Virology 101 for DUMMIES: As Opposed to manipulated Pharma Virology for Idiots

The Pharmaceutical industry leaders and their government puppets consider you to be a complete and utter MORON. You prove them correct every time you adhere to and follow their JUNK NON-SCIENCE which is nothing but NON-SENSE. If you blindly follow the bull crap they persistently bombard the public with daily, then just plainly accept the fact that you are one of their cattle, and they will eventually lead you off to slaughter after they are finished making money with your body. Since you are one of their cattle, they own your mind and will continue to make tons of money off of your ailing, progressively sickly body since you are following their ridiculous advice, with a culmination of making tons of money off of your death. Consider yourself to be their CASH-COW and lets just call you Bessie. But hey, they insist we live in a free country and that you have choices, so they let you pick the color of the bell you wear around your neck.

STOP IT! Can you just fucking STOP listening to them and listen to your intuitive reason? The reason which bangs on the inside of your head daily begging you to JUST STOP LISTENING TO THE BULL SHIT!

VIROLOGY 101: Did you listen in High School Biology class?

What we call ‘viruses,” are non-living cellular membrane materials that may or may not have genetic materials attached to them. They come in all different very small sizes and shapes, and are usually icosahedrin in nature. They outnumber Human Beings by the hundreds of millions, and are ubiquitous throughout the atmosphere, water and soil. Like all things in God’s great Universe, they serve a purpose, most likely thousands of purposes which have yet to be discovered because all of the emphasis over the decades has been hell-bent on declaring them to be ghost-devils. They are not. If they were, Human Beings would have NEVER adapted over the centuries to live with them, as well as the thousands of other microbes we experience minute by minute in our daily round, despite the fact that you may have become addicted to hand sanitizer. The main active ingredient in hand sanitizer is of course, PARANOIA, and 20 seconds after you use that hand sanitizer, those very microbes have returned to your skin, because trying to get rid of them is about as smart as the old Bible allegory where the prince goes to the mountain top daily, shooting arrows into the sky trying to kill God. His princely ego is huge, and he believes he knows more than the infinite, who lets him persistently make his mistakes until one day, the prince is struck down by a lightening storm on that very mountain.


Ain’t never gonna happen. Why? Because YOU and all Human Beings are a part of the natural flow of this Earth, Universe, and all it’s contents. You may at times think you have more knowledge than the infinite, that you can overpower the natural order of things to bend nature to your whim for your own personal profit…….however every time you attempt this you will, eventually, be struck down by some form of lightening.

Viruses will NEVER be eliminated. They do what they do, and will continue to do what they do despite anything you believe you can do to them. But MAN likes to think he/she has control, so we start by using categorizations. We have these Corona Viruses; we have these HIV viruses; we have hundreds of other categories of viruses we have spent decades classifying under the electron microscope as we view them in their DEAD, and quite unnatural state of being. If you really want to discover what viruses are actually doing in your body, you MUST start with looking at them alive and in action under DARK FIELD MICROSCOPY, but I digress. This is virology 101 and that is the advanced course, suffice to say that in the present state of our research discovery institutions, they are ALL examining microbes in a dead, and not alive, environment. If you truly want to discover the purpose of Viruses, and understand completely what it is they actually do, then you need to observe them in living tissue. When you observe them in dead tissue, you are obtaining about 5% of the necessary information needed to more accurately understand what their functions are. But hey, this is the Pharma-Med institutions we are talking about, where profits and control are paramount. They are not interested in learning the truth, only having the masses adhere to their propaganda.

The Viral category of popular mention these days are the Corona Viruses. It used to be the HIV viruses, but that propaganda stream ran out with a myriad of great scientists insisting on spreading the truth. That was 40 years ago, and today censorship of vital information hides the truth in locked rooms so propaganda can flourish.

Corona Viruses are hundreds in nature, and have always been thought create the common cold and the flu, two ongoing and minor albeit annoying ailments we in the natural health field know as “detoxification.” HIV viruses are also clumped together with CV viruses to create a category called RETROVIRUSES. These are harmless, non-living particles which exist everywhere.

What the Pharma-HYPE has been telling you for 18 months now, is that these are beasties. They are multiplying rapidly into deadly invaders which can kill you simply by breathing them in, despite the nature of your state of health. The natural state of your HEALTH, is far more important then a positive CV test. If you possess vibrant health, who cares if you test positive? It doesn’t mean anything, and 99.9% of the time under these conditions, nothing will become of it. Instead of obsessively testing for a supposed “Virus” no one has been able to isolate, we should be testing for health status; a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being vibrant health and powerful immunity. Especially if you already have had a CV experience, and you got sick with cold and flu symptoms, however severe, your body is all the more strong in immunity for this experience. The pharma-cartel CANNOT deny this very fact, although they lie about it constantly because a truly healthy population is a pharma-cartel’s worst enemy.

For the record, THERE ARE NO VIRUSES THAT CAN MUTATE TO KILLERS IN A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME. What is a short period of time? Hundreds of years perhaps? No one really knows because as viral particles move through human populations, due to collective herd immunity they become increasingly LESS VIRULENT, not more powerful. What the pharma-cartel claims about Viruses is biologically impossible, considering the knowledge we have of Virology from the past 75 years of study. Today’s Pharma-Cartel has bastardized Virology into a propaganda marketing tool of mega-profits, and controls nations’ governments’ with such propaganda. If Viruses were even able to wipe out entire populations, truthfully, Human Beings would never have survived to this point. Our immune systems adapt to Viral stress, and although there are undoubtedly Human deaths which occur from this process of adaptation, all from Human populations which have had poor living conditions and poor health to begin with, our natural immune systems are paramount in keeping our species vital and ongoing.

In this light, it is important to understand that due to these wonderful and complex immune systems we all have in common as Human Beings, VIRAL STRENGTH DOES NOT GET STRONGER OVER TIME, IN FACT IT GETS WEAKER. Our Human bodies adapt to the stress both individually and collectively, and the most important fact is…….


This is as well, a biological impossibility due to the very nature and structure of our collective immunity. This entire CV propaganda dilemma is nothing more than an illegal marketing ploy to seize control of governments and populations with fear-mongering. All these “variants,” moving through every aspect of conversation and media billboard both physical and electronic, are complete lies and nonsense. Selling “cures” thus, in the form of “vaccines” and other “shots,” will be a perpetual scourge on the public because the entire premise is based on a fundamental lie, THAT WITHOUT THEIR POTIONS, SHOTS AND VACCINES, YOU CANNOT SURVIVE. THEY ARE ATTEMPTING TO COMPLETELY SEPARATE HUMAN BEINGS FROM THE NATURE AND KNOWLEDGE OF THEIR NATURAL, INNATE ABILITY TO HEAL AND STAY HEALTHY SIMPLY BY STIMULATING, AND CARING FOR THEIR IMMUNE SYSTEMS. The Human immune system and it’s naturally good responses for health are a LARGE stumbling block for the Pharma-cartels take over of government and your body.

