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Forced Vaccination Laws are merely a Corporate TAKE OVER of the Physical Body

As you contemplate the up and coming “swine flu” hype being pressed upon the planet by the pharmaceutical conglomerates, keep a level head for understanding where all this nonsense comes from.  Unfortunately for those who are in power in the course of our present society, money is God and reigns as supreme.  Whenever there is any controversy, scandal, crime, or hype overemphasized by the media,  you simply need follow the money trail and see who is benefiting to get clarity on the true intent of the situation.
Have you noticed how banks seem to be consolidating?  Larger predator banks like Bank of America are eating up smaller ones, gaining more and more size and thus political prowess in the marketplace.  A corporate takeover of banking has been in the works for decades, with the ultimate goal to form a few extremely large and powerful banks; a total loss of competition leaving regular people with fewer and fewer
financial choices.
The same thing today is happening in what is deemed “health care,” but in essence is nothing more than disease care for profit.  In disease care for profit, there is no room for true health care, in which the focus is in keeping people healthy, and not simply trying to eliminate their symptoms once they get ill, keeping them just above the borderline of existence until the next disease occurs.  In disease care for profit, you do not want to study how people stay healthy; how people have an innate wisdom within that keeps them in a healthy balance with their environment, and if this intelligence which runs the body is just left alone and not compromised with poisons like vaccines, all will be well.
In fact, the promotors of disease care for profit want to do one of two things with truly healthy people;  1. Hide them.  2.  Get them sick.
Having a bunch of healthy people running around that do not use pharmaceuticals, singing the praises of natural remedies for health and teaching natural healing habits which promote the body’s natural ability to heal and stay healthy, is extremely BAD FOR THE BUSINESS OF DISEASE CARE.  This means it is EXTREMELY BAD for the business of the pharmaceutical companies; EXTREMELY BAD for the lawyers and lobbyists who get paid BIG BUCKS to push a legal agenda on the rest of us, trying to make it mandatory to use their toxic products; EXTREMELY BAD for the media that gets paid BIG BIG BUCKS to advertise pharmaceutical products for nearly every aspect of physical existence;  EXTREMELY BAD for representatives of congress and senators who receive BIG BIG BIG BUCKS from the pharmaceutical companies and the American Medical Association, two of the largest political campaign contributers.
So now maybe, hopefully, the intent of this whole bull-shit “swine flu” scare is beginning to show a different face for you.  Am I saying that there is no threat of more flu this year, maybe even a deadly version?  Not at all.  Who knows what kinds of toxic materials have been let into the environment, the air, or our food chain in order to aid in the creation of more disease this winter for extraordinary profits.  That is a subject……….a very long and disturbing subject, for another day.  But what about for right now?  How do you stay healthy when these things are touted onto the world?  There is only one way.  Stay calm, avoid as many environmental and dietary toxins as you can, hydrate your system with the purest water you can acquire, and enhance your body’s natural immunity with natural products such as CELL POWER micro trace minerals, colloidal gold and silver, adequate B vitamins and vitamin C, and of course natural and organic diets.  Avoiding dairy products is a sure fire way to keep you healthy throughout the winter as well.
Do not think for a second that this “swine flu” hype is about protecting society.  This Pharma-Corporate-legal machine is very greedy monster, and does not give a rats ass about you, your children or your grandchildren.  They only wish to amass more power and money, and this movement is nothing more than an attempt to abuse legal power for a complete corporate take over of the human physical body.  It all begins here……………………
They will start with this “swine flu” project, and see how is goes.  How many people can they actually get ill?  How many will be successful at resistance?  How many lawmakers will cave into the greed, and how many will truly protect the public?  How many people will actually die, enabling them to compile misleading statistics which will be used for better scare advertising and legal power in the future?  How many who they claim have died from “swine flu,” will in reality have died from the “vaccine?”  Don’t count on any honest separation of these categories my friends.  If this all goes well for them, meaning if many people die, they will blame it on false aspects like “not enough people complying with vaccine laws,” and things will get worse from there on.  This is the beginning stages of this PharmaCorporate monster invading your home, attempting to force you to use their products on a daily basis.  They want to become the next branch of government, and if we are all asleep to the facts, they will accomplish this nefarious aim.
Be vigilant……………
Stay awake………….
Be smart and informed…………….
Dr. William Trebing, guest writer representing the Foundation for Health Care Freedom

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