT-MONEY system has been a time bomb waiting to explode since Nixon took us off the Gold Standard for good in the early 70’s. Constitutional money, the ONLY LEGAL TENDER of the United States, is Gold and Silver coin. These things got burdensome to carry around, so banks were formed to hold your legal tender for you (Gold and Silver), and they gave you a paper representation of the legal tender….called a federal reserve note or FRN. They said they would keep your metals in the bank and perhaps charge you a small fee for it……then they stole your metals while keeping you dumbed down, left you with the worthless paper currency, and the rest is history.

It used to be, when I was a wee tot, that anyone could visit their local bank, and walk in with your FRN which was then a “Silver Certificate.” You simply presented that note to the teller, asked for your silver dollar and you received it. Every FRN noted they were a silver certificate redeemable for the actual coin upon demand. But then something strange happened….well maybe not so strange, THEY STOLE ALL THE GOLD AND SILVER, and let FRN’s become a FIAT currency; this means they were not longer backed by something tangible like a precious coin…..they were now pieces of paper that would fluctuate in value dependent on a myriad of other economic values you’d have to receive an MBA to even begin to understand.

At this point the people were now at the mercy of those who printed the money, and those wealthy elites who distributed it and controlled it’s value by printing/not printing more. Today the US dollar is primarily based on fluctuating prices of Oil and is thus nick named “the petro-dollar.” Our founding fathers knew that wealthy and corrupt bankers would eventually try to take over the country by taking control of the flow of fiat currency. This is why the constitution forbids fiat currency, and states that legal tender is ONLY Gold and Silver….but we are way past that illegality now aren’t we? How many people are even aware of the fact that the paper money they carry around is completely illegal?

Now the banks have no Gold or Silver coin, and they barely have enough fiat currency to give out on a daily basis. You could try to go in with approximately 25 frns to buy a single silver coin today, but they would not have one to give you. We are now witnessing the end of this destructive cycle of global fiat currency manipulations, and this is what they are calling “The Great Reset.”

Their plan is not to take care of you, BELIEVE ME HERE! Their plan is to kill off as many of you as they can, leave just enough around to serve them and have the remaining population controlled by an electronic currency which can only be obtained through obedience to “THE STATE.” The remainder of the slave population will be completely controlled by microchip implants, and all your most basic God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness on this planet will be reduced to a few “privileges, so long as you behave and serve your masters. This is the basis of George Orwell’s 1984. VaXCarDS are being pushed HARD at this time, because they need a centralized human tracking system in place to use the same system for distributing digital, and highly controlled/regulated, electronic currency.

At this juncture, if you want to help put a wrench in this machine which is already moving full-steam ahead…….use more cash. Don’t rely so much on your credit / debit cards, or for that matter your Venmo or similar accounts. Use green cash wherever possible and as much as possible. If they accomplish this reset, there will be slavery like the planet has never seen before, and all history of our once God-given freedoms, and the notion of God-power flowing through the individual, will be erased and illegal. They are turning the human race into a slave race. In order to prevent this, at this juncture in human history we must stay conscious and vigilant. The life of future generations of human beings certainly depends on what happens, RIGHT NOW!

Dr. William Trebing is a board certified Chiropractic Physician with a specialty in Neurology and Radiology, centered in Connecticut and South Carolina.  He has been in private practice for 38 years offering natural health care solutions and excellent Chiropractic adjustments, with a specialty in lower back and neck intervertebral disc repair, as well as Brain-Training Neurofeedback.  He is an internationally renowned lecturer on the topics of spinal disc repair, disc radiography, natural health care, the fallacies of the germ theory and mandatory vaccination programs.  He is also the author of the popular book, “Good-Bye Germ Theory.”  He completed his undergraduate and graduate work in Biology/Chemistry and Secondary Education at both Adelphi and Brown Universities, as well as his doctorate in Chiropractic from NY Chiropractic College.

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