Another concept of importance, is understanding Jonas Salk and his initial intent of providing vaccines. The concept of a vaccine is actually sound and true. You stimulate, NATURALLY AND HARMLESSLY, stimulate a person’s immune system with a micro-dose of a serious disease in order to produce an immune response, which is now more ready to encounter the disease process it may encounter out there in the real world. This is a good idea, and actually is the basis of Homeopathy. Jonas Salk turns over in his grave actually, because it was never his intent to inject the toxic and poisonous additives which are now part of every pharma-cartel vaccine; todays’ vaccines are highly toxic and poorly studied in order to produce maximal profits and more sick people. Plain and simple. There are no vaccines remaining, or CV shots for that matter, (which are NOT vaccines, they are genetic medications), which produce more benefit than harm.

But today’s Pharma-cartel nonsense and nonscience, is brain-washing the public and governments to believe that their brand of vaccines actually eliminates disease, OR eliminates the viruses, or other microbes that create the disease from a population. This concept is scientifically impossible, as these microbes adapt and are plentiful and constantly regrowing everywhere. Vaccines following the nature of Homeopathy can certainly help your immune system to recognize them, and in conjunction with practicing healthy habits, can aid a person in not experiencing symptoms. But no pharma vaccine has EVER eradicated a virus; not Polio, not Diptheria, not Whooping Cough, not Mumps, not Measles, not Chicken Pox…………………NADA AND NOTHING! These Viruses remain within us and our population untouched and unbothered. If people are not experiencing these problems any more, it is only because either the sanitation of the population has improved both internally and externally, and natural immunity towards these problems has collectively improved from such sanitation. Or it could simply be the “disease” in and of itself has been re-classified by medical bureaucracy, and the symptoms of that disease have actually remained UNCHANGED throughout a given population, and are still quite prevalent. An example of such is the re-classification of what used to be Polio, but is now called Paralytic Spinal Meningitis. Same shit, different day, and this re-classification process accounts for many diseases which have miraculously “disappeared” from Human existence.

So the popular propaganda spin, which is widely circulating today, is something I hear often, especially from young people not well versed in the basics of biology and virology; “If enough people would simply stop ranting on about their freedoms and just get the vaccine, CV would be eliminated already and it would not be able to mutate into more dangerous forms. But because of these damn anti-vaxers and people who demand their freedom of choice, they will not get the vaccine and they keep the CV alive and becoming more dangerous until it has the ability to mutate into something which will eventually wipe out Humanity. This is why everyone needs to get the vaccine so all the Corona Viruses can be killed and stopped from mutating.” One of my young patients actually ranted this to me (of all people) as she was being treated yesterday. What I found completely frightening about this, is that people actually believe this propaganda. The misunderstandings which naturally arise from believing nonsense and nonscience like this, are what fuel the tensions between those who believe they are “doing the right thing” by getting “vaccinated” ( we all know these are not vaccines people are receiving ), and as this young person noted, “those who wish to maintain their freedoms.” To be clear and concise on this very point so there is no confusion, VACCINES AND PHARMA-SHOTS CANNOT, AND DO NOT ELIMINATE DISEASES NOR DO THEY ELIMINATE VIRUSES. THIS IS BIOLOGICALLY IMPOSSIBLE AND EVERY PHARMA-REPRESENTATIVE AND VACCINE MANUFACTURER WILL ATTEST TO THIS BIOLOGICAL FACT. HOWEVER, THEY CERTAINLY APPRECIATE THAT THIS IS WHAT MOST PEOPLE BELIEVE. Vaccines in their TRUE sense, are supposed to stimulate your OWN IMMUNE SYSTEM TO COMBAT THE ISSUE! It has absolutely nothing to do with the vaccine killing a disease or a virus, this is ludicrous. THE POINT HERE IS, WHETHER OR NOT YOU ARE SPEAKING ABOUT GETTING OR NOT GETTING A VACCINE, IT STILL COMES DOWN TO A STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM BEING THE KEY TO HEALTH. VACCINATIONS ARE SUPPOSED TO BOOST IMMUNITY, NOT BE FILLED WITH TOXINS WHICH KILL/MAIM THE PERSON WHO RECEIVES THEM. They have spent a ton of time, energy and money in the propaganda campaigns which have produced these false notions. It doesn’t matter that they are not true nor biologically sound; they know they are not sound, nor reliable, nor based in scientific fact, and will ALWAYS tell you they are. All that matters is that people are afraid, kept fearful, and believe the misconceptions. This is all they need to accomplish their evil mission.

Has this particular, and quite harmless, Corona Virus been manipulated through “gain-of-function” research. Oh yes, it certainly has. They have created a monster that has been released upon the populations of the globe for decades, actually through airborne ChemTrails. How did they create this monster? Well they simply took the structure of a natural and harmless Viral structure the call Corona, they spent time sticking toxic protein structures to it (the so-called SPIKE-PROTEINS of mention today), found a way to replicate it en masse and have found a myriad of ways to make it airborne. As a result, the globe’s populations in all countries have been noticing a sharp decline in respiratory health over the past 2 decades. Respiratory illness and difficulties, including difficulties with the sinuses, have been the #1 reason for visiting a doctors office or emergency room for over 20 years now, so declining respiratory health among varying populations is nothing new. All of CV19 , as well as this PLAN-DEMIC, is nothing more than a very calculated propaganda campaign of lies and deceit to seize control of your body and governments health care ideologies throughout the globe, for mega-profiteering and population control. The Corona Virus “Pandemic” has no basis in any real science, and the largest goal of creating such a “Pandemic” is fear-mongering a doctrine of JUNK-SCIENCE to replace natural science and biology; They just figure the masses of people are stupid enough to swallow and believe it all, and with their control of ALL THE MEDIA, the climate is ripe for this takeover of your most basic freedoms and choices.

To conclude then…………….JUST SAY NO! NO! Viruses cannot mutate this quickly to kill off the human population. NO! Their forced “shots” will not even remotely “save humanity,” by preventing the viruses from mutating into more deadly strains. This is biologically impossible. But what is NOT impossible, is creating greater levels of airborne toxicity by whatever they release into the atmosphere, and combine with 5G technology, to create massive respiratory disease…..this they already have the ability to do, and will be the next phase of this whole dilemma as all those who received the injections now get very sick and die from the next stage of the manipulation which they aim to blame on people who are naturally healthy, who refuse their shots, aka the anti-vaxers. NO! Their shots DO NOT create a health or immune response that is stronger than NATURAL IMMUNITY, no matter how hard they try to rewrite biology to their system of non-biology. They aim to eliminate all competition of people who wish to live free and naturally, adhering to God’s green planet and Universal laws, because clearly, as long as we are around as PROOF THAT WE DO NOT NEED THEM OR THEIR SHOTS, we are their main stumbling block to global domination, and of course they have to eliminate us. Will they accomplish this? That all depends on how many people WAKE UP, and fast.

