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Beware the Vaccine Gestapo is attempting to gain momentum

The problems with lack of regulation in the financial/banking sector, and the devastating effects thereof we have just witnessed to the global economy, make us all wish something was done decades before to avoid economic meltdown.  Lets face it.  Unregulated conglomerates on Wall Street and in banking act selfishly first, and consider global or more personal effects to “other” people somewhere down the priority spectrum.  Thusly we are experiencing more economic financial polarity than ever before.

Similarly, why are there so few regulations on the Pharmaceutical companies who produce vaccines?  Why did congress place a tort maximum on vaccine damage payouts to $250,000 after that last Swine Flu fiasco in 1976?  Thousands of people filed claims then and only 22% were paid anything at all.  68% more people died from the vaccine then died from the actual Swine Flu.

Competent medical research has shown that receiving 5 consecutive flus shots at any given time increases your chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease 10 fold.  Flu shots are the medical equivalent of snake oil.  P.T. Barnum said “There a sucker born every minute,” and people have, due to skillful fear-based propaganda, bought the attitude that pharmaceutical companies need to save us from disease, hook, line and sinker.

Flu shots can not possibly save the population from any strain of flu, because flu microbes regenerate, mutate and thus evolve every 20 minutes!  It is virtually impossible to protect anyone from ubiquitous microbes that are persistently evolving as they should through the process of universal causality, just as the rest of the planet is evolving.  The only way to protect yourself against flu, is to take better care of yourself through proper hydration, exercise and nutrition, and of course, the avoidance of a seemingly endless array of toxicity that exists in our air, water and food supply.  You can read more about all these concepts in a great book, “Good-Bye Germ Theory” written by Dr. William Trebing.


This book also outlines a process where you can avoid vaccines legally using various paper trails that protect your family’s constitutional rights.  This is the next best thing to having a medical professional friend who will simply sign a form stating that you have had the vaccine when in reality they threw your lot where it belongs, IN THE TRASH! I am hoping things do not get so crazy with this hype 33 years later that a vaccine Gestapo is formed, set on vaccinating everyone against their will.  If you refuse it will result in extremely inconvenient quarantines and perhaps incarceration, or restrictions to travel.  The pharmaceutical companies and their “on-the-take” stooge lawmakers stand to make an absolute “killing” (excuse the pun) on this one, and they are determined to use whatever legal and police arm they are able to buy once the paranoia getting rolling this coming “flu-season.”

Something else to consider;  The military for decades has been formulating biological warfare in the form of genetically engineered bugs mixed with toxins that create varying levels of sickness, from simple colds to deathly flus, even neurological problems such as seizures and paralysis, within any given population.  These super bugs are mixed with toxic barium salts and other toxic halogens (chlorine, fluorine and bromine primarily) that are to be set unto an enemy population through airborne means of a “jet-stream.”  This jet stream is released onto the population from 20 to 30 thousand feet, and due to the heavy weight of the halogens, the white stream remains in the sky expanding out into a thin cloud that does not disperse or disappear over 15 minutes as normal jet emissions do.  These chemicals then fall to the population over 48 hours and become part of the airborne pollutants a population will take in daily.  Sickness and disease then ensue for the proceeding 3 or 4 months.

Not that his has anything to do with anything…..probably just a coincidence…………

Peace, Ty

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