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People this is NOT the time to be hiding under the bed, scared that you or your loved ones are going to die from a “viral attack.”  You may as well be scared of an alien attack from outer space.  The time to GET UP AND MOVE IS NOW!  Your very Humanity is being stolen right from under the foundations of your existence, and frankly, if you do not do anything to preserve your God granted freedom as a Human Being at this time of crisis; if you allow the fear-mongering banter of the deep state to keep you controlled , scared and obedient; if you are not willing to fight for your basic rights to freedom or do not understand your basic spiritual rights to freedom, then YOU DO NOT DESERVE FREEDOM.  Plain and simple.  We are at a time of vital crossroads in Humanity, RIGHT NOW.  Choose a side, and let God be your judge from this point forward.  If the STATE is your God, you have already made the wrong choice.

Hinduism is replete with spiritual allegories, as is the Holy Bible.  By connecting with the essence or sometimes hidden meaning behind these allegories, one can discover immense spiritual, and otherwise, inner strengths which lay dormant within us, until activated.  IT IS HIGH TIME TO ACTIVATE YOUR SPIRITUAL AND INNER STRENGTHS, BECAUSE RIGHT NOW THERE IS A PUSH LIKE NEVER BEFORE TO MAKE HUMANITY INTO A SLAVE RACE.  Die on your feet or live on your knees?  Which will you do?  To live on your feet in such a climate, you will need God, your inner power.  Even if you are 99% fear and 1% aware of your inner light of God’s strength, you can overcome and fight for what is right, good and just.  1% awareness of God’s love, light and grace is all you need……..as Jesus said…….just a mustard seed’s worth of faith goes a long way.  Now what if you have more than 1%?  Then you can start working on miracles and help Humanity overcome this charade of lies called COVID19.

Now before Christians get all bent out of shape because I am both a Christian AND a Hindu (obscene to many Christians), let me just say…….get off your high horse or just simply stop reading.  People can and often are, both as Christian and Hindu, and their collective stories very much meet at a core of teaching the strength in connection to God.  That’s all I am going to say about that……….

Picture above is the Hindu deity Rama (which just so happens to be my given spiritual name).  Rama is representative of some many qualities of courage and decency, but also of the oft’times failing quality of the Human (especially male) ego.  He experiences hardships on his journey’s, fights demons in a righteous war, and overcomes them with his faith, only to discover his own shortcomings and personal failings within the process.  You know……Rama experiences life, like all of us do, and attempts to navigate his way through it with his brother Lakshmana, his wife Sita (which just so happens to be my wife’s given spiritual name), and his faithful servant/valet, the half Human/monkey Hanuman.  Their classic Indian Epic is called, “The Ramayana.”  It is a long and amazing tale, filled with allegories of personal growth and connection to spirit, and one of the joys of my life was relating this story to my children when they were young.  If you have some time on your hands, I highly recommend it.

More relevant to our present dilemma of Humanity however, are the characters Arjuna and Krishna of the even longer and more gruesome Indian classic, the Mahabharata.  Arjuna is a spiritual archer of amazing talents, who does not want to go into battle with his evil cousins.  He struggles with the thought of using his deadly arrows to kill his kin, who have turned very much to the dark side, and this epic is so very long that it even contains another, well-versed often quoted story called, The Bhagavad Gita.  This story represents a dialogue between the pure-God connected figure, Krishna, and Arjuna, relating to how it is Arjuna’s dharma (his spiritual duty), to slay not only his kinsmen, but his cousins who have turned to darkness, and away from God, committing all forms of atrocities and tyranny across the land.  In the end, Arjuna realizes what he must do; his dharma is clear, and he must stay with God, the light, and do what he can to conquer the darkness which has spread like a plague across his loved land and home.  He is victorious after a long and drawn out battle.

Now does this mean we need to start a holy war against our present day oppressors who are keeping the globe at house arrest?  That remains to be seen, but we are now in 2023, ever more divided with the transgender-covid peddling-mask-wearing-Fauci-worshipping-nonbinary-sex change at will communist nazi freaks on one side; and all of us other, natural God-loving original biological mother/father/family Human organisms on the other………they have set it up so that we either fight or have our world taken over by a ghoulish swamp hell-bent on perpetual Sodom and Gomorrah, with ample and ongoing childhood sacrifice, and a persistent attack on the divine relationship between Yin/Yang, the sacred Man/Woman dynamic.

Winston Churchill said: “It is better to stand up and chose to fight when there is slim chance of winning, then be forced to fight when there is no chance at all.”

I fear we may well be out of choices, and to fight is our only hope of maintaining natural biology, God and decency in this world.

Dr. William Trebing is a board certified Chiropractic Physician with a specialty in Neurology and Radiology, centered in Connecticut and South Carolina.  He has been in private practice for 38 years offering natural health care solutions and excellent Chiropractic adjustments, with a specialty in lower back and neck intervertebral disc repair, as well as Brain-Training Neurofeedback.  He is an internationally renowned lecturer on the topics of spinal disc repair, disc radiography, natural health care, the fallacies of the germ theory and mandatory vaccination programs.  He is also the author of the popular book, “Good-Bye Germ Theory.”  He completed his undergraduate and graduate work in Biology/Chemistry and Secondary Education at both Adelphi and Brown Universities, as well as his doctorate in Chiropractic from NY Chiropractic College.

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