Dr. William Trebing is a board certified Chiropractic Physician with a specialty in Neurology and Radiology, centered in Connecticut and South Carolina.  He has been in private practice for 38 years offering natural health care solutions and excellent Chiropractic adjustments, with a specialty in lower back and neck intervertebral disc repair, as well as Brain-Training Neurofeedback.  He is an internationally renowned lecturer on the topics of spinal disc repair, disc radiography, natural health care, the fallacies of the germ theory and mandatory vaccination programs.  He is also the author of the popular book, “Good-Bye Germ Theory.”  He completed his undergraduate and graduate work in Biology/Chemistry and Secondary Education at both Adelphi and Brown Universities, as well as his doctorate in Chiropractic from NY Chiropractic College.

The Great Financial RESET: What is CVnineeeteeveen really about?

In my favorite movie, “FIGHT CLUB,” the infamous alter-ego Tyler Durton has a plan to blow up major credit buildings like TRW, in order to erase all credit and bring “everyone back to zero.”

Whereas I totally think this is a cool idea and would love to see every inch of fiat currency/electronic credit from every major brokerage house brought to zero (including all of Wall street and every major stock-exchange on the planet), this is NOT what people are calling “THE GREAT RESET.” The DEBT-MONEY system has been a time bomb waiting to explode since Nixon took us off the Gold Standard for good in the early 70’s. Constitutional money, the ONLY LEGAL TENDER of the United States, is Gold and Silver coin. These things got burdensome to carry around, so banks were formed to hold your legal tender for you (Gold and Silver), and they gave you a paper representation of the legal tender….called a federal reserve note or FRN. They said they would keep your metals in the bank and perhaps charge you a small fee for it……then they stole your metals while keeping you dumbed down, left you with the worthless paper currency, and the rest is history.

It used to be, when I was a wee tot, that anyone could visit their local bank, and walk in with your FRN which was then a “Silver Certificate.” You simply presented that note to the teller, asked for your silver dollar and you received it. Every FRN noted they were a silver certificate redeemable for the actual coin upon demand. But then something strange happened….well maybe not so strange, THEY STOLE ALL THE GOLD AND SILVER, and let FRN’s become a FIAT currency; this means they were not longer backed by something tangible like a precious coin…..they were now pieces of paper that would fluctuate in value dependent on a myriad of other economic values you’d have to receive an MBA to even begin to understand.

At this point the people were now at the mercy of those who printed the money, and those wealthy elites who distributed it and controlled it’s value by printing/not printing more. Today the US dollar is primarily based on fluctuating prices of Oil and is thus nick named “the petro-dollar.” Our founding fathers knew that wealthy and corrupt bankers would eventually try to take over the country by taking control of the flow of fiat currency. This is why the constitution forbids fiat currency, and states that legal tender is ONLY Gold and Silver….but we are way past that illegality now aren’t we? How many people are even aware of the fact that the paper money they carry around is completely illegal?

Now the banks have no Gold or Silver coin, and they barely have enough fiat currency to give out on a daily basis. You could try to go in with approximately 25 frns to buy a single silver coin today, but they would not have one to give you. We are now witnessing the end of this destructive cycle of global fiat currency manipulations, and this is what they are calling “The Great Reset.”

Their plan is not to take care of you, BELIEVE ME HERE! Their plan is to kill off as many of you as they can, leave just enough around to serve them and have the remaining population controlled by an electronic currency which can only be obtained through obedience to “THE STATE.” The remainder of the slave population will be completely controlled by microchip implants, and all your most basic God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness on this planet will be reduced to a few “privileges, so long as you behave and serve your masters. This is the basis of George Orwell’s 1984. VaXCarDS are being pushed HARD at this time, because they need a centralized human tracking system in place to use the same system for distributing digital, and highly controlled/regulated, electronic currency.

At this juncture, if you want to help put a wrench in this machine which is already moving full-steam ahead…….use more cash. Don’t rely so much on your credit / debit cards, or for that matter your Venmo or similar accounts. Use green cash wherever possible and as much as possible. If they accomplish this reset, there will be slavery like the planet has never seen before, and all history of our once God-given freedoms, and the notion of God-power flowing through the individual, will be erased and illegal. They are turning the human race into a slave race. In order to prevent this, at this juncture in human history we must stay conscious and vigilant. The life of future generations of human beings certainly depends on what happens, RIGHT NOW!

Dr. William Trebing is a board certified Chiropractic Physician with a specialty in Neurology and Radiology, centered in Connecticut and South Carolina.  He has been in private practice for 38 years offering natural health care solutions and excellent Chiropractic adjustments, with a specialty in lower back and neck intervertebral disc repair, as well as Brain-Training Neurofeedback.  He is an internationally renowned lecturer on the topics of spinal disc repair, disc radiography, natural health care, the fallacies of the germ theory and mandatory vaccination programs.  He is also the author of the popular book, “Good-Bye Germ Theory.”  He completed his undergraduate and graduate work in Biology/Chemistry and Secondary Education at both Adelphi and Brown Universities, as well as his doctorate in Chiropractic from NY Chiropractic College.

Your LEGAL RIGHT to INFORMED CONSENT FORM: Use this if someone is saying you can be forced to get a CV Shot, whether unapproved or approved…..doesn’t matter!


Adults and children do have a CHOICE, regardless of what they are attempting to coerce you into doing, like take a medication, or shot, against your will. Saying you have to take a shot or lose your job, is COERCION against your will. Being coerced into taking a shot against your will, and to not have ANYONE LIABLE for damages that may occur as a result of such coercion, is against EVERY IMAGINABLE LAW PROTECTING HUMANITY in most countries around the globe.


All medical doctors must provide their patients with informed consent forms for medical procedures which have the potential of being dangerous. CV shots CERTAINLY fall under this category.

If the doctor, or nurse administering a CV shot (or anyone who gives you any shot for that matter), does not explain the risks and ask the patient to sign an informed consent form, this is assault and battery under the law. You cannot be forced to do ANYTHING which can potentially harm you or your child. The person administering the CV shot is then liable for not only assault and battery lawsuit, but as well a malpractice lawsuit should any damages occur as a result of this coercion.

Type up a form, and as well ASK, anyone who is coercing you to get a medical procedure (CV shot, vaccine, etc.) in order to keep your livelihood going (putting food on the table), and most likely overstepping their boundaries for your civil rights (Librard employers/bosses/managers, or really anyone denying you access to any other place solely because they say you must engage in an unwanted medical procedure).

