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The Church of Christ Consciousness – Become a member of our Spiritualist movement!


The Church of Christ Consciousness – Become a member of our Spiritualist movement!

Mission Statement

     The Church of Christ Consciousness has at its’ primary teaching and purpose, the missionary work of the Life Force which flows ubiquitously through all matter and “things” of this Universe.  This Life Force has been classified by many names in many languages in Human experience through history, and is more commonly called “God” worldwide.  Although we recognize the noun God to be an adequate linguistic representation for this Life Force, the Church of Christ Consciousness focuses more on the kinesthetic experience of God felt within the heart of all Human Beings, and far less, if at all, on any scriptural dictates about God written by Human Beings in an attempt to understand this powerful force.  Scriptural dictates from the Holy Bible and several other scriptural texts are quoted and followed by the Church of Christ Consciousness only when they bring an individualized Human Consciousness back to the Human heart, where this Life Force of God is found and experienced as pure unbounded love.  Thus, our mission is to spread the full experience of our motto around the world;

The Church of Christ Consciousness

No Guilt

No Symbols of Death

No Gods of War 

Just pure, unmodified, objective loving consciousness

Founded by natural health care physician Dr. William P. Trebing, the tenets of this religion involve binding one’s mind and body to this Life Force, or what may be known as “Christ Consciousness,” through the practices of pure, healthy living and meditation on the experience of God discovered within the heart.  To that aim, we define Christ Consciousness as;

Christ:  full meaning of the word being “the anointed one,” “king,” “Messiah.”

Consciousnessfull meaning of the word being “awareness,” and in particular, being aware of your own inner “Self.”  Being aware of the inner Self means that you have some form of feeling inside that you are aware, or conscious of, that is separate somehow from your daily grind awareness of the “you,” or the ego sense you call you, which interacts with all other beings and circumstances of this physical world.”  Consciousness of the Self is the inner sensation, or kinesthetic sense Human Beings have of the force which animates their physical bodies, and thinks their thoughts.  Since this is an actual force which is felt separately, a force which does the actions of the body and thinks the person’s thoughts, the Self in and of itself is a separate entity that is somehow controlling things while at the same time being an integral part of us.  This Self is more easily felt and experienced as a sensation than it is understood by the intellectual processes of the mind.

Christ ConsciousnessTherefore is this awareness of your indwelling Christ potential, or your innate power, which is your birthright to be the “anointed one.”  It is, in a sense, your ability to focus on the greatness of the Universal Life Force which has always been within you.  In fact, we maintain in the Church of Christ Consciousness that this greatness is who you truly are, and you become this Christ, this greatness, simply by understanding and acknowledging that you have it within you, and of course, by allowing it to manifest in your life above all else.  This requires patience, time and practice, but the journey is a glorious one which leads to full prosperity in all aspects of your physical life.

Another primary focus of the Church of Christ Consciousness is on the greatness of the creation of the Human body.  We maintain that the individual Human consciousness has been given a gift of this human body through God’s wisdom, creating the Human body in his “image and likeness,” which is a metaphor for creating perfection from greatness. The healing, Life Force power of God flows through every Human nervous system, and the tenets of The Church of Christ Consciousness prohibit the participation in anything which knowingly interferes with the flow of this vital life force energy of God within us all.  This religion teaches abstinence from all negative and unhealthy habits of this modern world, which deplete the vital God given Life Force within, and that all men and women can live happy, healthy and prosperous lives by turning their power of concentration to God in this way, and the practical teachings of many spiritual texts.

The Church of Christ Consciousness organizes its’ tenets from the doctrines that have their inception in the common law, from accurate scientific and historical records which capture true Human spiritualism and philosophy regarding all living things, both versions of the Holy Bible and many other ancient spiritual texts of the East.  We welcome people of all races and creeds.

The Chruch of Christ Consciousness

PO Box 683

Old Greenwich, CT 06870

8 thoughts on “The Church of Christ Consciousness – Become a member of our Spiritualist movement!

  1. I believe in all the philosophy of your church. I am aware of the dangers of this Covid vaccine. As a holistic practitioner I want to protect the1st amendment right for myself and my family. Please send the application to become members of you church.

  2. Hi Dr. Trebing. I live in Australia and I was wondering if it is possible to join from here? Thanks for goodbye germ theory! Cheers

    • Yes we can provide the materials to anyone around the world really, but the legal remedies are designed to work with the US constitution. If you have religious freedoms where you live then there are of course similarities. Go to the donate page and follow the instructions. The only difference for you would be the postage from the US to Australia via FEDEX.

  3. Hi there Aldona, I also answered this question of yours on the Crrow777 comments page for the last show. You are actually on the right site to join the Church, just go to this link:


    Keep in mind that our Church is based on protections offered by the US constitution and you may not have the same freedoms in other countries. As well, shipping the documents to countries outside the US carries and extra FEDEX fee and comes with tracking. Please email us if you have any further questions: billingfordrwil@yahoo.com

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