Make your form for the person administrating the CV shot or other vaccine, hold that person responsible in the following manner:

  1. What is the full list of ingredients in the CV shot (or other vaccine, remember CV shots are NOT vaccines) you would administer to me? I want to know all of them and leave nothing out.
  2. How can you be certain that I am not allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned?
  3. Note any known complications which can occur from this shot. If you are saying there are no known complications based on the present research, please back your statement up with at least 3 peer reviewed studies listed below (provide space for this answer).
  4. Please state which law enables you to require me to have a shot without my informed consent, or without signing a form of informed consent provided for most medical procedures.
  5. Although the government may have provided the pharmaceutical companies who make this shot with immunity from damages, I maintain my right to sue YOU for medical malpractice and for damage loss should I have harmed from the shot you are administering.
  6. The person giving the shot agrees to be completely liable for such damages which may occur to me as a result of me receiving this shot.

This may need to be 2 separate forms; one for your employer, stating that if you are forcing me to receive a shot I do not consent to receive, as a condition of my ongoing employment with you, then you (the employer) assume any and all responsibility for damages which may occur as a result of me taking this action against my will. If my employment is terminated as a result of my decision to NOT COMPLY with getting this shot, I will as well sue for damages due to loss of income and livelihood, since there is no reason to terminate my employment.

For doctors/nurses, be sure to remind them of their Hippocratic Oath in your notice as well, and that the credo of all medical practice is to FIRST DO NO HARM to the patient.

Believe me, you will NEVER get anyone to sign these forms. If they will not sign the form you present, it demonstrates their reluctance, due to a lack of knowledge regarding the safety of what they are doing.

Why would anyone engage in a medical procedure with a medical professional who was reluctant about the safety of that procedure? It makes no sense and is insanity.



Dr. William Trebing is a board certified Chiropractic Physician with a specialty in Neurology and Radiology, centered in Connecticut and South Carolina.  He has been in private practice for 38 years offering natural health care solutions and excellent Chiropractic adjustments, with a specialty in lower back and neck intervertebral disc repair, as well as Brain-Training Neurofeedback.  He is an internationally renowned lecturer on the topics of spinal disc repair, disc radiography, natural health care, the fallacies of the germ theory and mandatory vaccination programs.  He is also the author of the popular book, “Good-Bye Germ Theory.”  He completed his undergraduate and graduate work in Biology/Chemistry and Secondary Education at both Adelphi and Brown Universities, as well as his doctorate in Chiropractic from NY Chiropractic College.



A scene from the 2004 zombie comedy “Shaun of the Dead.” Rogue Pictures

I’ve been writing short snipets on how to communicate with COVID19 troopers and others indoctrinated into the matrix:

I’ve been talking about a BIG PHARMA take-over of your body for two decades, and this is their end game. They’ll do whatever they can to accomplish this goal and if we somehow thwart their efforts with CV19-Scamdemic, they will find another way to do it. They just keep coming at us for their agenda of taking over the planet and enslaving humankind.

It will be difficult enough to dodge the coming “vaccine-gestapo” with Trump in a second term, but at least it will be doable. If he does not win re-election by some slight of hand scam of voting, then our lives will become exceedingly more complicated for quite sometime.

MASKS are nothing more than indoctrination into the MEDICAL RELIGION, and faith in their TOXIC SERUMS. Believe in the religion, take the serum into your body (the true mark of the beast), and you are absolved to go on living your life; whatever quality of life you have after they have poisoned both your body and mind.

First we have the masks: Mine protects you, yours protects me. Then we will have the toxic vaccines. Mine protects you, yours protects me. No one listening to a word about natural healing methods, natural and long lasting immunity and what to do to obtain super health. All they are talking about is all the shots everyone needs to receive, and BY LAW if you want to be counted as a person again and be allowed to work and come out of the house.

Then, they will go after all the natural sciences and schools of healing, systematically closing them down. Then they will go after free speech and education on natural healing with sanctions like never before, including jail time.

Trump better win, then at least we will have another 4 years to contemplate what to do and come up with another plan after that. This is ongoing. It has been ongoing, a cat and mouse game of naturally healthy people running from the BORG in an attempt to not get assimilated into medical zombieism.

Dr. William Trebing is a board certified Chiropractic Physician with a specialty in Neurology and Radiology, centered in Connecticut and South Carolina.  He has been in private practice for 38 years offering natural health care solutions and excellent Chiropractic adjustments, with a specialty in lower back and neck intervertebral disc repair, as well as Brain-Training Neurofeedback.  He is an internationally renowned lecturer on the topics of spinal disc repair, disc radiography, natural health care, the fallacies of the germ theory and mandatory vaccination programs.  He is also the author of the popular book, “Good-Bye Germ Theory.”  He completed his undergraduate and graduate work in Biology/Chemistry and Secondary Education at both Adelphi and Brown Universities, as well as his doctorate in Chiropractic from NY Chiropractic College.

Are We Feeling Set Up Yet? How much longer will we be able to use this truthful language against masks and vaccines?

Are We Feeling Set Up Yet? How much longer will we be able to use this truthful language against masks and vaccines?

I watched Tucker Carlson’s 16 minute piece last evening………….then it hit me.  Holy shit!  Are we being played here yet again?

From what was a completely laughable concept of a Joe Biden “presidency” back in February, I have been snapped into the reality of a possible Joe Biden puppet communist “presidency” after I heard him speak.

What will ensure Trump’s victory in November?  If he seriously begins kicking some ASS of liberal concepts, and he has to do it not even today, but yesterday.  “Sitting around and waiting to see what happens?”  WTF is that ?!  Allow violence and depopulating police forces to proliferate through the country?  Allowing domestic terrorist groups to occupy city blocks in Seattle?  Even for a day?  NO!  Uprisings on national levels require a strong response from the National Guard to protect American lives and businesses, what Trump SHOULD be doing.  He should be turning UP the volume on a well deserved ASS-KICKING of liberal protestors that he is simply NOT DOING!  Why ?!  Poll numbers decreasing are a result of Trump now appearing weak, and to me, this makes no sense whatsoever and is uncharacteristic for the Trump we know who is now appearing to cower before the very forces he has vowed to protect us from.  Thusly, I am beginning to feel VERY PLAYED HERE !

We all get corralled into one corner cheering with Del BigTree and other Truth seekers who are still allowed to actually tell the truth on the web.  Trump has been the leader and hope of the Truth movement to some extent.  He has poised himself as an opposite force to the Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci’s and George Soro’s of the world, and that has giving us some peace and faith that some good actually still exists here to fight the evil.  But if Trump backs off his tough-guy stance to evil even just a little, trying to play both ends….He…..and WE THE PEOPLE, are fucked.

SAY GOOD-BYE TO ANY HOPE OF BLOCKING THE ADULT VACCINATION CARD GLOBALLY IF TRUMP IS NOT RE-ELECTED!  Then Joe Biden goes to take a nap, and Bill Gates/George Soros become your emperors, and all their minions will wreck complete HAVOC with your life and the lives of your children.  Say Good-Bye to doing ANYTHING in your life without receiving the full compliment of vaccines they dish out if these democrats win.

My prayers rest on Trump doing something to stand up and show his nuts, and soon !

I have been writing extensively on FB about proper language for avoiding both ridiculous mask wearing, as well as fighting mandatory vaccines.  For now, we can use this language successfully to brush the mind-controlled germ/vaccine zombies away from ruining our lives; but if Trump looses, sooner than later my entire site will become illegal, and using language such as this will as well be deemed a public threat and then simply by using this language, WE who use it will become the new domestic terrorists. If these democrats take over, there will soon be nothing left of the once great American life we of all races have come to love and cherish.

For Mask-Zombies:  Use the following language:

The proper RETORT for ths BS MEME: “My mask protects you, your mask protects me.”

“Excuse me madame (sir), but you are incorrect. Your mask does not protect you nor me. In fact that mask you are wearing is a complete waste of time proven with real science, not the fake science which you adhere to. You are as well to be cautioned because you are inhaling your own CO2 and CO (carbon monoxide) which is toxic to your blood over the extended periods of time in which you wear that mask. You are definitely doing more harm to yourself by wearing it and actually you are decreasing your own bodies capacity to fight germs due to the deoxygenation you are experiencing daily. A properly functioning immune system needs both oxygen and sunshine. Now since you are speaking about me, I have devoted my lifetime to a study of health maintenance, so I know what to do to keep myself not only germ free, flu free, cold free and Covid free; I know how to enable the varying microbes ubiquitous to my body through proper lifestyle and diet, so that they continuously work for my good and well being, and NOT my demise. I do not need to wear a mask because I am not sick. If you can get sick from being around a completely healthy person, I am sorry to hear that, but IT IS NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY to wear a ridiculous mask to make you feel better, when you have not taken the proper steps within your lifetime to protect yourself by building a strong body and a strong immune system. NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY AT ALL ! If you are at risk by being around healthy people, you should stay AT HOME UNTIL YOU TAKE MEASURES TO GET STRONGER, instead of running around town with a mask on insisting all others do as you do because of your lifetime of negligence. Thanks and have a nice day (or simply say fuck-off whatever is appropriate).”

For Mandatory Adult-Vaccine zombies:  Use the following language:

Use the retort I gave for masks for the upcoming vaccine argument: because soon it’s going to be,

“my vaccine protects you, your vaccine protects me.“

Of course we knew this is where it was all going. But it’s the same educated retort;

“ I don’t believe in your junk science. I’ve spent a lifetime keeping myself healthy so I don’t need your crappy vaccines Which are toxic and create more illness. You’ve spent a lifetime making yourself sick and destroying your immune system By eating a crappy diet, or otherwise doing things to yourself, your body, and mind that has made your immune system suck. I don’t care if you think you’re the healthiest person on the planet, if you’re relying on medical vaccines, clearly you are not, because I can rely on my immune system to keep me healthy from not only these idiotic viral diseases, but also chronic diseases like cancer.  So if you need them, God bless you, but if you’re basing your whole argument that I need to get a vaccine to protect you because you fucked up in life on your health, that’s like saying I have to jump into the fireplace to keep you warm. How about you just stay in the house until you get healthy enough to go out and be amongst all the other healthy unvaccinated people, that’s the best plan.

Oh and one more thing……

……..fuck off!”😀”

Let’s keep praying Gates and Soros, the representations of pure evil, don’t come to power here.  Let’s keep praying the light prevails.

African American Males Targeted for Autism: Since Racism is such a hot topic lets dive fully in shall we?

African American Males Targeted for Autism: Since Racism is such a hot topic lets dive fully in shall we?

Since 2014 there have been some odd circumstances/reports centered around an almost 4x greater incidence of Autism among African American Males, when compared to males of other races.

Hey, the name of my blog is Say No To Vaccines, so you are going to get this kind of thinking here.  Since I began this journey nearly 40 years ago, I have had this sneaking suspicion that certain ethnic groups could be targeted for more disease, and more neurological damage resulting in Autism and the varying spectrum disorders.

One of the biggest question I have always asked people to ponder is……..HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT EXACTLY IS IN THAT SHOT YOU SO EAGERLY, FREELY, FAITHFULLY AND TRUSTWORTHINGLY INJECT INTO YOUR CHILDREN?  The bottom line answer is…..YOU DON’T KNOW WHATS IN IT….and even if you did, you could not pronounce more than half of the ingredients nor would you understand what they are doing scientifically in the vaccine.  You are moving on trust; trust of your doctor who administers the vaccine and trust of the government who mandates it.  This leaves the door open for trickery that not only cost lives, but create lives disadvantaged by neurological disorders.

Vaccine enthusiasts have long stated that Autism and other neurological problems cannot be the result of vaccines because not everyone who receives the SAME vaccine, gets ill or develops chronic long term issues.  Pro-vaxers say this is all the proof they need to point the blame of these disorders to another mechanism.  But hold on there pro-vaxers!  You are assuming that ALL people and kids get the exact same MMR vaccine.  But what if they didn’t?  What if certain populations of people were given more toxic vaccines on purpose to create an intended higher level of these disorders?  What if they really knew the vaccine was worthless anyway, so they could also give other populations a saline solution called a vaccine, which creates no side effects whatsoever.  This being the case you could target disease rates in certain populations over time.  Don’t think the pharmaceutical companies are up for sale to target in this way, when being told to do so by a mega-spending Bill Gates and the likes of other billionaires attempting to take-over the planet?  I totally would NOT put this past them.

Over time since 2010 there had been talk of African American males being targets for higher Autism rates.  Here are some articles to read to draw your own conclusions.

CDC whistleblower: ‘MMR vaccine causes autism in black males’

How Many African-American Boys Have Autism as a Result of the CDC’s Lies?

ADHD Wars Against Black Boys: Dr. Umar Johnson Details How To Combat Misdiagnosis Of The Learning Disorder




Am I just stating the obvious here with this title?  Yes.  This is a time-old rouse and play.  Protestors/Proletariat are USED throughout history by stealth organizers of the Bourgeois.

I was at the protest in Stamford Connecticut yesterday, first and foremost as papa-bear because I knew my 18 year old daughter was in the center of it…..but as well just out of curiosity for who was behind the rebel rousing. Guess who?

Well you’ve probably already guessed it is the Democratic National Party, aka the new American Communist party.

Throughout history, Proletariat have always been USED by the Bourgeois to advance their agendas, and of course this scenario is no different.

As I funneled through the crowd, I saw several white and tattooed millennials moving through the crowd targeting ONLY the black population to attend the next few protests with fliers.  Even though the were all masked, could it be any more OBVIOUS that they were moving through the crowd with an agenda in mind?  Mounting up more troupes for the rebel rousing to suit their needs. I was standing RIGHT THERE, and one of them gave me a look and didn’t even bother to pass me a flier, which read: JUNE 13, STAMFORD GOVERNMENT CENTER: This protest will be about VOTING by mail apparently. How convenient.  Aren’t these protests supposed to be about racism and the killing of George Floyd?  Just ridiculous how certain groups of people DO NOT REALIZE THEY ARE BEING PLAYED !

But we are in Connecticut, so what does this really matter because people in this area of NY, NY and CT will vote for Pluto the Dog over Donald Trump anyway, so why bother?  Well it’s all about media coverage.  This next protest will include VOTING ISSUES and the Demoncrats organizing the protestors need numbers en masse for the cameras.  Of course they are going to organize the protests regarding these issues in easily manipulated towns to create a media presence which is larger than the movement actually is……….which right now is dead.

What happened to George Floyd is a tragedy of modern society, there is no question of that.  Racism needs to be flushed OUT of global policing, there is no question of this either.  But beating a dead horse with protest after protest after protest is NOT about this single issue, and everyone knows it; The new American Democratic/Communist party has seized the day to milk as much as they can from this tragedy, and thus use the emotional people within as pawns to broaden their aims.

Maybe one day people will wake up to this nonsense?  I believe many of the police departments have, as they bend over backwards in some instances to go out with the protestors to knell, hug and pray with them, showing that they too believe racism has no place in policing the streets.  It is my hope that the people of the planet, of all races, come to realize how their emotions are manipulated through MASS LIBERAL MEDIA (aka communist media propaganda), to turn them into played hyper-emotional pawns in their game of chess.  Do you think these millennials rummaging through the crowd looking for targets to amass their army, actually care about the people they are targeting?  Please.  They are turning every aggressive opportunity they are able into an ANTI-TRUMP moment to oust him from office because of their desperation, and they don’t mind ruining both the country AND the planet to accomplish their aims.


The March Of The Covidiots, and then there is Alan Dershowitz!

The March Of The Covidiots, and then there is Alan Dershowitz!

We see them everywhere!  Dutifully wearing their tight oxygen restriction devices over their faces as they drive alone, run outside, ride their bikes, and possibly even go to sleep.  They are the COVIDIOTS, and I am afraid they are here to stay for a while……

I have always been a fan of Alan Dershowitz; until recent.  “You do not have the right to be Tyhpoid Mary and spread the disease around to others.”  He has begun in his 81st year, to speak out as a proponent of forced adult CV Vaccination, regardless of the cost to Human existence.  His whole point is that people do not have the right to walk around spreading disease; however his logic is completely off.  He is a lawyer, and not a virologist, and not a doctor, and not even anyone who has the right to make such a claim, other than the fact that he is a wise old coot who’s been around the block with constitutional law for decades.

No Mr. Dershowitz, unless you can prove in court, which you cannot, that a person is actually Typhoid Mary or Typhoid Mike (a fantasy story to begin with), you are not going very far with this claim.  Popular PharmaBigState propaganda nothwithstanding, coming out of the mouths of Birks and Fauci and all those bought individuals who have sold their souls to vaccination folklore, there is NO BASIS IN LAW, especially when considering COVID19, to suggest what these individuals are trying to make common knowledge; that asymptomatic people pose a threat to society in someway.

Asymptomatic people are healthy people.  Asymptomatic people, if they carry a particular virus like corona, have already handled the immunity involved to make it a non-issue.  That being the case, if they sneeze in your general direction as you have that useless diaper on your face you call a mask, you may certainly get all the viruses known to exist in mankind that you have received all your life in your daily round……and just look !  You are still standing !  That’s because you too have an immune system which handles these things, albeit it might well take you a few symptoms to develop immunity, you most certainly will from the thousands of years of understanding we have about our God-given immune system and timely response to such matters.

Dershowitz is an old dude with a completely old understanding, and he has bought into the bullshit maybe because he is old and, like so many old people, scared of dying.  Is what he says true?  Like any lawyer he poses one side of the story.

Most governments with their lack of understanding of virology and biology, and the equanimity of the Earth’s biome, have no idea what they are doing and react completely out of fear, being advised from pharma-fed medical professionals who are indoctrinated with “knowledge” from their pharma-owned medical schools.  Dershowitz and the like believe in the COVID19 death narrative so professed by Gov. Cuomo when he said: “THE VIRUS IS DEATH!”  What a jackass.  Mr. Cuome, you fucking idiot, many things are death, including ruining your state’s economy and fucking over the good people you are supposed to support all because you are following the narrative of your pharma masters.  Government passes vaccination laws based on antiquated germ-theory narratives which say “GERM-BUG-BAD-KILL-GERM-VACCINE-YEA LOOK HOW COOL WE ARE!”  This is the vaccine-germ theory mind-control of the left liberal democrat mind these days.  So due to the 10th amendment, Dershowitz says they can force a needle in your arm.  NOT SO !  AM JURIS PRUDENCE is the gold standard by which judges judge, and it is stated clearly there that NO STATE OF EMERGENCY HAS THE POWER TO SUPERCEDE ANY OF YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.  Yes, but he and Cuomo state that “you do not have the right to infect me.”  This is idiocy.  People exchange viruses and bacteria every second and they move through the Earth’s Biome, and there is no way to avoid this.  “Yeah but this is different, this thing is a killer!”  No, it’s not.  The more time moves on, the more proof we have that most people have at one time or another over the past few years come across COVID19, without even knowing they had it, got a cold or the flu, recovered, developed immunity, and then went on their merry way.  The death toll on this is now discovered to be 10 to the minus 3 digits, so what the fuck are you talking about?!  This is no different from the average, or maybe above average, flu season.

That is the first argument against Dershowitz’s claim.  The second is that, although states have the right to compel vaccination laws to ensure public health under the constitution at present, until we are able to take this to the Supreme Court to prove otherwise (which we are actively working on!), state vaccination laws are based on the constitution’s powers to allow state police authority to ensure public health.  Even so, there are exemptions because WE HAVE A CONSTITUTION!  Dershowitz’s claim is that unvaccinated, asymptomatic people pose a threat of all being Tyhoid Mary’s, and this cannot be proved nor demonstrated as valid in this situation, nor in other which will most likely follow.  This is the bull-shit narrative of the big-pharma Nazi-Bill dream of a completely vaccinated world, and all the people who believe it due to brain-washing, lack of proper education and fear-mongering, of which Dershowitz is not beyond any of it.

Where is this legal battle going to commence?  Even if it can commence?  The courts of the US are going to have to start making precedents at law regarding the nature of healthy, unvaccinated and asymptomatic people; this is Nazi-Bill and Pharmas wet-dream !  They are going to have to establish a precedent at law in different cases which states healthy unvaccinated asymptomatic people are a threat somehow.  Can they do this?  Well at the present climate with Demon-cratic people and judges, there is a chance.  However the other side of this argument is where the truth rests.  Asymptomatic people are healthy and POSE ABSOLUTELY NO THREAT TO ANYONE ELSE, and this can be proven with tireless examples of not only past public health examples, but with proper understanding of the nature of the Earth’s Biome, proper understanding of the nature of micro-organisms and humankind, and proper understanding of how fear-mongering regarding “germs” is being used to amass control not only of economic markets, but of the planet’s human population in general.  We as well have an opportunity here, to present the ANTI-VAX TRUTH MOVEMENT side of the story, and knock this idea of GERM/SUPERGERM hysteria right out the window with enough legal pressure, experts in science to testify, which there are plenty, and good Republican people remaining in government who can influence more honest, understanding and intelligent Republican minded governors and judges.  We too can produce a legal precedent on our side, which understands that HEALTHY UNVACCINATED PEOPLE ARE WHAT EVERYONE SHOULD STRIVE TO BE……HEALTHY BY THEIR OWN GOD-GIVEN MEASURES USING THE UNDERSTANDING OF THE HEALTHY AND NATURAL IMMUNE SYSTEM, AND NOT NEEDING TO RELY ON TOXIC, PHARMA-MADE MEASURES WHICH ARE ONLY DESIGNED AS AN OPPRESSIVE ELEMENT OF SOCIETY FOR THE PROFITS OF A FEW.  Yes, we too can state the our side of this argument now that we may have the opportunity, and this has the ability, like in destroying the DEATH STAR, to place a serious blow to Nazi-Bill and global vaccination deep-state.


So a Covidiot actually brushed past me nervously yesterday at the park as I was walking my dog, yelling as I past, SIX FEET!  SIX FEET! SIX FEET!  He clutched his bandana to his nose as if I were violating him.  I stepped toward him for conversation and he ran away saying, “get away from me!  Six feet!  Stay away!  Six feet!”  Now I am not joking here, this really happened.  The guy was practically psychotic at first.  As he yelled this at me and my dog, I mentioned, “you do realize you are like 20 feet away from me right now correct?”  So making a long story short, we began a discussion in the park, sometimes heated, sometimes calmer, for the next 20 minutes as masked zombies gathered around to hear the debate for a short minute or two before moving on.  Here are the items of education I hoped to teach this somewhat intelligent fellow who told me he is a civil engineer that works for some NY company;

  1.  Do you really believe that the bandana you clutch to your face will stop a 100 micron virus ?
  2. Do you really believe that surgical masks will do the same, when they state on the box they come in that they will not protect you from COVID?
  3. Do you understand the role of the Earth’s Biome, and the interconnected nature of all living things?
  4. Do you understand that statistics have obviously been altered and that the liberal media is obviously fear-mongering for a purpose of control?
  5. Do you not understand that this is all about vaccinating everyone on the planet to create trillions of $$$$$ for pharma-deep-state profit?
  6. Do you have any understanding how viruses work?  What their purposes are in the human organism and how sickness actually occurs?
  7. Do you not understand that greater than 99% of people who “catch” COVID will recover just like they have a bad cold or flu?
  8. Do you not understand that the people who have been dying from supposedly COVID are actually dying WITH COVID and not FROM COVID?  Do you know the difference in those two scenarios?
  9. Do you not understand that if COVID were not even publicized, NO ONE WOULD BE TALKING ABOUT IT AND IT WOULD JUST BE THE FLU?
  10. Do you have any understanding of how the immune response of your body keeps everything in balance and check, constantly every minute you exist?
  11. Do you understand that right now you contain all the viruses and bacteria of every known disease supposedly created by viruses and bacteria?
  12. Do you understand that if you aim to kill micobes artificially in your body by toxins like vaccinations, you are actually creating MORE DISEASE for yourself?


Nope.  He didn’t get any of it and was not willing to listen… of course I just kept spitting knowledge at him that rendered him silent in front of everyone there, and he had not choice but to hang his head low and shake his head in disbelief at how rude I would be to take a step toward him.  This is all I heard him saying, and I was listening on occasion…..CNN!  CNN!  TRUMP RALLIES!  STUPID TRUMP PEOPLE!!!!  MAGA MORONS!  60% OF PEOPLE HATE TRUMP!  DR. FAUCI IS AN AUTHORITY!  DR. BIRKS IS AN AUTHORITY!  I WEAR MY MASK TO PROTECT YOU!  YOU ARE SO INCONSIDERATE!  WHAT ABOUT MY FEELINGS?!  YOU ARE SO RUDE! VIRUSES KILL !  OLD PEOPLE DIE!  EVERYONE CAN DIE! BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA  BAA BAA BAA BAA BAA BAA BAA BAA BAA BAA…..sheep talk.  Not a single original thought came out of this fellows mouth…..sad really.

Our voices became calmer in the long run, and certainly both had enough of one another so at the 20 minute mark I noted, “so all you really wanted me to do was not walk past you so closely?  Is that how all this started?”  “Yes,” he more softly replied,” I just wish you had been more courteous give the COVID crisis we are having,”he replied.  So in the back of my mind I am thinking “you really need to grow some balls dude.”  But what I said was….”hey I apologize for hurting your feelings.  I was walking past you to get back to my car quickly with the dog here and just did not notice you.”  A smile came to his face as he felt acknowledged, I told him I have no malice toward him and was merely attempting to educate.  He thanked my with a smile and we both went our separate ways.

So look before anyone reading this starts forming the militia or building up revolution forces against to prepare for Dershowitz’s draconian vaccination-rape of the public, lets understand here that we are solely dealing with ONE opinion.  It is surprising to see Dershowitz acting in this manner for everyone really; he has been more on the side of justice and the people from my understanding and this is shocking for me.  But like many elder folks around his age, perhaps he is just scared and frustrated and is blowing off steam at people like me who say COVID19 is complete bullshit, NOT a pandemic, NOTHING more than a bad flu, and needs to be tossed into the trash.  Look, Grandpa has some clout in this world.  He has seen a lot in the courts and in law throughout the decades, and everyone everywhere in the legal world knows who he is.  But in all honesty, if you ask ANY OTHER constitutional lawyer or expert, they will tell you Dershowitz is grossly over-reaching here as an attorney.  And why shouldn’t he?  He’s Alan Dershowitz, he’s 81, and he feels entitled to say whatever the fuck he wants without much consequence for his actions.

NO.  The state does NOT have the power to drag you out of your home, take you to the doctor and forcefully vaccinate you.  THAT IS CALLED VACCINATION RAPE.  And it would be hard pressed in law or in the nature of most apocalyptic scenarios to figure out how exactly they can safely require a pharma-industry, proven to be hell-bent on profits and NOT the welfare of the people, and all of it’s minions, to do enough safety studies (which they have never done) and inspire enough confidence in government to mandate such a draconian event.  NO.  There is NOT a supreme court case that dictates the government at a state or federal level can drag you our of your home and forcefully vaccinate you.  Dershowitz cites a law from 1903 regarding small pox where a person was protesting to pay a fine, and Dershowitz IS COMPLETELY REACHING and frankly, placing his good career name in jeopardy at this late juncture in his life by doing so; and people will be tearing apart his statements for the next month I am certain.  He trys to make the argument of that case being the end and be all for the supreme court to allow forced adult vaccination with police power, and it is a very weak argument at best and disappointing to be heard of from a man of his intelligence.  Dershowitz is venting, professing his own frustrations and views, abusing his power as a legal advisor, and frankly, simply fear-mongering like the rest of CNN and liberal media, just to push his opinions.  SHAME ON YOU GRANDPA!  I hope, and expect, Dershowitz will apologize for the way he said all this before the end of June 2020.

Something tell me Grandpa is just lonely and needs some attention………

For a better explanation on constitutional law and the rights of the federal government to mandate vaccines, watch this instead:

What a world we are living in now……………but I cannot emphasize enough how interactions like this are important.  Because as asymptomatic, healthy people we need to fight the bullshit Dershowitz narrative of us becoming Tyrpoid Mary’s.  We need to fight this narrative in the streets, with our families, our friends, and eventually in the courts.

Hitler and Goebbels laughing from the grave in delight: A propaganda dream come true!

Hitler and Goebbels laughing from the grave in delight: A propaganda dream come true!

Do you not see how history is repeating itself, right in front of our very eyes?

The primary piece of Propaganda:

Then:  German economic disaster is the fault of Jews and Communists infiltrating among the people.  They must be rounded up and confined.

Now:  US Economic disaster is the cause of a Viral microbe.  “Anti-vaxers,” “granola-moms,” natural-health practitioners, and all other MD, PhD. dissenters of the pharma-medical world are to blame.  They must be rounded up and confined.

Then:  Reichstag building was burned down by a communist with jewish influences:  Extreme Nationalism and banding together under one cause necessary: Eliminate anyone who thinks differently.  Amass Control.

Now:  Twin Towers go down:  Massive Viral epi and pandemics occur regularly.  World out of control.  Extreme Globalism and banding together under one cause necessary: Eliminate anyone who thinks differently.  Amass Control.








We’re in trouble folks, and it’s not from a virus.  It’s from a propaganda virus of the mind that will eventually eat away at your free lifestyle and all freedoms as we have known them.

Does it end now, or do we allow it to continue?

#Stayhome? Only Applies for Vulnerable and UNHEALTHY PEOPLE

#Stayhome? Only Applies for Vulnerable and UNHEALTHY PEOPLE

To be clear at first, this article was written by the Blogs owner and primary author:  Dr. William Trebing, Chiropractic Physician.

#Stayhome. It could save lives? A Challenge to provide proof of this claim for all, globally.  Lets see some proof, not conjecture.

This is obviously the popular slogan of the day. It’s becomes difficult, and quite a bit awkward socially, to steer around the emotion of such a statement trying to find its origins. 

We’ve had viral epidemics before. All of a sudden, this one claims the top of the killer list and gets the famed position in history of shutting down the entire planet…..professional sports, financial markets, concerts, theater…….et al ! But that’s not all; we now have to deal with the annoying hyper-concerned crisis actors on TV now telling us; “This is like 9-11, Things will never be the same.”

…..and to speak of calculated propaganda! Why the hell promote such a comment if an organized group of people were not trying to take advantage of it? How stupid people can be…….stimulating the collective Amygdala to couple our Human clan consciousness into hyperdrive, energetically tying this into the worst terrorist crisis of US history. That really fumes me because I knew people who died in those flames, as well as people who ran down the steps barely making it. The disrespect makes me want to puke. But I digress…….

#Stayhome : You mean people who are vulnerable to viruses in general, people who go out into public and regularly “catch” something which compromises their health? Yeah, when I attended Chiropractic school we certainly learned about all of them. They need to be quarantined. You also need to keep people away from them during a time such as this, because rightly so, we are all strong people who are passing the virus back and forth with our personal interactions. We are getting sniffles and coughs; we a a few of us, laid up in bed for a few days because we get a bad cold or a flu. But just like every time in history, we are strong and healthy so we get over it. But we keep these vulnerable persona safe by keeping them away from the workings of society.

#Stayhome : But now we have the evil COVID19, and somehow everything is different. Somehow, this is the Zombie apocalypse, and all the scientific rules have changes for procedure. For some reason, we are all afraid of dying from this one on mere contact, the mere presence alone of this monster drops us dead on sight.

How about I start a new # regarding this way of thinking?

It’s called


The Biological science we have always know, is that throughout history people need to KEEP THEIR LIVING CONDITIONS SANITARY, first and foremost of course, keep themse3lves healthy, and then pass the virus among the healthy members of society in order to develop a lasting immunity from it; a true immunity that renders this particular virus nonviable.

Here is what #Stayhome really means: It is an agenda tool for the weak mind, used to convince society that your biological instrument is no longer viable enough to sustain a healthy life without pharmaceutical aid. THAT’S IT PLAIN AND SIMPLE! #Stayhome is a global-scale B.F. Skinner mind-control experiment, and you are all the lab rats being shocked into submission.

#Stayhome : this experiment is training you to accept that you cannot live without pharma products, particularly pharma toxic vaccines. That you are not viable enough as you are without their products, especially vaccines. That for the rest of your natural days, you will need vaccines to live , just like you need water to live, and to think otherwise will become sacrilegious to the point of validating being burned at the stake for heresy. They are attempting to train the world subconsciously that healthy people can kill each other simply upon contact, AND A VIRUS WILL NEVER DO THIS.


When providing proof, please provide actual PROOF that #Stayhome is even a thing. Don’t provide folklore examples of the guy who had a party in Westport and now everyone is sick. What are they sick with? This story disappeared as soon as it was posted in media, and people have been getting sick spreading stuff around at parties for decades.

Regarding CORVID19 testing and sites: Are you not aware THAT 50% OR MORE OF US ARE GOING TO SHOW UP POSITIVE FOR COVID19 REGARDLESS OF SYMPTOMS OR NO SYMPTOMS? This is a pharma research scam that has been going on for decades as well. Do you realize how many asymptomatic people test positive for HIV and NEVER express AIDS? It happens frequently, and their answer? “Well it is laying in you dormant and will eventually kill you.” Thank goodness many of these people who get this result do not buy into their nonsense. They seek out natural help, they thrive and never think about it again.

The Same thing is happening here with COVID19, and will continue to happen now over the years this mind-control campaign is used for pharma-propaganda. I have already heard of numerous people who have tested positive for COVID19, and they are freaking out thinking they are going to die, although many of them have no to minimal symptoms. On any other day of the week, at any other time, they’d just think they had a cold. Now what will they do? Panic and run to the hospital when they develop a cough? Compete for the ventilator or hospital bed like they compete for toilet paper?

Folks, #Stayhome is mind-control. Think rationally, use your common-sense. Stop being afraid of each other, which is exactly what they want, backing up in fear 6 feet every time someone walks toward you saying “good-morning.”

They are attempting to change the way we naturally, and peacefully, lovingly, live with one another, by pushing the global “germaphobe” fear-mongering button to the full limit. From this will come a draconian pharma-WHO/CDC police STATE with regularly mandated shots simply to exist in society….much like your dog. Are you ready to be the PET of the new fascist global state? Don’t let them do it.